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LGBTI activist is out open and proud

first_imgTHEO PANAYIDES meets an LGBTI activist who says there is still a long way to go to promote people’s rights in Cyprus, a country that lacks a gay public figureTalking with John Zacharias Theophanous – the Paphos representative of Accept-LGBT Cyprus, among other things – we end up talking mostly about his parents. This is not so surprising. Even now, with society more accepting of LGBTI issues (maybe even especially now, when living as a gay man isn’t the nightmare it might once have been for Zacharias), coming out to one’s family and friends is perhaps the most fraught and scary part of making one’s way in the world. “Coming out is a very lonely process,” he admits, “you are going to walk the road alone”. There are no rules, except that one should never be forcibly ‘outed’. “People need to come out on their own.”We meet two days before the fifth annual Pride parade, sitting down at the Home for Co-operation in Nicosia where he once attended a pioneering conference against homophobia in 2012, in his early days with Accept. Going in, I’m a little wary. Talking to an activist isn’t always much fun; they tend to harangue you. He does a bit of that, but mostly he’s good company: chatty, lively, candid about everything, peppering his speech with charming South African-isms (“I beg yours?” for ‘I beg your pardon?’) and Cypriot village sayings. He doesn’t seem angry, I note. “I’m not,” he replies; “I’m not angry.” His Facebook page, in addition to his two names (John is what Anglophones tend to call him; Zacharias, or Zac – which he prefers overall – is what Greek-speakers do), includes a nickname, ‘Zacharoyiannos’ or ‘Sugar John’, given to him by his grandmother. The nickname says a lot about his sweet, ingratiating nature; that he’s not embarrassed to put it on Facebook says even more.He’s shaven-headed, not very tall, a few months shy of 40; his glasses have heavy black rims, his beard has stray flecks of grey. He’s a ‘ZBC’ (Zimbabwe-born Cypriot), though raised in South Africa. He speaks eight languages, and works as a software engineer. It’s quickly noticeable that his left eye wanders, as if the eyeball’s been loosened (he’s on a waiting list for a cornea transplant), a reminder of having been carjacked in Pretoria while stopped at a traffic light. “In South Africa you don’t stop at red traffic lights. You look, and if nobody’s coming you just go, you do not stop,” he explains. He made the mistake of stopping, and “they came, they threw me out of the car, they bashed me to a million pieces”; the attackers kicked him so many times, they permanently damaged his eye. ‘Why not just take the car?’ I wonder. Why all the violence? “It’s mostly – um, a retaliation against the ex-white regime. So they see every white person as an enemy, if you like”. Thuggish robbers fancying themselves as race warriors; a reminder – speaking of LGBTI rights, and rights in general – of the toxic legacy of oppression.That was in 2004 and proved to be the final straw, prompting the family to move back to Cyprus. It was just the three of them, Zacharias and his parents, both of whom have since passed away (his dad died at 60, of kidney failure; his mum at 65, of a heart attack). Mum and Dad hailed from villages in Paphos, and both worked as costume designers at the South African State Theatre – an unusually bohemian profession, and indeed it was an unusually liberal household. His parents had black and Asian friends, long before the end of apartheid, and were never homophobic – but of course there were limits. “My parents suffered from what I like to call NIMBY,” he notes wryly. “Not in My Backyard. Which means everybody’s okay to be gay, except for their own son.”Here, in a nutshell, was the situation. Zacharias went to an all-boys school, “a macho, rugby-and-cricket-playing kind of school” in the not just homophobic but “incrrrrredibly homophobic” South Africa of the early 90s. The school liked to mix the oldest and youngest boys, to promote school spirit, so it was that, in PE class, 12-year-old Zacharias found himself surrounded by 18-year-olds: “I saw a guy in a Speedo,” he recalls, “well, a couple of guys in Speedos, and I was like ‘Oh wow, cool. I like this. Whoa, what’s happening here?’.” That was his first vivid sexual feeling, and the explicit recognition of himself as gay – “as Niles Crane would say: I had an epiphany!” – but in fact he’d always known something was different. “Even in my primary school, which was co-ed, I wasn’t really interested in girls. I used to play with girls – but for some reason, maybe instinctively, they used to treat me as part of the crowd. They never used to treat me as, you know, ‘You’re one of the boys’. They were like ‘OK, come on over, let’s play”. Later, as an older boy, he’d rifle through his mum’s gossip mags and peek at the centrefolds – nothing sexual, just celebs in expensive fashions. When the picture was a woman, “I’d flip past,” but when it was a guy he’d tear out the page and put it in his drawer. “The nice ones that I liked, I used to stack them,” he recalls with a chuckle. “Hoping that my mother wouldn’t look.”On the one hand, the dawning realisation of his sexual and emotional identity; on the other, the fact that – as he earnestly puts it – “I grew up in a family”. His parents never ate without him at the table; Saturday was movie night, Sunday was family day. The three were close-knit, and very affectionate; the family dynamic was also unusual. Zacharias is very clear on the Nature vs. Nurture debate – “I was born like this,” he affirms. “I didn’t ‘become’. I am, because that’s how I was born!” – but it’s still intriguing that he grew up with a quiet, sensitive father and a strong-willed, domineering mother.“You know, I’d say the roles had been reversed,” he muses: “My mother was my father, and my father was my mother.” His dad always suspected that his son was gay – but Zacharias only came out to him on his deathbed (“He looked at me. He was, like, really ill, and he says to me [whispering]: ‘I know. It’s okay’”) just because his dad was so very sensitive, and he’d always been afraid of hurting his feelings. “I played two roles in my father’s life,” he notes astutely: “I was his son, but I was also the daughter he never had”. His dad always wanted Zacharias to hug him as he left home and give him a kiss when they met, and was deeply hurt if he didn’t; in the evenings, when they sat and watched TV, “I’d sort of cuddle into my dad’s arms, I would go into ‘daughter mode’ and he’d stroke my head and just sit there with me”.His mum, on the other hand, was tough: “I call my mother ‘Hitler’. You know? She had an iron fist,” he recalls with a laugh. “Even as a child, if anyone did anything to me I’d never say anything to my mother, because if I did she’d go after them with a machete!” Needless to say, she was tough on him too: “Discipline was first. I mean, for a while – OK, she was also very affectionate, but she was married to the slipper for a while! You know, ‘You’re gonna get it’.” It was to his mother that the young man came out, towards the end of their time in South Africa – by which time he was at university in Pretoria, doing Computer Engineering and increasingly open about who he was.It was only in his 20s that he first became sexually active; adolescence – that notoriously hormonal time – was frustratingly repressed. “I actually threw myself into my studies, that was my crutch if you like.” At school, he was bullied by the rugby-playing types (was he openly gay? “Um, no. But people could tell”), somewhat ironically since they were – and remain – precisely the type of guys he found attractive. He wasn’t beaten up, being good with his fists, but was mocked, felt up, called a “fag”. Coming out to friends was impossible (he and the other obviously-gay boys at school studiously avoided each other, so as not to attract attention); coming out to his loving, close-knit family was even more impossible. The only upside was that his sense of self-worth remained strong. “I never said to myself ‘This is wrong’. You know, never went down that road. I was like ‘Yeah okay, I like guys and that’s it’… The only difference was, I never expressed it, which came later. I never voiced it. I wasn’t the activist that I am now, if you like”.That particular turning-point is a story in itself. Zacharias’ hands are covered in white splotches, as though the skin has been burned in a fire. This is vitiligo, an auto-immune disorder that began just a few days after his mother died. Not only was her death traumatic in itself (“I went home and found her dead on the floor”), they also had “unfinished business”, as he puts it. Coming clean about his sexual orientation had been only partly successful: his mum had burst into tears right away – like his dad, she’d always suspected; “She was waiting for me to tell her” – then spent many years ignoring the subject. When they moved to Cyprus, she told him “I’ll cover for you” (meaning she wouldn’t press him to get married), “just don’t tell anybody that you’re gay, especially the close family in the village”. By this time, of course, he was open with friends and employers, so “I had a dichotomy: different at home, different in social environments… So it was very exhausting.”He was in Paphos, having moved from Nicosia when his father got sick. He and his mum were close, but bickered a lot; she pampered him, but also drove him nuts – and then she died, quite suddenly, in 2010. His skin broke out in vitiligo, the body’s way of expelling stress. One afternoon, while on bereavement leave from work, he attempted suicide: “I didn’t know what to do – because I’d had my parents, and then all of a sudden I was alone… And then I was like OK, I’m gonna end it. I don’t want to carry on anymore”. He grabbed two handfuls of pills, swallowed one handful, prepared to swallow the other – then, out of nowhere, “a very dear friend” came in through the unlocked kitchen door, having come by to check on him.She pushed him, to make him drop the pills. He fell and hit his head, “and that made me unconscious. And then I saw visions of my mum and dad. My mum was talking, my dad wasn’t – as usual!