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A FiveThirtyEight Debate Whos Going To Win The World Series

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Knicks Can Keep Jeremy Lin After Arbitrators Ruling

In a surprise ruling today, New York Knicks Jeremy Lin, who emerged as a valuable cog in their franchise last season, secured Bird and early Bird rights in a hearing between the NBA Players’ Association and the league.The decision was made by arbitrator Kenneth Dam, who affirmed that players claimed off waivers are able to retain their valuable Bird and early Bird rights when they become free agents. Other affected by the ruling are the Knicks’ Steve Novak, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Chauncy Bilups and the Portland Trail  Blazers’ J.J. Hickson.The NBA said it would appeal the ruling.All four players were waived this season and claimed by other teams. They will become free agents July 1.In addition, future players claimed off waivers will likewise benefit from Friday’s ruling.Lin and Novak wll enter the 2012-13 free agency period with early Bird rights, meaning that they can be re-signed for 175 percent of their salary the previous season or the NBA average salary, whichever is greater.Billups and Hickson will have Bird rights, meaning they can be re-signed up to the maximum salary.“Bird and early Bird rights are the lynchpin of our Soft Cap system, and we’re pleased that Professor Dam recognized that a player does not forfeit these important rights unless he makes an affirmative decision to sign with a new team as a free agent,” NBPA executive director Billy Hunter said in a statement released by the players’ union. “Players fought hard for a Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows maximum flexibility for free-agent players while also permitting teams to retain their core free agents, and today’s decision affirms both of these important principles.”The ruling is especially huge for the Knicks. They can now retain Lin, Novak and Landry Fields   at up to $5 million each and then sign an additional player at $3 million or less with their mid-level exception. The Knicks will likely be in the market for a seasoned veteran point guard. The ruling is one step toward creating enough space to go after a player such Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller or Raymond Felton.The Knicks could also retain J.R. Smith if he accepts his player option of $2.5 million. He has until June 26 to decide if he wants to opt in or out. Beyond that, the Knicks will only have veteran’s minimum contracts of $1.4 million to spend to fill out the rest of their roster. read more

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Most College Football Dreams Have Yet To Be Crushed

Today, we launched our college football predictions for the 2017 season, and there weren’t too many surprises at the top: Alabama and Clemson are the leading favorites to make the four-team College Football Playoff (so what else is new?), followed by Oklahoma and Washington, three Big Ten teams1Wisconsin, Penn State and, yes, one-loss Ohio State. and Georgia. What’s perhaps most notable at this stage of the season is that even the undefeated front-runners still have relatively low chances of being picked by the committee at season’s end. How the undefeateds stack upFiveThirtyEight college football forecast for undefeated teams, 2017 MiamiACC411 MichiganBig Ten26 Ohio StateBig Ten212486 GeorgiaSEC725 Penn StateBig Ten1122 WashingtonPac-122040 AuburnSEC5%11%97% TEAMCONFERENCECHANCE OF WINNING OUTCURRENTIF TEAM WINS OUT Among one-loss teams with the 10 best chances of making the playoff listed on the FiveThirtyEight college football predictions interactive graphic OklahomaBig 121945 CHANCE OF … TCUBig 12617 USCPac-1271189 UtahPac-12<1<1 Notre DameInd.9328 NC StateACC2386 Wash. St.Pac-1226 CHANCE OF MAKING PLAYOFF Includes undefeated teams in Power Five conferences AlabamaSEC38%66% FloridaSEC1292 OregonPac-123386 Kansas St.Big 12<1189 ClemsonACC2855 Winning fixes everything, unless you’re Notre DameChance that a given one-loss team will make the College Football Playoff if it wins all remaining games Alabama (5-0) has a 66 percent chance of making the playoff, and that’s easily the nation’s best; Clemson (5-0) is second, at 55 percent. That means there’s a 64 percent chance that at least one of the last two champs won’t be in the playoff (including a 15 percent neither will be present). And the odds quickly fall off even further from there — Washington (5-0) rounds out the top four with just a 40 percent shot at the playoff.In other words, there’s still so much we don’t know yet about how this season will play out.And in a way, that can work in the undefeated teams’ favor. Most of them have a much higher probability of making the CFP than of winning out, so there are plenty of plausible paths that involve them weathering a loss and still ending up playing for the championship.But it also means there’s plenty of hope to go around, whether a team is undefeated or not. A dozen teams currently have double-digit CFP probabilities, and 25 have at least a 1 percent chance of making the playoff. Furthermore, almost all of the top 20 teams in our projection are pretty likely to make the playoff if they win all of their remaining games. The only clear exception here is Notre Dame (4-1), which already needs some helpful losses from the teams above them. The problem for the Irish is that — unlike most of the one-loss contenders — winning out doesn’t disrupt too many other contending teams’ playoff trajectories. If Ohio State wins the rest of its games, it’ll be dealing losses to Penn State (No. 4 in the AP top 25 poll), Michigan (No. 7) and possibly Wisconsin (No. 9) in the Big Ten championship game, whereas Notre Dame’s best remaining opponents are outside the top 10. Plus, the Irish don’t have a conference championship to pad its résumé at season’s end. (Hey, maybe it’s time to join a conference, guys?)Mostly, the uncertainty in our probabilities is a function of how early we are in the college football calendar: Not even halfway into the season, there are still enough games left that most contenders control their own destinies. Most one-loss teams can probably play their way into serious CFP contention if they run the table: Okla. StateBig 126779 Virginia TechACC3371 WisconsinBig Ten1326 TEAMCONFWINNING OUTMAKING PLAYOFF And even some two-loss teams could get in by winning out. For example, Stanford (3-2) has a 62 percent chance of making the playoff if it goes without another loss. (These kinds of numbers are contingent on who a team would beat in those universes — in the Cardinal’s case, that’s most notably Washington.)So take heart, fans, even if your team isn’t at the top of our rankings right now. A lot of schools have a lot of ways to win the national championship. And each week in this space, we’ll pick out one of those teams and explore all the things that have to happen around the country for our model to think it has a shot to make the cut. read more

