The electricity supplier price war or other appliance manufacturers as it cannot be helped

electricity supplier this year, the first wave of price war has opened the curtain. Gome online,, Yi Xun in the "51" "understanding" to set off a round of promotion small upsurge. However, the Beijing Dongping and response, a number of home appliance manufacturers believe that this round of price war real combination, cautious attitude. Observers said the electricity supplier launched a "price war" is affected by the competition situation is, both sides will gradually become more rational as it cannot be helped.

last week, the United States launched the online "4· 18" peak "of the more than and 10 field will panic buying from April 18th to 21; also launched the" youth storm 0 yuan purchase activities "; the electricity supplier of home appliances for new entrants to Yi Xun from April 11th onwards began upset the whole network, the promotional activities and publicity named to Jingdong, with Tesco and Gome online price. However, China B2C field with a great reputation of the Jingdong store, compared to last year to calm a lot.

The infiltration of

for many years in the field of electricity supplier of Donlim group, director of electronic commerce center that Xia Huahui, Suning, Gome, Xunxuan time coincidentally, ahead of Tmall from 6 to July "and" Jingdong 6· Shucu "; 18" activities, and close to the "51" consumption peak. "We have to participate, but will not, and cautious, is expected this year, the electricity supplier price war will be more rational."

Chigo Air conditioning electronic commerce minister Yu Yanchun believes that this round of price war does, the major platform speculation ingredients, promotional behavior also has practical, but "we don’t want to join the price war".

this price war is more hype." General manager of Konka multimedia e-commerce Department Ye Ming said, although Konka plans this year will be 2 billion yuan business, it would be prudent to promote, pay more attention to the consumer experience.

another name is not the name of the TV giant electricity supplier business person in charge, said: the share of people who lack money, a small number of people who have money, the inevitable price war." He said that Tmall has a platform, not a price war, the initiative in the hands of major manufacturers; the Jingdong had a stable share, now the main goal is to seek profit, to prepare for the IPO; but the "follow up to share share, do not want to give the Jingdong comfortably listed, two camp strategy different tactics are also different".

this year’s electricity supplier price war will have been playing down." The responsible person said, so this year the factory of online and offline and online channels products segment, to avoid "backfire".

the chairman of Shunde Electric Association, Foshan city people addict Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Peng Limin, after several years of competition, the B2C pattern has been basically formed, the price war has been difficult to change the existing pattern of electricity providers, because today’s consumers have begun to pay attention to service and experience, if only to fight the price, customer stickiness is not very difficult to form a long-term advantage.

in Peng Limin seems, B2C field leader, such as Tmall and Jingdong, has

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