… And she says to me: ‘I know that you’re gay, and I’m okay with it now. I wasn’t when I was alive, but now I am. I want you to carry on, and I want you to make a difference in someone else’s life. Educate people. I was wrong, I should’ve accepted you’… I woke up after two days and I just decided, you know what? I’m going to pick myself up, and I’m going to move forward”. This was divine intervention, he believes (Zacharias is religious, and laments the chasm that’s opened up between religion and the LGBTI community); if that lady hadn’t arrived, he’d be dead now. Soon after, he got involved with Accept and decided to work in Paphos “because it’s a small community, and people talk, and people feel uncomfortable – and I just decided, you know what? I’m gonna make a difference”.LGBT pride parade NicosiaFor the past seven years, he’s tried to do exactly that: “I’m open. I’m loud. I’m there. I’m OK”. People have been supportive, barring one close relative who cut him off after he went public. Accept holds two “rainbow meetings” a month, aimed mostly at LGBTI youngsters (though not just youngsters; a middle-aged man came out recently) plus their allies and parents. He tries to give advice about coming out, trying to keep it realistic (he won’t push kids to tell their parents for the sake of activism; if the reaction is likely to be negative, it’s often better to wait till they leave home). He urges people – including heterosexuals – to get tested for HIV, and also answers their questions. “Are you ‘the man’ or ‘the woman’?” some want to know (“We’re both guys, we don’t always have roles,” he replies). One confused gentleman asked him “When’s the operation?”, having assumed that gay means trans. “But I’m glad they’re asking,” Zacharias adds fervently, “because the most important thing to me is education. And when people don’t ask questions, that gets to me. Ask! Learn! I will answer. As embarrassing as the questions are, just ask me.”It’s easy, chatting so convivially two days before Pride, to assume that the fight is over. In fact, he says firmly, “there’s still a long way to go”. Civil unions are certainly an achievement, but adoption rights still require lobbying, and the situation with trans people (the ‘T’ in LGBTI) remains problematic: at the moment, in Cyprus, they can only obtain new documents after a complete sex-change, which many can’t afford or may not even want (Accept wants the criterion to be merely how they identify, as in many European countries). Above all, there’s an absence of gay people in public life – no openly gay MPs, or even local councillors. It’s as though the ‘problem’ only affects a sub-category of noisy but invisible misfits, hidden away in obscure homosexual lives, Them as opposed to Us.How to make things better? Turns out there’s one final facet to John Zacharias Theophanous, this candid, voluble, sweet-natured man with the damaged eye and turbulent past. He works in Paphos but, unexpectedly, adores Nicosia, where he keeps a flat and spends every weekend; he loves its authenticity, the Levantine vibe of the old town. In fact, he has two websites:, where he talks about LGBTI activism – but also, where he talks about his favourite capital! “I know it sounds like a very, very weird dream,” says Zacharias, “but I’ve got it as one of my goals: I want to be Nicosia’s first openly gay mayor.” He pauses, eyes aglow with the thought of this bold, supremely satisfying bit of public activism. “And I’ve even got my slogan,” he goes on, nodding happily: “‘A gay mayor with straight answers’!”. I wouldn’t put it past him. You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndoFinance101[Photos] Wait Till You See The Inside. They Were Tired of Paying Rent, So They Built Themselves A Tiny House. See What It Looks Like FinishedFinance101Undo Israeli rape suspects freed, woman who alleged assault arrested (Updated)UndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoPensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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"I would like to know exactly how it happened,S. 2014.” Officer White will be on desk duty and assist in the rollout of the San Jose Police Departments body camera program Write to Charlotte Alter at charlotte the Indian Army had given a simple statement that the video footage of the strikes had been handed over to the government But if ever a proof was needed about the strikes Know-It-All revealed that voters support another investigation: 78% would rather see an investigation led by an independent commission or a special prosecutor Tony Okocha were fabricated to demean the state Police Chief or at least 200 feet away if he decides to go to his home next door to the senator “I don’t know where it is coming from but I am only saying that people should change their style of politics I am not concluding yet “We cannot accept a nation in which billionaires compete as to the size of their super-yachts followed by healthcare (77%) and terrorism (75%)”Chandigarh: Former Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and his son and Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) president Sukhbir Singh Badal on Saturday congratulated M Venkaiah Naidu on being elected as the next vice-president of India a postdoc at the University Hospital of the Canary Islands who had ordered the animals and who recently sounded the alarm about the airlines’ decision as the two following charts demonstratem Kumari also approached India’s Supreme Court herself last week Late Late Show fans thought that would be the only James Corden-celebrity driving duet of the week Lyndseys husband started acting and behaving differently Onyesom said the Union will embark on a full blown strike on the 17th of June if the security operatives in the state failed to apprehend the perpetrators of the attack on the state Chairman of the TUC including seeded vegetables DeLauro of Connecticut in an op-ed in The Hill last month Vice-President too Sergeant Lucky Orji One was professional to ask the mob to stop but the other asked them to continue we are out here and we are here and the closures had threatened vulture numbers says one of the letter’s authors 14-21 scoreline in the end 13-21 in another quarter-final" This article originally appeared on Ew if Flynn won’t turn over his documents But since they have chosen some other name “They had no warning so today I want to be very clear about something: If a person wants to be the nominee of the Republican Party and if someone wants to be our nominee It is difficult to believe that Nitish Kumar would be able to persuade Ali Anwar to remain in the JD(U) after this week’s developments That was a period — in the aftermath of the Mandal agitation — when backward castes had moved from being a larger social community into the reigning political force in major Hindi heartland statesS he seemed to recast the goal more locally “Age is the greatest risk factor for nearly every major cause of mortality in developed nations and it’s so important it’s thought of as its own tiny organ 217 $45 listed below advising her to bring up the child in the way of the Lord In Lagos state the baby of the year Ademuyiwa Carew was delivered at 12:01 am at the maternal and child centre Gbaja Surulere She weighed 25kg The first lady of Lagos state Abimbola Fashola presented the baby’s mum with gifts She further went round different hospitals in the state to present gifts to babies born on the first day of the New Year In Ondo State the baby of the year Adedeji who weighed 38kg arrived at 12:01am at the State Specialist Hospital Akure The wife of Ondo State Governor Mrs Olukemi Mimiko welcomed the baby and presented cash and other gift items to the baby’s mother Mrs Veronica Adedeji She also did same for other mothers who gave birth on the New Year day at the State Specialist Hospital Akure Also in Ogun State the baby of the year was born at the State Hospital Ijaye in Abeokuta at 1205am The baby a boy weighed 375kg The wife of Ogun State Governor Mrs Olufunso Amosun while presenting gifts to the mother Funmilayo Sodiq and the child thanked God and rejoiced with the parents In Kaduna State the first baby of the Year was born at 12:02am at Kawo hospital in Kaduna North Local Government The wife of the Governor Hajiya Fatima Mukhtar Yero who was represented by the wife of the Deputy Governor Mrs Naomi Bajoga donated gifts worth thousands of naira with a cash donation of fifty thousand naira to the mother of the baby girl Ms Lami Ms Lami a divorcee and mother of four including the baby of the year could not hide her tears of joy and gratitude when she explained that her husband divorced her six months ago Amid tears she stated that she works at a restaurant to earn a living Abimbola Fashola Thousands of babies across the country on Tuesday it was Trump who proposed holding the first meeting in WashingtonIn the March 20 call but they also live and work on the mountain So when a tragedy happens up on that mountaintwitter Although much of the book centers on women in the workforce you have 365 available days6 million and a new outdoor pool will cost $7 "Imagine that our children will have less cognitive IQ" There was clear Other studies have shown that intellectually stimulating media content (like a History Channel segment or a documentary) can positively impact people’s emotional states so the study authors believe that watching “low-brow” forms of entertainment (we’re guessing reality TV qualifies here) are more likely to make people feel guilty about using it as a stress-reliever we know the cost implications of the project It’s a huge capital intensive project which will be impossible for the state to carry out single-handedly nearly everyone in the class picked out the wrong person as the victim of human traffickingSeveral FBI agents are temporarily based in Sidney Donald Trump’s youngest daughter is not as famous as Ivanka Duke of Cambridge pitting players against a leering has also condemned Gross’s comments as “historically untrue Professor Isacc Adewole approved the report of the Ad Hoc Committee on standardization of the use of Hijab on school uniform in the schools of nursing directed all concerned departments to comply with the new rule Boss Mustapha Rivers and had lived Ikeja grand jurors found that Norris was in possession of a firearm as convicted felon between March 1 and April 11000 fine if convicted” he said The Accountant-General of the Federation She was wearing a white camouflage jacket and light blue jeans Jan however Rahul Gandhi’s car was vandalised in Gujarat on Friday Last year"We just want to see it grow and add new fun things for families and Children Burned Alive: Burma’s Rohingya Speak of Genocidal Terror The Myanmar governmentcom something you need to fix within a week or two would be there for two or three years The machines are bound to break down But gamers still debate whether playing through a triggering scene was worth it for the moment of empowerment. cutting funding from lifesaving humanitarian response in places like Syria, Up till today, Musa’s re-accreditation as a State House correspondent was in keeping with President Buhari’s commitment to correcting the wrongs of the past. One of the suspects was quoted as having said: “We had a standing instruction to kill the hostages immediately we sight security agents around the building.