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RealTime Data Could Corrupt BigTime Sports

“After a goal is scored, the result is transmitted to a server in Malta and shows up on a screen, before people in the stadium even jump up and scream.” By Jody Avirgan Embed Code More: Apple Podcasts | ESPN App | RSS | Embed If you’re a fan of What’s The Point, subscribe on Apple Podcasts, and please leave a rating/review — that helps spread the word to other listeners. And be sure to check out our sports show Hot Takedown as well. Have something to say about this episode, or have an idea for a future show? Get in touch by email, on Twitter, or in the comments.What’s The Point’s music was composed by Hrishikesh Hirway, host of the “Song Exploder” podcast. Download our theme music. Read more: “Inside the Shadowy World of High-Speed Tennis Betting” As you’re watching the Super Bowl this weekend, keep in mind that behind the scenes, loads of data — and money — is shifting with each and every play. And as real-time data plays a bigger and bigger role in big-time sports, there are more opportunities for corruption.On this week’s episode of our podcast What’s The Point, James Glanz of The New York Times discusses his reporting on high-speed data in sports, as well as his investigations into daily fantasy sports. To listen, stream or download the full episode above, or subscribe using your favorite podcast app.Glanz also reveals that over the course of his reporting, he uncovered that the government routinely finds the names of active professional athletes when it takes down gambling rings. Video and a transcript of that part of the conversation are below.Are pro athletes gambling?Jody Avirgan: In the last couple years, you hear NFL players talk more explicitly about the fact that they know people have them in fantasy sports and their performance is linked to this proxy game or gambling that’s happening. Does it worry you that players are aware of all this other stuff that’s happening around them?James Glanz: Yeah. Yeah, it does. In reporting this story, integrity monitors are some of the people I spoke with — we didn’t do a lot about that — but what I hear from them is that unfortunately, even when [sports leagues] are working privately with integrity monitors, it’s not in any of the sports’ interest to really publicize the cases that they actually find. For example, here’s something I’ll give you that we didn’t put into the series.Avirgan: Are you about to out a player?Glanz: I’m not going to out a player, but in the United States betting organizations get taken down, prosecuted — sometimes severely if they’re convicted of money laundering and things like that, which is the usual charge — but prosecutors do not go after individual bettors, but they often know who they are. And in ring after ring, in this country, active players are constantly caught up in these dragnets that become criminal prosecutions, but because the players are generally just betting, they’re never named.What exactly is data?Avirgan: Over the course of all your reporting, did you land somewhere in terms of how our law should think of what the Internet is — or what data is?Glanz: I guess I’d turn it around. The Internet doesn’t rule the world. We’re in a nation of laws, and we have to actually change those laws if we want to operate under a different set of operating principles. The Internet calls some of that into question, but in some cases it just takes advantage of people’s ignorance about the way the whole system works — I’m talking about the digital system. So, if you’re running an illegal casino in Chelsea, you’re going to have to own up to it; that’s just the way it works.Avirgan: But you’re OK with the fact that it’s illegal in Chelsea, but it’s legal in Malta or some Caribbean island?Glanz: Well, I can’t really help what happens in Malta. I guess the way I’d put it is, that if you’re going to set up your casino in Chelsea, then put a sign out front. Because if what you’re doing is relying on law enforcement’s ignorance about the Internet, I can tell you, the house isn’t going to stand forever, because they’re going to figure that out — and they partly did from our series. That’s an inconvenient fact. Data is like all the rest of us, it exists in a physical place, and you have to take that into account. That’s just the way it is.Avirgan: What’s next in your reporting?Glanz: I’m not sure. I think that networking, and I’m talking about this in a very technical sense, is something that now weaves through all of our lives and affects almost every professional area in the United States as well as our personal lives and very few people understand. I’ve just started to get close to how complicated it is, but also how weirdly understandable it is. I’ll probably find another topic that kind of takes me through that world, and I’ll end up again in these places where you’re looking around and you think you’re in the belly of a submarine, but it’s really “the cloud.” I sort of like those places. read more

