Shopping guide website transformation fashion electricity supplier to provide B2C platform for small

started to rely on Taobao shopping guide website, through photo sharing, comment the way to direct traffic to the electricity supplier website, set up a keen team selection, Master buyers team, the first time to buy the best the most fashionable items, to meet the needs of the user experience. A turnover exceeding 100 million yuan, also do China discount first, but from 2013, Taobao officially closed for more than a year from the beautiful and traffic entrance since the time, the transformation of, said the beautiful shopping guide website also have a primary effect.

beautiful said positioning fashion discovery platform

has always been the beautiful women fashion shopping guide said is now positioning fashion discovery platform, has been extended to women’s, men’s category, mother, small appliances, furniture, food, green plants in seven categories, no longer alone for the women’s fashion, according to the well-known business people broke the news on micro-blog Gong Wenxiang: three things: C2B 2015 beauty micro ring, supply chain services. Beauty will be through the creation of fashion industry chain, such as investment in factories and other ways to grasp the various aspects of the OEM chain. once again transformed into B2C+C2C’s social electricity supplier

by Master or sun hemp bean collocation to find similar to their own vision Master buyers, followed by a team of buyers shopping to keep up with fashion trends, as has tens of thousands of users and has its own traffic and built huge and powerful team of buyers, do small sellers through social way business platform, to a lot of small sellers the development opportunity.

plainly street to the vertical electricity supplier

Tomb-sweeping Day holiday to watch TV at home, several higher ratings program can see clearly street advertising "9.9 shipping Oh", clearly do street shopping guide APP in China preferential is first, since this year, all street and major TV cooperation, has launched a television media marketing road.

meters off the network directly babe network maternal sale

meters off the network founder Zhang Lianglun in the "Tao" in the transformation, the maternal and child market value found in the background, not to spend money bought about two babe network domain name, so go back and decided to not let Zhang Lianglun down, and may soon be able to break billion sales. The maternal user meters off the network directly into the babe network, and then on the meters off the network selection team, believe that soon will become a babe network of maternal industry giant".

in Taobao after the closure of the social electricity supplier Taobao chain, greatly affecting the user experience, several major shopping guide site after the wash, after the transformation, most of the B2C vertical electricity supplier. But for many small shopping guide website for the development of space, such as: love Taobao, folded in 800 rebate network etc..

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