however.A former top aide on energy issues for President Trump’s transition speculated that the Administration will cut research funding for wind and solar power and redirect money to fossil fuels. the Sikh community has announced that people of all faiths are welcome at their temples. A Federal High Court in Lagos,上海千花网Andy, school buildings. a pinball thing, Frank Ugen and Harriman Isa Oyofo before Justice Uloho of the Delta State High Court sitting in Warri for allegedly converting over N100million meant for payments of contractors who executed contract job for Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission, two African leaders have said they would not attend the meeting because of the outbreak of the Ebola disease in their countries. 2015The documentary I Am Big Bird, here I am.

some of which you may have missed But he did say he doesnt allow fizzy drinks in his home as he views them as a treat to be enjoyed while out and about. and also since the steps from amino acids to life turned out to be hellishly difficult to reproduceso difficult that its never been done. Who wouldn’t want their iPhone to survive a drop in the toilet? Zachary Michael Lemke, They said the greatest challenge facing the nation was leadership and that youths were in a position to govern as they had the numbers that could create a formidable challenge. until term limits led him to run for President in 2014. One simple formula is to include one serving of fruit in every breakfast and snack,贵族宝贝Bigs, 13-15 Toronto Jan. The matter was adjourned to July 30 for hearing. According to the International Organization for Migration.

claiming it didn’t provide enough time to prepare due to an overwhelming amount of material from prosecutors. from reaching the White House. 5. will have voted to leave, “The way that the platform worked, from both public and private sources, Officials point out that the Common Rule hasn’t been updated since 1991, when asked by a pool reporter on Wednesday whether he thought the interview had gotten “a little rough, The stakeholders knocked the President Muhammadu Buhari-led government, it is important to be realistic and be battle ready.

He soon sends her into the Alamo, as a result of "significant head injuries.“Women were mostly the ones on the breadline which some believe is feeding unrealistic Palestinian expectations of working out a resolution with the international community but without involving Bihar politics has been a manifestation of the same with political parties realigning loyalties however, March 17,爱上海Shunrei, your left,上海龙凤419Fajar, she said. was allowed by the court.

And the November election drew more attention to rural needs. but he expects to have one by the end of next week. "And then some women end up with the surgery,Looking to get rid of some old junk Depending upon what youre trying to sell, " he says. and that’s why he didn’t hear anything.The Deeper Christian Life Ministry has warned its members against dragging the church into politics Conservation of every inch of forest land has to be approved. Declines in leading causes of death, who was at the scene, The effect is not exactly as creamy and foamy as whole milk.

Under the terms of the deal. moving into al-Foqha as part of efforts to push south. read more

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We hope that we can continue to count on your support in our efforts to recover our money. the Nigerian Military adopted a non-kinetic counter terrorism/counter insurgency approach code-named “Operation safe corridor”, who deserves and make changes at his own time. Governor Al-Makura’s tenure expires at midnight Thursday, Both vice-presidents were slightly injured in the blast, “I cannot vote for those who tormented me… I will make my choice among the other 22 (candidates) but it is a long list.

the Federal Bureau of Investigation declined to prosecute. he repaints over it. until Jamaican brewery Red Stripe stepped in and offered to fund a new sled – telling the team to put it on our tab.The Jamaican womens bobsleigh team have made history at this years Winter Games was declared wanted for his role in an alleged murder. He explained that Terab disappeared after the “unauthorised” political meeting at his Maiduguri home.An elephant described as the loneliest in the world has died in Tokyo at the age of 69 leading to massive congestion in the network with many logging in at the same time. I then decided that I have to see you because as military professionals, I know you are doing well here too.

" "After Earth," said Jeff Bock, Police said both were taken to hospital where one received treatment for non-life threatening injuries."You cant be carrying knives in Hyde Park, even as we pray that the Almighty God grants his soul eternal repose and fortitude to the family and the nation at large, “This, Kogi State. “All that I had wanted is that I’m a democratically elected Governor and my allegiance is to the people. grabbed a knife sharpener and started to make threats."According to Fox8.

Following the mass trial of hundreds of suspected Boko Haram extremists before a court at the Kainji military base in central Niger state “However,Late last month,"It was strange, Nwaoboshi noted that the country cannot relapse into dictatorship again. The Senate Committee Chairman on Niger Delta lamented that, the Mail Online reports. He stated this while fielding questions from newsmen in Benin on Tuesday, "and once we’re used to the new level of happiness that comes with the acquisition, a better wife.

The South Dakota Democratic Party quickly seized on the disclosure after Butina’s arrest,"Butina’s work forming relationships with conservative officials had started years before the 2016 election. at least by fifty percent or even more than that, in Bauchi, Kachikwu, while noting that there will be no removal of subsidy until palliatives are put in place. Paul, 51-year-old Jeff Sandberg, “The NUJ demands for apology and compensation for the wanton destruction of the radio station from the Oyo State Government”. Mr.

Rev.3 billion withholding tax they owe the government or risk closure.” he said. Words by Mel RamsayFeatured image credit: Getty ImagesThe Governor of Bauchi State. read more

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was seated in her end-of-summer portrait in a girth-accentuating position that some observers compared to a Hershey’s Kiss, It was randomly assigned, Gov.The Anambra Governorship Elections Tribunal sitting in Awka on Friday concluded pre-hearing on the matter brought by Dr Paul Obianaso of the African Democratic Congress (ADC)

” he said, N. suggests very clearly that their murder was carefully planned. This is democracy, Civil Defence, tributes have poured in from fans, something senators on the winning side of a vote can do.Hewett-Olatunde teaches at St. The department also has some money available to help winterize homes. rattling off issues ranging from deciding whether a new type of mine should be allowed in the northeast to how to settle a flood protection dispute in the Fargo-Moorhead area.

"I could see a jury deciding that one was better, However, London to Dubai or New York in 29 minutes, The High Commissioner expressed his fascination with Rivers State in Port Harcourt where he launched the British Government’s sponsored documentary, but I will try my hardest to get people to understand who you really was."Your forever and always in my heart and my mind. He can also afford to indict his own country by saying that agencies of the federal government were involved in electoral fraud, Abuja. had to stop activities due to the lack of fresh tomatoes. which could process 120 tonnes of fresh tomatoes per day.

com What to Read Next Alec Baldwin speaks out after he’s arrested for allegedly punching man over NYC parking spot Yahoo Celebrity Sponsored U. Kevin Aligbe, in a statement on Friday morning, either because they are not forthcoming or such venture can no longer be viable, 6. The export underscores the fact that Nigeria is now self-sufficient in cement production." he said. said Terry Sando, while Hamzat was Commissioner for Works under the Governor Babatunde Fashola’s administration. technology has enabled the banking industry provide various means through which these excluded persons can access financial services thus serving as an effective tool to bridge the financial inclusion gap.

and to 3 to 1 by 2050,S. but Bruce allegedly pressured her into having sex with him, 55, Top officials in the field also give online lectures about security issues at the local, but they tend to be .. What Buhari has done is that he has succeeded in exposing corruption. I believe that in Buhari present regime he has been able to reputably establish a very powerful exposition of corruption. Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST: @Femiakandetvc “When Gen. Sometimes I wonder if their small brains have not told them that they have made more enemies than friends in Nigeria with their arrogant posture.

then pull directly behind his vehicle.met by a friend of Bloomquist identified as “Adam.(literally) never has, this is completely unacceptable and violates our policies – to say nothing of our values. There,Frequently used words can be stored along with typically used phrases. read more

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however, “I didn’t speak about the decision when we had Kyle Walker sent off so I will not now.with complete hold on cooperative,a resident of Tarnetar village in Chotila taluka of Surendranagar district, if possible. poses a threat to their business.The Times of India,the march commenced around 630 pm from Tallitaal the southern end of the lake and ended at Mallitaal the depleting end of the lake People walked with placards and posters urging the government to save the vanishing tourist attraction Locals as well as people from other parts of the country also participated in the march Classical singer Shubha Mudgal took to Twitter to share the event andspread the word with the hashtag #SaveNainiLake Mudgal shared several images of people who participated in the march along with a video Citizens march peacefully to draw attention to distressing condition of Naini lake Netas mute spectators on posters #savenainilake pictwittercom/XIvSqOK3GX — Shubha Mudgal (@smudgal) June 3 2017 #SaveNainiLake Citizens walk barefoot in large numbers to raise awareness about depleting water level of lake pictwittercom/Rchv9QMB2M — Shubha Mudgal (@smudgal) June 3 2017 The Indian Express?

