After the tide micro business how to precipitate their own entrepreneurial model

2014, the whole circle of friends is the derivative information, micro business circle is a variety of expanding recruit agents, the development of offline; on 2015, this trend has gradually faded, replaced by the well-known brand business development, channel refinement, shopping guide, a word: Micro brands can stay in do service depth, or business scope.

so, in the face of the entire wave after the dust settled micro business circles, the brand how to precipitate their own business model, which is what some of the major micro business trends?

Depth of

services: Micro brand, platform

from the brands to cross-border micro business platform of many companies, this is the development from one has a firm foundation to a higher level, we take the largest electric business leading Ali cases, the initial establishment of the brand, is now all have a state: "I think Taobao online shopping", which is not a simple process, every business, every intention to accumulate a sincere customer service maintenance, although Taobao is now developed to a variety of fake door, but back, "brand" shape absolutely cannot do without each one with heart entrepreneurial businesses. Now Taobao is the development of the project is self and self transport, that is, on the basis of the brand from the next floor, give yourself the opportunity to make their own decisions.

in 2015 to survive in the micro business, the brand is the majority, and then a brand is the platform, in addition to the establishment of the brand, but also to build their own right to speak".

Breadth of

services: transition grafting, to expand the line

in addition to the micro business model has a lot of micro, are seeking transformation, launched cross-border electricity, carry out the line channels, each micro are on the basis of the existing research on how to expand the business, how can a more business development in the new competitive market. From the purchasing in the extension of the cross-border electricity supplier, from competitors’ traditional brand in the extension of the line to open the channel.

started cross-border electricity supplier often accompanied with traders of cooperation, and the next line of channel expansion, it is also a main way of micro operators to expand their business, the traditional brand was called shock, from the line to the line, many electricity providers also need to brand stores under the line resources, resources and various stores, beauty salons and other line the cooperation has gradually appeared in each big city.

service is more refined: the introduction of shopping guide

is the shopping guide in evolution, but it is different with the agents, the model of "light agent" to share a link to a friend, on the link transaction can obtain the corresponding benefits, this model with the agents is different, cut off layers of agents, reducing the tedious stockpile.

either from the business scope, operation depth or service more perfect, has shown a derivative of the future look to us: one is more formal, brand, platform, the other is a more refined, more perfect service.

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