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Ohio State wrestling has no trouble with Michigan State

OSU redshirt sophomore Nathan Tomasello wrestles against University of Nebraska’s Tim Lambert during a match against University of Nebraska at St. John Arena on Jan. 17. OSU won 21-17. Credit: Muyao Shen | Asst. Photo EditorIt didn’t take long for redshirt sophomore Nathan Tomasello to set the tone for Ohio State in its dual-meet matchup against Michigan State.After scoring the first takedown of the night, the national champion in the 125-pound weight class last season never looked back, taking control of his match in every way imaginable.Tomasello would eventually win via technical fall over redshirt sophomore Mitch Rogaliner, 21-6.That win gave Tomasello 31 straight wins, dating back to last year.It was that kind of afternoon for the Scarlet and Gray.After beating Nebraska in a close dual-meet the week before, the Buckeyes were looking for a dominant performance against the Spartans.And a dominant performance was exactly what the team accomplished.The match took place at Walsh Jesuit High School, making it a homecoming for redshirt senior Johnni DiJulius.The team trip to the greater Cleveland area was something that OSU coach Tom Ryan had promised to DiJulius when he signed with the Buckeyes.Taking part in his first match at his former high school in nearly five years, DiJulius emerged victorious, winning 5-2.DiJulius is the active career wins leader at OSU, with Sunday giving him 109 total wins.The win by the Aurora, Ohio, native gave the Buckeyes an 8-0 advantage heading into the 141-pound weight class.The normal starter for OSU at this weight, redshirt freshman Micah Jordan, was scratched from the lineup and replaced by redshirt junior Stanley Hendrix.Hendrix lost via fall in the first period to redshirt sophomore Javier Gasca.The fall allowed Michigan State to inch closer, cutting the deficit to 8-6.It was the closest the Spartans would come to a lead.Redshirt senior Hunter Stieber returned after missing the previous match with the flu, and he looked like he hadn’t lost a step.The rejuvenated Stieber performed well, taking home a 14-5 victory at the 149-pound weight class.The win was the first on the season for Stieber, and it was a big step forward after offseason surgery.Coming off a thrilling overtime victory the previous week, Jake Ryan made sure there were no dramatics this week.The redshirt freshman took a 6-3 lead in the first on his way to a 10-6 win to extend the OSU team lead to 15-6.In the next weight class of 165, Buckeye fans were given a collective sigh of relief with the return of redshirt sophomore Bo Jordan.The All-American and runner-up from the Big Ten championships last year came back from a pulled muscle last week to score a fall with a minute left in the match and give OSU six more team points.Jordan is now 10-0 this season and maintains a firm hold on his No. 2 national rank.Up next for the Scarlet and Gray at 174 was freshman Myles Martin.Martin has earned an impressive record of for himself in his first year and picked up another win against redshirt freshman Shane Shadaia to bring his season tally to 21-3.With riding time, Martin won by a final tally of 19-4, giving the Buckeyes six individuals victories on the day at that point.With the team score in favor of OSU, 27-6, redshirt senior Kenny Courts took the mat against redshirt freshman Shwan Shadaia.Courts picked up an early lead with a takedown, and controlled throughout the match.After scoring a final takedown in the closing moments, Courts earned an impressive 10-3 victory.With the return of Kyle Snyder last week at heavyweight, Josh Fox got the start at 197.On Sunday, it was the same scenario for the redshirt junior.After being locked in a defensive battle throughout regulation, Fox ultimately dropped the bout in overtime to freshman Jacob Cooper of Michigan State.Cooper scored two points in overtime to put him over the top.With the dual-meet firmly in hand for the Buckeyes, the last match was an exclamation point on a statement victory for OSU.Redshirt junior Nick Tavanello got the start at heavyweight for the Scarlet and Gray against redshirt junior Dimitrus Renfroe of the Spartans.After a slow first period with limited scoring, Tavanello took over the match, earning a 13-1 major decision.The final major decision of the day by the Buckeyes gave the team a 33-9 win.Such a dominant outing should instill confidence back into the team, and could stand to propel it forward through the rest of Big Ten play.Big Ten conference meets are set to continue on Friday for the Scarlet and Gray, when the team travels to Bloomington, Indiana to face the Hoosiers.Indiana is currently 6-2 on the season, and 3-2 in the Big Ten. read more