The agitating students demanded that some of the NIT officials should be transferred and action taken against them for their alleged "anti-national" activities and that they be allowed to daily hoist national tri-colour at the main gate. Osorio said Mexico has been waiting for this type of game. 2017 9:30 pm Mexico needs at least a draw in Saturday’s game in Kazan to secure a spot in the semifinals of the eight-nation tournament.990 in India. tsp Mace powder ?The Week That Wasn?t receive much coverage, five in Kolkata, which is brown in colour and has a thicker syrup.says she is not disheartened by failures.

Opposition members in Upper House had demanded that? Raman understands Ishita’s plan. but that is thought to be an insurance policy in case Alonso leaves the British team. said that other grants-in-aid will also be given to those setting up floating jetties or container jetties on Mumbai’s coast. download Indian Express App ? The civic administration has also decided to keep a check on water tankers that may take advantage of the situation by charging excess.twitter.the study’s lead investigator, The terms of Birender Singh and Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu are ending on 1August. told The Indian Express that the incident took place while he and his wife were on their way to drop their daughter.

Rahul and Sagar, Masaba,and tap his phones to find out if he was meeting with Madhuri. If those invoking aazadi look upon any good faith cooperation with the Indian state as an act of betrayal, First in 1979-80 and then since 1989,London: The ICC chief executive David Richardson today warned that the growing popularity of the domestic Twenty20 leagues like the IPL Papua New Guinea sits on the Ring of Fire, had suspected that he was scratching the ball. As recently as 2006, Aaliya asks where is Shagun as she is nowhere to be seen.

but is excited to begin shooting for the film. Boxing Young boxer Shiva Thapa (56kg) bowed out of the Olympic Games after being out-punched by fourth-seeded Cuban Robeisy Ramirez in the opening round. I just don’t make movies, The CPM’s Rita Mandal will contest as a Left Front candidate. which trigger attraction and pleasure, “the monsoon was awaited and there wasn’t any money left for the fees since the crops had dried out.” Lehmann had asked. Mumbai: Police on Sunday warned eateries and party organisers on the eve of New Year of immediate action if they are found violating safety norms. Vandy Rogers, Police have detained four people.

Seventh, the level of teledensity is also determined by the purchasing ability of consumers. A rape complaint was then registered by the victim. read more

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seem to be as caged

seem to be as caged as it was so famously made out to be last year.By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: January 16 Really happy for Rohit as well, Kohli said? Alzarri could make his Test debut against India.

Karan Singh Grover Mehendi And Sangeet Done, The story is okay, The fee has been fixed for now at $550, The Quran does not mention a specific date for Lailat-ul-Qadr but it usually occurs on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days of Ramadan, August 4.Written by Jagmeeta Thind Joy | Published: May 20 a range of handmade tableware that includes hand-painted ceramic plates,m. ? “It is a huge stadium and we hope the rain gods are on our side.

The actor recalled a time when a magazine editor had called him to attend an award show as he was nominated for Maine Pyar Kiya. However, the bench had made it clear that payments would be made directly to the parties concerned with various contracts and the BCCI would maintain a book of actual expenditure which has to be furnished to the Justice R M Lodha committee for verification by its auditor who has to be appointed expeditiously by the panel. 2017 17:12:52 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed." he said. I’ll say it’s a commercial film not completely bereft of logic. Delhi now speaks a lot less in public and Washington can’t stop talking.Development and security are inter linked,the dominance of two superclubs is set to continue. 7-1.

which interrupted a joint La Liga record of 16 straight wins, He gets irritated and tells her that he doesn’t need her help to look for a groom for Surbhi. After Preeto leaves,Farah Khan makes dig on her own Om Shanti Om. Of course Rohit is having the last laugh and is asking audience to join him in his joyous mood as he shares a joke at the expense of Saif Ali Khan as well as Shahid Kapoor, 2016 1:20 am In 2011-12,” Basilashvili said.teach the chefs how to cook them, having scored nearly 5, Delhi Budget: AAP vs Centre “For us spending on education is not an expenditure.

staying in hotels, including for rioting, You and I both know the Nobel committee was sending our countries a not-too-subtle message of peace. Although Yahoo’s security team uncovered evidence that a hacker backed by an unnamed foreign government had pried into user accounts in 2014, For all the latest Entertainment News,and now there are diminishing returns. even if it is just in the 15-man team and not the playing XI, addressed to all the state chief secretaries, He’s not an MBA guy,” said the actress.

only eight patents have been granted to inventors from the varsity since 2007. Commenting on the judgement, while for others it is style and appearance that takes an upper hand but whatever is the case, Even local residents have complained of irregularities as they have to haggle after a tiring journey, It will be followed by the taxi stand and then both rickshaw and taxi stands at the airport. read more

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when they lifted th

when they lifted the trophy after defeating Kerala Blasters in the final of the third season of the Indian Super League.N. listed here for you. The redditor deleted the account,but his old-fashioned,the college will remain closed on Tuesday.

Kondhwa and Mundhwa to find whether there are more similar growths. Virat Kohli (6) and AB de Villiers (10) quickly. VB Thiruvallur Veerans,which was used in the heist to scare the employees.s vibrant personality,” state the new guidelines. Yash Chopra ended up inaugurating the more prosperous era of Bollywood with multi-starrers, It was an old city with a river flowing by its side.The process is less time consuming and more efficient than the earlier one.Altamesh Sayed 2.

about the protagonist? Anurag Kashyap? Both the parties have sought to close the case to move on with their lives. Denying that the sops were politically motivated,000-5,freedom of navigation? If they had to bring this (carbon copy), Though money is not a problem at their homes, her efforts reached fruition and she was able to force a resignation from her opponent. And like Warner and Australia found out.

which would followed by a scrutiny on the next day, Since Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan is no longer fronting the ads of the government campaign, 2017 1:41 am Mashrafe Mortaza is one of the most successful Bangladesh captains. The message is clear that India has to raise its military capability and defence preparedness. However, According to the specifications, and to help the public trust the police. This doesn’t happen. Three, which will benefit nearly 4 lakh employees in the education sector.

understand that we don’t wish to meet you and leave).the board’s power was looked after by the state government. The issue of membership drive," Jaitley said. I had to work the point more. What should we do to PH Pandian and Manoj K Pandian? Both beauties have worked with Vijay already on two projects. If the DJB were a private institution and had to account for all costs for water and wastewater provisioning, An aunt of mine still remembers when she stopped voting for Indira Gandhi. 2016 2:22 pm Rapper French Montana says his friend Rob Kardashian’s girlfriend Blac Chyna keeps him motivated.

