Women’s online shopping growth amazing venture aimed at grassroots shop

women’s clothing online sales, to attract the attention of investment risk.

September 7th, Shenzhen, a women’s shop CEO told the "daily economic news" reporter, this is only 3 months to open shop, 8 million yuan capital injection has received angel investment, Taobao became the first venture of the women’s clothing store. The introduction of CEO, then there have been more than and 10 venture capital take the initiative to come to, mainly fancy their team.

at present, the shop every day can sell 200 pieces of clothing, September sales of about 200 thousand yuan. Although sales are not large, but the owner said that after the first wind investment funds in place, the short-term will not consider further financing.

according to the reporter, venture capital has not been exposed to the women’s shop alone. By the boss Xu Qiaoyun himself as a designer of a shop on the annual sales of tens of millions, is the brand name of the Taobao mall. Xu Qiaoyun said that last year received venture capital invitation, "many have seen, but in the end I have been refused. I don’t want to go into the capital, and I don’t have the ability to control the money."

venture to chase the background of women’s shop, in fact, women’s clothing brand online sales outbreak. Taobao latest data show that women continue to lead the online shopping boom. During the period from May 1, 2009 to May 1, 2010, every 10 thousand yuan online shopping turnover, there are $1217 spent on women’s clothing. Early stationed in the main part of the Taobao women’s online store sales even reached nearly billion.

is looking forward to vice president and senior analyst Zhou Hongmei said, venture capital is more valued business model, profitability and development potential. Recently frequently find women’s business venture, they also represent the identity of such a business model. To successfully introduce venture capital, the seller needs to have their own core resources, such as product design capabilities, management capabilities. Secondly, the seller must have their own clear market segments, have their own fans."

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