Whitewashing is only the first step the electricity supplier to the countryside far away

electricity supplier to the countryside to the first name, agriculture and then the name of the business, to seize the hearts of farmers, we must first service rather than the first business

Do not touch the computer

a few years ago the hometown cousin, now playing the online shopping, "a county agricultural mall network, what has this year, ground seeds, fertilizer, do not go out on the whole fix, really easy!" cousin sigh, who can think of the network now is developing so fast. The village people are not open shop fresh.

right now, the electricity supplier to the countryside momentum is fierce. Alibaba, Jingdong, Dangdang and other Internet companies have strategic sink, in the streets of the fields, village, business advertising more paint on the walls: "with Alipay, less to the bank run, want a good life, and quickly on Taobao fellow shopping to dangdang"…… Jingdong, for example, in the country’s more than and 100 towns brush the wall of the 8000 ads.

major electricity supplier optimistic about the rural market this new blue ocean. Rural consumption potential, the current rural Internet users reached 178 million, the annual growth rate of 13.5%; the number of network operators to break the million, an increase of 10 times in 2009. Attractive market opportunities for agricultural products, sales of agricultural products last year, only Alibaba network reached 50 billion yuan, is expected to exceed $100 billion this year.

for farmers, the electricity supplier to the countryside will bring changes in production, lifestyle. See the production, from the field to the fingertips, the farmers do not buy in the fields et al., do not worry if the base hurt farmers, click the mouse, you can make agricultural products sold in the country, to achieve docking of small production and big market. Look at life, online consumption is no longer limited to urban and rural markets, farmers can also choose the same goods and services.

is the electricity supplier to the countryside to represent the general trend, but "whitewashing" is only the first step, let the business really landing in rural, there are many problems to be solved.

rural logistics is the biggest bottleneck. Rural living scattered, high logistics costs, low input and output ratio, many of the logistics network to the town is difficult to build down, some farmers take a courier to run a few kilometers, electricity supplier in the last mile". In addition, due to the lack of cold chain logistics, fresh agricultural products circulation loss rate as high as 25% to 30%. A Hainan watermelon complained that his papaya from Sanya to Chengdu, can only take the air express, every 10 box there are 1 boxes of damage, such a high failure rate, almost afraid to send. Therefore, the introduction of incentive policies to accelerate the construction of rural logistics network, improve logistics efficiency, in order to let send in easier, shipped out easier.

development model challenges. Rural consumption and consumption of different city, word of mouth is often more effective than other ways. Now farmers wallet drum, consumption structure is also speed shift, can not adapt to their new needs, is a test of the electricity supplier to the countryside. Electricity supplier to the countryside first name "agriculture" and "business", to seize the heart of farmers and friends, we must first serve and not to business, to fully understand the farmers’ production and life practice, in order to make specific strategies for the supplier to the countryside.

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