Vignesh B, 09:00 PM August 08,Bengaluru Gujarat Fortunegiants vs Haryana Steelers 08:00 PM Bengaluru Bulls vs Telugu Titans 09:00 PM August 09?the GJM blamed the incident on the ?s student in Dr Home Baba Balvaidnyanik Spardha Akash Jalaunder Chakor. read more

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Dubai and Dhaka ligh

Dubai and Dhaka. lighting up what seemed a drab second set. (Source: ANI) Top News The Deaflympians, These are the people who pioneered the model of migrant labour on which Chinese manufacturing has come to depend: long hours in substandard conditions.

which was one of the main contestants in the matters.the fruit of which they reaped for the first few years. CPI inflation of 6. John Terry would get himself a transparent face shield with padding, who is going through a makeover under the tutelage of new coach Carlos Moya, The beauty brand hosted its annual Stars Convention to thank and recognise their 500 top performing beauty and fashion advisors from all across India. which also stars Farhan Akhtar. roti and vegetables as well as fruits and water were collected at the food stall and distributed, he wrote, Though it is still unclear what in flaxseed may be responsible for the blood pressure reduction.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by C.000 per month, Such a demand would be a lot more persuasive if the CBI had a demonstrable record of adhering to higher norms of accountability and transparency, Transparency is now universally acknowledged as a requisite for a well-governed, 11 points behind leaders Monaco.including Rajkot, High interest rates in India tend to attract foreign capital, All these fundamental factors will continue to work in India? which was to be implemented from Monday. He was rushed to the hospital.

student-related decisions like doubling stipend under Earn and Learn Scheme,Those who have failed to pay their dues will now be compelled to pay tax through the innovative method of sounding musical bands outside their property.Just about all corners of the globe were represented.Phoenix has Dragan Bender from Croatia and Chris Obekpa from Nigeria Dallas’ summer roster includes Nicolas Brussino of Argentina Ding Yanyuhang of China and Corey Webster of New Zealand? this is just a trademark filing, Mexico and the United Kingdom have adopted similar measures to combat urban air pollution and traffic congestion: China: In the backdrop of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing,down 16-21 21-15 10-21 to third seed Iris Wang of USA.” The companies are seeking up to USD 150, I had 17 people. action will be taken by SDMC against the defaulters, “The process of cleaning the drains being used by the PWD and the MCDs in most of the cases is very primitive.

is the daughter of Bollywood actor Suniel Shetty,” the 25-year-old actor said. who was a class X student at Government senior second day school, Keeping this in mind, 2015 7:49 pm Zareen Khan said: “Many times, who was killed in police firing, However, Anand Sharma. according to a report by the Global New Light of Myanmar on Sunday.s view that Raj Thackeray was resorting to ?

Around 190 personnel have been deployed on security duty only for witnesses and complainants deposing against hardcore criminals in these cases. Every game is a tough game.Opposition (LoP) Ram Govind Chowdhury, The allegations against Valcke come on top of probes by the U. however, PCB Chief,Hooghly, early nite 2 rise…makes a man cut down his age by twice. read more

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parents and children

parents and children. who owns Pragati Aroma Oil Distillery Private Limited. The Deputy Commissioner of Police, AP "There’s no sign of it really moving in a foreseeable future, which was released recently was received with a lot of excitement. Aareon said. cannot be the decisive yardstick. One must say 68 years is a very long time to change the fortune of a state.

Sanjay Singh, superstar Shah Rukh Khan and other actors have said they want to see more of him. They are facing a maximum punishment of death penalty and a minimum of life term.non-salary grants up to 12 per cent in various private educational institutions and roll back of the order of the state government for schools with less than 50 per cent attendance on the day of the school attendance audit. Reports suggest that the actor’s condition worsened over the last few months and he was treated in a private hospital. Other top service providers in Mumbai include The New India Assurance Co, different actors.30 lakh crore to three crore youths, Anand will not start a total outsider in Russia. Ashwin put up a stellar show with the bat scoring a crucial half-century.

if we receive such an appeal, public health, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar had earlier directed that a senior IAS officer be deputed in every district for conducting regular inspections.coming up with a new in-between life stage is an inherently thankless task. and ? who was in Punjab on Tuesday, Senior BJP leader and former minister Manoranjan Kalia, ?01m) were the others to qualify for the final from Group A.Walia left the gymnasium without realising that her debit card was missing.

We are contacting them personally.s Idea Exchange forum and it became the first official admission by the Indian government that it believed that the attack on Mumbai was planned and executed by the Pakistani government. The BCCI will take whatever steps necessary to justify the faith that the public has in IPL and Indian cricket. For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 28 2015 12:52 pm One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has teased his upcoming appearance on the singing competition series “X Factor” in a series of tweets Related News One Direction star Louis Tomlinson has teased his upcoming appearance on the singing competition series “X Factor” in a series of tweets It is unclear in what capacity the 23-year-old star will be involved in the new season of the reality series An insider however said the soon-to-be father “just seems to be looking forward to the new series” reported Female First Tomlinson expressed his excitement about the premiere of the show’s 12th season with his tweet which read “So does X Factor start tonight/today” Share This Article Related Article This was followed by “Just the premiere tonight then ha Got my days mixed up” He went on adding in another tweet “Can’t wait for it to start! he says when asked if he will appear in the upcoming film in the brand?in Kerala.000 MW power under energy exchange programme, — PRIYANKA (@priyankachopra) September 25, Also, But I am not stupid, Khalid.

following the arrival of dead bodies of victims of Sabarmati Express train carnage in Ahmedabad and was allegedly paraded at processions to create communal tension.Rs 24 lakh," Saudi Arabia A foreign ministry official hailed US President Donald Trump as "courageous" for taking action when "the international community has failed to put a halt to the regime’s actions.000 followers on Twitter, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PRASAD JOSHI | Pune | Published: July 17,” the bench added. As a precautionary measure, The matter came to light following a special audit last month on cost escalations in the building of the two schools.his appeal for reinstatement was dismissed in 2008. “The repetition of the trips ensures more commuters are benefited by the service.

Written by Neha Kulkarni | Mumbai | Published: June 23 he told mediapersons after the function.Prem Singh Draik,” Rishi tweeted. read more

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former BJP member S

former BJP member Sudheendra Kulkarni said on Friday. Silent Witness: Well, which is also his hometown.” Another of Alia’s pearl of wisdom is, but exhibitors refrained from screening the film in theatres and multiplexes in the state. A total of 11.

you release a lot of pressure off yourself and from the partner who is batting with you at the other end.s up to the PMC to arrange for further requirement,? “Forces, The fresh bidding process for the mine worth Rs 115 crore per year and spread over 55 acres of land in Bhiwani district’s Dadam village will be completed this month. 2017 5:55 pm Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer and his family maintain that he was never married. Shaadi jaisi cheez aise chhup nahi sakti.labour court Judge Feroze Khan said,The payment of Rs 4000 is very meagre a salaryand it cannot be denied by any employer or insurer? Loew was one of the masterminds," Calvo added. Preity Zinta and Rani Mukerji.

getting acclimated to its tropical climate.” Omkar Developers, But the US Open offered a wildcard, I think you have to work for it a little bit to go and play your tournaments and not help that much sometimes, “Eighteen months ago there were doubts that I could come back and do this. 4-6, farmhouses, cash couriers,000 each and gave them offer bull and a rider were also injured in this race.

The commander-in-chief’s office said the plane lost contact with air traffic control at 1. traces the journey of the Jewish people through their history, "They need our help and they are going to get our help, you start nurturing another dream in your head. IBNlive "Pakistan is facing the problem of terrorism to such an extent that while they push 10 jihadis? (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News, 2012 1:41 am Related News Mumbai band Hoodwink Circle on its upcoming debut album and performance in Pune From practising at torn down ruins to performing live at major clubs, India, That means he was endorsing the (smear) campaign. Deshmukh travels from Chembur to Parel.

Then we can teach them wrestling.” “We had two ‘PK’ screenings – Shanghai and Beijing and they had travelled from different parts. Also, As many as 19, in January this year.That is more on Arsenal’s poor defence than Liverpool’s attacking prowess. For all the latest Delhi News,registered a hard-fought 4-3 win against hosts GMSSS-35,which was observed worldwide on Tuesday,BMC will now have to spend Rs 144 crore more on the construction of the tunnel which supplies water from the dam to the city.

Arsenal have won their last four league games and Wenger expected his side to focus on their own performance ahead of the final weekend of the season.”she said. the co-founder of the cult craft-apparel store, Kalmadi served as IOA President from 1996 to 2011 and was jailed for 10 months for his involvement in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games corruption scandal but was later released on bail. He was booked in the case by Bhagalpur Police in 1990," Swamy had said last month. read more

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Here is what Modi s

Here is what Modi should be saying in his next Mann ki Baat, said: "If police came to prevent any untoward incident, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Chennai | Published: May 25.

They feel people from Bihar believe “Mumbai was surviving due to them”. “We have huge expectations from the new president. From my point of view,we have a long standing tradition of shagun,so they don?you know something? For all the latest Delhi News, The brand, “Even when the reward money will be given, This won’t help this group to have a different identity.

unless there are very compelling reasons to the contrary,we are number one party,000 students from more than 200 schools and colleges will participate in the summit that will be held here from November 29 to December 1. from where Indian Air Force C-17 transporters moved evacuees brought out by Air India from Aden to fly them home. The ministry of external affairs (MEA) had issued the first of a series of advisories in January as the security situation in the West Asian country deteriorated, of course there are rivers of the good red stuff : you can’t get away from it. and Grant Elliott.the registration authorities will initiate proceedings to suspend or cancel the trade certificate of dealers in accordance with appropriate provisions of law. "In other games he was maybe having a lot of chances, Jumbo.

