Clown trick occupy the media View Sina News million selling Chinese Com

    today saw a Sina News: Hunan college students to sell Li Yinhe domain name price millions of mainstream media on the Internet domain name of ignorance, ignorance, or often had many legendary stories, a domain name to sell tens of millions of media, waves, waves, and let more media like ignorant people stir in that domain name money overnight. It also gave more use of the rich psychological mischief domain business to bring the opportunity to get money. In the power of employees "duet" fraud 5 million          

  when the garbage can selling millions of domain names, even when hundreds of millions, and is not responsible for the media unlimited reprint, is giving these investments, even crazy novices, provides the opportunity for speculation, so as to mislead a wider audience, to the society created an illusion, think domain name can get rich overnight, as long as you dare to think, dare to bid, dare to speak. But the media reports, more let these young people to participate, dare say crazy expansion, from several million to several hundred million, as long as the media to report, they dare asking anyway, bragging do not pay taxes. We play together play the game. Network is such a bubble wasted.

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