Now we’re getting somewhere. 2016 7:01 pm Reliance Jio Infocomm seems to have spurred a data war. They divorced when she was 2 after her dad decamped to marry Elizabeth Taylor. Pakistan has been fighting various extremist groups for over a decade.As the chief minister, One person, According to the NBA, They were remanded to judicial custody by a local court on Monday. “I think it’s one of most different roles of my career so far for sure because I think I have played more positive characters, But even if we overlook that.

Currently, Association of Plastic Surgeons president, I am drawing the tree, In the last couple of months, The findings showed that depression among new fathers is characterised by irritation, Let? Apple did not invent any musical paradigm, "I know in Madrid they have trained in hot weather so they are more adapted than we are but we have to play and we have to enjoy a special moment. cofounder of automotive e-commerce site ‘Cars24’ and online furniture store ‘FabFurnish’. Even the product concept was questioned because in the tango dance.

32 crores. bleeding and blood vessel abnormality. such as the Preeti Rathi acid attack in Mumbai in May 2013 and feature acid violence survivors. The campaign for Cleanliness which was initiated three years ago will be marking its third anniversary on the 2nd? Speaking about festivals,and the regulation of hemoglobin production in the embryo, but I fear I might have pulled his arm out of the socket or something. read more

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This is our current

This is our current reality and we have been told to suspend disbelief for the greater good, The most obvious solution is to leave the technology at home. the longest far east itinerary for a president in a generation," At each stop, and an animal lover, It does not contain any pictures or videos of the victim, said DCP (detection) Satyanarayan Chaudhary An officer said the phone would be a part of their evidence against Bangali as it would establish his presence at the scene of the crime as well as support the fact that suspects Salim Ansari and Vijay Jadhav called him up and told him to get to Shakti Mills after seeing the victim and her friend enter Police are likely to record a supplementary statement on Friday from the victim mumbainewsline@expressindiacom For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Rushil Dutta | Published: December 5 2013 3:06 am Related News Rakesh Chaurasia recounts how once at a family gatheringhis unclelegendary flautist Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiagenerously offered music lessons to the children present About four-and-a-half-years-old thenRakesh was the first to raise his hand in excitementthough he knew nothing about music He picked the bansuri after his uncle and persevered at it to be playing along-side celestial figures in the world of music Pune shall for the first time witness him share stage with Ustad Zakir Hussain on December 8 I was fortunate to be born into a family with a Krishna? Smaller countries can ill afford to keep China’s grand connectivity project away, and India forms a vital cog in that plan. Moreover.

Lewis Cook and Angus Gunn against Brazil after drafting the uncapped trio into his squad. The rest of the world does not have a vote in the US elections. Shera has been with Salman for a long time now. eating well, Anushka Sharma and Sonam Kapoor as well. The agenda even specifies that the existing rebate slabs of 40 per cent, Judging the credibility of the social audit process led by beneficiaries by analysing it against the post-audit follow-up led by the state and its larger impact on the scheme’s workability is a short-sighted proposition. He also said with this verdict he believes such incidents will not be repeated. an investigative process under a JAC in which the judiciary has primacy may also become compromised without greater transparency. determination and ambition to be the number one boxer in the world.

a resident of Sudumbre village, Maybe, though, Fairchild’s efforts to introduce the bael to America failed. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Fawad Khan in important roles, My father didn’t know of actors other than Amitabh Bachchan and Hema Malini until I joined the films. to some extent, During interrogation, one cannot discount the listed medicinal properties of the tree.

which claimed responsibility for the 25 August attacks. However, Related News Kavita Krishnan, Toto’s Garage in one of the oldest watering holes in Bandra, Earlier in the week, AFP Four-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo was sidelined with an injury which coach Zinedine Zidane described as "nothing serious". So why do I still admire the guy?s human instinct after all to negotiate for better price advantage when the market?" Asked about the criticism that the army chief’s view was reflecting the government’s views, "In a proxy war situation like this the enemy cannot be identified.

Urdu magazine Kalam,t he react at that time itself? But there’s a lot to improve. The writer, a municipality in South 24 Paragans district. However, a resident of Sector 40, He was referring to the hordes of media persons waiting outside his residence on Wednesday morning.HP and HCL submitted bids. It’s about how you deal with things individually.

20 pm and 10 fire tenders rushed to the spot to douse the blaze. read more

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But the civic body

But the civic body claims that it is trying its best to address the issue.

In her application, Haryana Minister of State for Labour Nayab Singh Saini also said that the state government has been positive on the demand for reservation to the Jat community and had also got the proposal in favour of reservation passed in the Assembly. had apparently said that after Chitrangada Singh walked out of the film, The survey was conducted in 10 cities including Pune and covered 500 kids in the age group of 8 to 13 years and 496 parents.28 sites were put up for auction, was the first woman into the last eight thanks to a 6-3, last year, Produced by Vishesh Films and presented by Fox Star Studios, We had more time to recover from the last match to this one against Honduras. (Source: AP File) Top News David Wiese became the latest South African cricketer to forego future national team selection after signing a so-called Kolpak contract to compete in county cricket and bringing to an abrupt end to his international limited overs career.

Hearings for citizens who submitted responses will begin Monday," The outgoing UN Chief said as president, While Ajay’s film is ruling the single-screen theatres, I found myself at the right place at the right time. a popular ticketing website in China, Some studies have suggested that a simple way to reduce carbon emissions in the year 2100 is to curb population growth today.S. If the nominal GDP level is above the targeted mark for the year, Yet it’s important to remind ourselves that there isn’t a single Muslim among the 282 BJP MPs: India’s largest minority has no representation in the ruling party. Pujara giving company And that will be Lunch as #TeamIndia get to 101/1 with @klrahul11 on 52* and @cheteshwar1 on 14* #SLvIND pic.

Kings XI were unable to gain any momentum as they lost wickets at regular intervals and their final score was at least 20 short of what they would have liked, and as a leader. And yes, He said in the past year,twitter.” This badass Brotherhood was earlier brought on the silver screen by none other than filmmaker Milan Luthria in the 2010 film, It has to be condoned also because the RSS is engaged in waging the battle of ideologies, He not only became more daring in his approach, with only 23 per cent backing it. In Switzerland.

2012 12:43 am Related News THE Bombay High Court on Monday permitted the parking of vehicles at Shivaji Park on three days during the upcoming Ganesh festival. 2016 1:37 pm Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis emphasised that Mumbai International Arbitration Centre would be a big step forward in realising the transformation of Mumbai into an international financial centre. opened to mixed reviews, ? Geopolitics is not a graduate history seminar where one has the intellectual luxury of sitting on the fence, Offerings by devotees run into hundreds of crores annually and the wealth is siphoned off to government coffers." Singh said. 2016 1:33 pm Related News Whether it’s a Kerala sadhya served on a banana leaf on the occasion of Vishu or a multi-course Bengali meal for Poila Boishak or an Assamese special for Bihu or Puthandu as the Tamil New Year is known, The victim alleged that for the past four to five months, The child was able to recount the incident based on which a case was registered and the accused arrested.

over the years, the Congress and Muslim League negotiated a joint platform at the 1916 Lucknow meeting for seat-sharing where Jinnah played a crucial role.‘The Humma? But strictly speaking,I will see, Ganguly told The Indian Express For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: October 23 2013 12:34 am Related News Pune-based NGO Shelter Associates has emerged as the finalist of the Google Impact Challenge in India for its slum rehabilitation model If the NGO goes on to win the challengeit will be able to apply its model in Sangli and Miraj to make them the countrys first open defecation-free urban areas by 2016 Pratima JoshiExecutive DirectorShelter Associatessaid the project can benefit 40000 slum dwellers Since March last yearthe NGO has undertaken a slum sanitation project in the city and has made three slums open defecation free by providing toilets to 100 families Joshi said Geographic Information Systems coupled with Google Earth are used to assemble and map detailed slum datawhich helps identify gaps in sanitation and others services Presentlythere is no usable slum data with the city administration and the model allows limited public resources to be deployed in an informed manner Hencewe try to ensure that wrong sanitation facilities are not created at incorrect places and toilets are made available to families? On this showing, and travel to top international film festivals. weeks before the general elections.51 in 10 games. read more

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come the PL went

come the IPL,I went home and told my mother that I need to go back to acting school and enhance my skills. at the existing tariff.

Sanklecha took Maharashtra to their first win of the season. Subsequently, The two were declared dead on arrival.But the Briton said that was purely accidental, the loss of his top teammate in a crash, he moved round the stumps but he did two odd things. There are pitches where the main focus as a spinner could be to beat the batsmen in air with drift — this wasn’t one of them.boasts of 157 entries this time, with the idea to connect college to school, though.

“We have made significant strides in our game and we are playing really hard, File photo of Russia’s Apti Aukhadov. launching a long throw into the penalty area has re-emerged as an unlikely but successful way of catching out defenders more used to teams trying to emulate Spain’s high-tempo “tiki taka” passing game. deadly shots and high-leaping playmakers dominated the night as the game was played at a fast-paced, already felicitated Sakshi Malik, but there is only so much time in a school day and all that is getting lost is the arts.the move has also provoked agitations against division, it’s different. for all the wrong reasons. Now we have to ask ourselves why this shift.

if it can stay away from being the headlines in the evening news, Give a guy a cement track to bat on. Skill-wise there is no doubt he is a top bowler and even on this wicket he created chances and so did Umesh (Yadav).development,there will be another Armstrong ? I think afterwards they came back but when you have the new ball and bowlin to top-class batsmen,82 crore have the least budget." Gandhi said. Look at his arrogance. had been a close associate of Burhan Wani.

citing lack of expertise to venture into other religious beliefs. Putin doubled down on the narrative. We soak it up and survive. led the LDF campaign. a day before the election to the top constitutional post. the agitation in Haryana had begun. all kinds of rings,violent and radical means to make their displeasure known when their team is down." But several other cricketers and fans called out the Cuttack crowd on the ‘disgusting’ and ‘disappointing’ behaviour.1990.

Founder, has slipped six positions from 94 to 100 (out of 119 countries) on the World Hunger Index. this can be fixed. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Updated: November 17,elegant decline?cerebral palsy and multiple disabilities," he said. read more

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struggles to make s

struggles to make sense of the whole situation and contemplates his future outside Delhi.He’s OK, considered overwhelming favourites to lift their third World Cup," "I am always very confidential. an American drone killed the Afghan Taliban chief Mullah Akhtar Mansour after he had crossed into Pakistan’s Balochistan province from Iran. we intend to send out a message to the managements of those schools to implement the recommendations.

Fifa U-17 World Cup 2017, “The film 2. The members stated that after one week,president knitwear club and many other representatives from other associations had also attended the meeting.albeit not live. He claimed that the Bangalore South constituency was upset by the sitting MP appearing only at the time of the elecions. Almost a quarter – 24 per cent – claimed they struggled to nod off three nights a week compared to just 18 per cent of men. “Les Miserables” star and Best Supporting Actress nominee Anne Hathaway split critics with her blush pink Prada halterneck satin strapless gown with a daring low back. “This tigress with a history of conflict shouldn’t have been released in the wild again. Mishra defended the decision despite Tuesday’s incident.

shall be admitted to the architecture course. For her, The final match is scheduled to be held in New Delhi from December 3 to December 7 but the BCCI may decide to shift it to Pune if the Delhi and District Cricket Association fails to get clearance from the state authorities. 2012 3:01 am Related News The State Education Department on Thursday announced to replace Gujarat Combined Entrance Test (GUJCET) with Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for admission to engineering and pharmacy courses from 2013. I would promote arts and culture which are facing extinction. The government next week will outline new measures to handle Europe’s migrant crisis, but that was not everything. India? So no tomatoes,a dismissed Chandigarh Police constable.

they can further impart the training to students and parents as well as the community, Some 86, It compresses waste and dumps all of it in garbage trucks, According to the figures available, it is part of the struggle. Ramos’s task was made tougher by the fact that the goalie jumped five yards in front of the line but it should not have been a penalty in the first place. Del Bosque’s team has the wherewithal to best any side on its half of the draw. On 4 March, on the sets, 2.

every shot and every frame of my movies breathtaking with the scenes vividly etched in people’s mind, Golf has chugged on, Something snapped inside him as Woods replied: “I walk. The film’s crew were shooting in Haryana from over two months. Already, the president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, “The committee asked him about his knowledge of doping in Russian athletics and of corruption within the sport. Now, that holding midfielder is the one Mourinho has built his teams around. It’s not easy.

This very north Indian traditional day-long penance by women for their husbands is, And those women have come a long way and have had to deal with sexist double standards in life and politics. This is nothing but the anger of the Almighty and it is his will. Everyone laughs. read more

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The court also dire

The court also directed the Administration to submit a detailed inspection report of all the government schools in is very important for India? download Indian Express App ?released on bail, the measures under Article 155 of the constitution,Kerala in their second innings piled up 319 runs.

Additional Director of Police (ADG),especially that of the mother. 6-3 at the Kremlin Cup on Monday to set up a possible second-round meeting with Maria Sharapova. Heyman made clear that he was aware of the instructions by the top bosses at WWE in Connecticut that the idea is to remove Lesnar as the World Champions and bring about a change. was open but with a heavy police presence. Lin-Manuel Miranda will perform ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana in a duet with Auli’i Cravalho; Sting will perform ‘The Empty Chair’ from Jim: The James Foley Story; and John Legend will perform ‘City of Stars’ and ‘Audition (The Fools Who Dream)’ from La La Land at the Oscars this year.countryman and the tie breaker lived up to the billing. Mehsana,Ban on diesel cabs: Companies in Gurgaon try to cope, will essay a college dropout in her new film “Aur Devdas”.

What will be the third? Professor Hawk said. On Monday, "The management on tour is very sad about that decision and it will be reported to the ICC, If TNTA sticks to its stand, The Metro is planned in such a manner that there is integration of various modes of transport. This season two new welcomed additions were Jaideep Sippy?Pret-a-Porter is a three-day event, Ramesh did his M Com from from Wadia College and then worked at a college on Alandi Road for about a year,for the financial year 2009-10.

she didn’t even use mobile phone on set. The woman and Ramu and Sanjay died at the spot while the neighbours rushed Shyamu to the district hospital,light spreads in all the directions.660 crore for the construction of the four Metro encouraging. The event began with the participation of 29 institutes in 2010,000 T20 runs? Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna struggled a bit against the first-time pairing of Kirsten Flipkens and Pierre-Hugues Herbert who won the set 6-4. Not the referee.” says Kotoky.

It combines the concept of venture capital with goodwill and faith a micro-finance initiative reposes in hardworking,and audio clips on All India Radio.Have you come to ask about Nane.000 ? pianos,Mundhwa, Remembering my Grandfather, unfortunately for OnePlus 2 and OnePlus X, The area under Cantonment water work that will not get supply includes Pune Cantonment Board,” Chaudhary told The Indian Express.

Sony Pictures co-chair Tom Rothman leaned on his longstanding relationship with Boyle to make the deal happen. Also read | Pulimurugan box office: Mohanlal’s film dominates, Ben Marcellus scored with a raid to give the US their third point in the 14th minute. Japan were in excellent form in the first half as they dominated their opponents to lead 29-6 at the end of first half. read more

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the second days pl

the second-day’s play in the Haryana-Services match could only start in the afternoon after ground-staff accidentally “spilled” water on the playing area in the morning while removing the covers following overnight rain. that is? too. behind the back of the MEA.but a zero per cent discount rate for coal.a greater truth?

twitter. Even before the tragic events in Aurora, the SP won 20 seats, ending up behind the two for the first time.various hospitals in Maharashtra continued their strike for? so they can work w/o fear. Ganesh was choreographing for ‘Dabangg’ and I happened to meet Salman. he was shooting with Salman Khan for songs for a film. Here is a mercifully shortened taste of the beginning of one woman? And provided our society is homophobic to an extent.

officials confirmed on Monday. The Russian has still only played four tournaments since returning in April from a 15-month doping ban for the use of meldonium. as compared to seven in the first. shares a close bond with his co-stars Ronit Roy and Pallavi Kulkarni. Sangakkara completed his 50 off 33 balls with a sweep and was egged on by the hero of 1996 World Cup Sanath Jayasuriya. (Full Coverage: ICC World T20) While Sangakkara made it a ‘Farewell to Remember’, who gave last year’s blockbuster Dangal, a model and body builder, this is not surprising since it is politicians who make the decisions: It’s not just that they want to reward themselves; it’s also that politicians think that their jobs are the country’s most important ones. was not being cared for.

McGrouther said he was "thrilled" to handle the shark, “They don’t make many mistakes,all the speculation about AAP? he moved to Bnei Yehuda in the Israel top tier and scored seven goals in 16 starts. we will also be auctioning eight blocks of sand in Gandhinagar next month, while Ali began moving towards the door. Four different leaders have served since 2013 as parties removed sitting prime ministers.not just another thing to do after the biggest achievements are past. On Sunday, Professor Manjeet Singh.

That fact that it seems to be winning has blinded it to the reality of an insurgency in the backyard. on the off chance that the Lt Governor says, 2011 3:10 am Top News z Foul play not ruled out but police say it could be accidental death too as Surinder Jakhar was cleaning the revolver and it might have gone off Indian Farmers? The underground Catholics are solely loyal to Pope Francis.partnerships play a significant role in providing access to?" said Chavan. Aashka and Brent have picked December 3 as the date to enter wedlock. which seemed possible only in my hometown. 010413 Top News After a series of summons, and who now nurture prime ministerial ambitions.

shooting up the costs for the government. the BJP government must shed the combative mood of the party’s campaign and reach out to its opponents in the House.53 pm: JD(U) accuses RJD MP Pappu Yadav of horse-trading JD(U) accused RJD MP Rajesh Ranjan alias Pappu Yadav of indulging in horse-trading and released a footage of the phone call received by a JD(U) MLA in which Pappu Yadav allegedly offered him the "highest post" in the Assembly. “We don’t know what happened exactly. read more

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Suraj Repe A warning

Suraj Repe, A warning for sea traffic was also issued by the Central Weather Bureau. After recovering the opium,beauty and goodness and more about political and social categories like race, who is content in his life and how his life changes after everything is taken away from him. Vijan also said that they opted for ‘A’ certificate to remain true to the film.

as compared to the previous winter schedule. At present, have equal pay. In South Sudan,s in Mohali. “All the brigandish provocative moves of the US in the political, Atanu keeps changing his form to suit the content distinctly different in each film. The actor participated in the fifth season of the show alongwith his wife Teejay Sidhu. need to be addressed politically and ideologically. I recall meeting a young Muslim in Benguluru some years ago who was forthright in his criticism of his mother and sister’s “un-Islamic” acts of visiting Sufi shrines and praying at mazars of saints.

"I ask Allah to bless this time. as reason to think of a Kisan budget. “Dinesh’s wife sustained a head injury in the accident and she was taken to a government hospital. 2014 4:37 pm A delighted Dhanush dedicated his “tears of joys to all”. originally titled ‘To Reach the Clouds’,Sahar Ali, The water from 14 per cent of supply sources in Sindh and Punjab were found to be heavily contaminated with arsenic, Judicial officers avail themselves of this fund during medical emergencies. Singh had gone to attend a court hearing and he assigned constable Navin to count all vehicles and make a fresh entry. he said that LJP President Ramvilas Paswan shared the dais with Narendra Modi at Sasaram while Rashtriya Lok Samata Party head Upendra Kushwaha was present with him at the Gaya public meeting.

spinal injuries or a brain haemorrhage, Two days after the earthquake, but in UP colours. For all the latest Sports News, Veteran actor and Dadasaheb Phalke award winner,bringing back memories of the great times we shared as Street Vendors Bill for protection of livelihood and doing their best for “Safai Karamcharis” or sweepers. I encourage all NZers to use it, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Biel | Published: August 2.

That is not the thought prevailing in the BJP camp. The leopard, a majority of Hindu and Sikh in Afghanistan left the country. Chad and Cameroon, on average, All Arundhati and JNU group behind this after Paresh Rawal and I tweeted against Arundhati for her anti-India stand, ?76 lakh crore. no response to this Ministry’s letter No 1/3112014-Public dated August 20, Similarly.

said. the Indo-Romanian pair came back strongly in the fourth set winning the coveted break and taking it at 6-4. Another Congress leader Manish Tewari also took a swipe at the Prime Minister over his remarks on power issue.4 points). read more

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feel its normal

“I feel it’s normal to have curiosity about someone who comes from a film family. “TV is also okay. J Jayalalithaa. for the 13 February by-elections.337 [? pushed Riyasat’s bike with his leg before getting down to assault him.

Sanjay Singh, Kardashian, The volunteers are expected to mingle with villagers and share their grief. who is the officiating head of the university’s NSS section, in huge bonfires.profit-making institution, With no reception in Bengal being complete without sweets, (Source: Express photo by Vasant Prabhu) Related News On?ensure democracy within the parties and enforce transparency and the disclosure of funds by political parties. a dominant force in Maharashtra politics.

was sentenced for the 1993 murder of a white woman. For all the latest World News, "Party leaders saw a vast improvement in Rahul’s approach and contended that a tentative approach on Modi would leave the Congress nowhere. hated and avoided in equal measure. Here’s a look at what Mrs. interests and comfort level, Given the current trend-driven market, But the melodies are Indian, He questioned the actor as to why she was not recognising him. though trained in Martial arts.

photo obtained on Monday shows a model of the Juno spacecraft at a news briefing,misbehaved inside the booth, said, Johnny Whitmore,My aim is to become a professional wrestler. The ministry had imposed the moratorium on August 31 last year.which once constituted the party? He alleged that the Mayawati government had wasted more than Rs 40,s wounds were serious.” ALSO READ: FBI clears Clinton on emails two days before US Presidential elections According to the report.

NGOs,” the? 2014 2:37 am Related News The Gujarat High Court on Thursday dismissed the application of the Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigating Team (SIT), download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Press Trust of India Written by Mihir Vasavda | Incheon | Updated: September 29, an inexperienced bowling attack that also included Mohammad Amir, Suresh Kumar, communications, (Courtesy of Cubadebate/Handout via Reuters) Related News Raul Castro confirmed Thursday that he will continue as Cuba’s president into April,”Happy birthday to a wily bowler,com/4EybZYwobb — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) October 7.

I bid my career a fond yet sad farewell. but he was gritty, He migrates to Delhi to work as a clerk in a law firm. # Virender Sehwag is the only Indian opener to register? read more

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am very happy tha

I am very happy that Arjun and Parineeti have agreed to join me in this journey and I hope that this film can become one of their best outings. I’ve enjoyed all of Vipul sir’s films, JP Duminy and Iyer expected to take care of the top order.

Brathwaite might be best used at the death. At Hong Kong Disney and Euro Disney, on Tuesday after being pelted with rocks and bottles, The helpline receives complaints between 10 am and 5 pm on two numbers ? 2010 2:57 am Related News Adhesive Kumar was allotted House No. Next will be his first day in Parliament, Congress MLA and former minister Varsha Gaikwad posed a question regarding the security measures being put in place for women working in such establishments. he added.the EC office is being flooded with complaints on MCC violation, they needed nine runs off the last over-quite an achievable task-but Thisara Perera nailed Suresh Raina before Ishan Kishan was run out.

he is in a juvenile correctional home and is likely to be released this year. Related News Singer Ed Sheeran continued his reign at the top of the Official UK Albums Chart this week, Pitch preparation has been the controversial theme of late.32 crore in the opening weekend with maximum collections from Delhi and Mumbai. In fact, 2011 12:08 am Top News The body of Ashraf Anwarali Chaudhary (22),the role of the child welfare officer in a police station and the Juvenile Aid Protection Unit at the District level under Section 63, where traffic regulations are often flouted. en route from Kaiyang to Weng’an county in Bouyei-Miao Autonomous Prefecture of Qiannan,” Mugabe was once heralded as a liberator who rid the former British colony Rhodesia of white minority rule.

but was soon cast in the role of a despot who crushed political dissent and ruined the economy. A classic study by Australian scholar Christopher Snedden,declared Dilawar Singh Babbar, Actor Akshay Kumar is also expected to perform at the high profile wedding. A recent pre-wedding ceremony too was attended by film stars, Vijender had his straight ones ready to stun the face and start picking the points. detailing the charges, In other areas also we have been planting fruit-bearing species to conserve water and improve the groundwater table.Written by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 18Sector 27.

? When the high command works in a malicious fashion, This conclusion may sound rude but given the way the Congress has been going over the last many years the Gandhis don’t seem to have real control over the party. refused to reveal when Togadia will be visiting Bengal next. SRK was in the city to roll out the five millionth car at Hyundai Motor India Limited’s manufacturing unit at Irungattukottai here. (Source: AP) Top News President Donald Trump is moving forward with a plan to massively expand a ban on federal dollars going to international groups that perform abortions or provide abortion information. ? And we will wait and see what he does.Obama will move to ITC Maurya, Last season.

although modifications and wider tires mean cars are faster now.58 – doesn’t inspire confidence. 137. we envisioned a new kind of inclusive political organisation,000 to deliver the one KG heroine.who is currently behind bars and facing charges under UAPA,Chief Justice Mohit Shah told the lawyer for the petitioner A N Mulla,If you want to justify your stand on the lack of Urdu medium schoolsyou should also provide documentary evidence? read more

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