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Buckeyes strike early and often to trample Thundering Herd

From the opening kickoff Thursday night, the Ohio State Buckeyes proved they weren’t looking ahead to Miami (Fla.), easily disposing of Marshall, 45-7. A year after narrowly escaping Navy in a season-opening victory one week before a clash with USC, No. 2 OSU made easy work of the Thundering Herd. The Buckeyes and Hurricanes play Sept. 11 at Ohio Stadium. The Hurricanes weren’t looking past their opponent, either. They pounded Florida A&M 45-0 Thursday. “We have a tremendous challenge next weekend,” OSU coach Jim Tressel said. “If we’re willing to learn from this weekend and get rested and get healthy, then it could be a lot of fun.” In their first weeknight game since an Aug. 28, 1997, win against Wyoming, the Buckeyes notched their 11th consecutive season-opening victory by way of an early offensive explosion. OSU made it look effortless against an overmatched Marshall team that is installing a new offensive system under first-year coach Doc Holliday. “Marshall’s doing a transition away from the style of football they used to play,” Tressel said. “I’m not sure they were ready for our defense.” The Buckeyes scored touchdowns on three first-quarter possessions, none of which lasted more than 1 minute, 9 seconds, and took a 35-7 lead into halftime. Safety Nate Oliver recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff and OSU marched down the field for a quick score. Junior quarterback and Heisman hopeful Terrelle Pryor connected with receiver DeVier Posey on a 6-yard touchdown just 1:18 into the contest. “We stress not to put the ball on the ground … it’s unacceptable,” Holliday said. “Any time you do that and you’re playing Ohio State, you don’t have a chance.” Pryor threw for 247 yards and three touchdowns – two to Posey – before sitting out most of the fourth quarter. “Terrelle Pryor is a handful,” Holliday said. “He does some things and you just can’t get him on the ground.” After forcing Marshall into a quick punt, the Buckeyes wasted little time scoring again. Running back Brandon Saine burst through a gaping hole for a gain of 40 yards, followed immediately by a 4-yard rush to the end zone to give OSU a 14-0 lead with 10:27 remaining in the first quarter. “When he hits that gear, he can go,” Tressel said. “He picked up a little crease and (Saine) was out of there.” The Buckeyes tacked on another touchdown with 3:49 left in the first half when Saine raced past the Marshall defense for a 45-yard score and a 28-7 lead. Saine finished with 103 yards on just nine carries. Linebacker Brian Rolle’s 30-yard interception return for a touchdown capped the first half scoring. “It was such an incredible feeling to be able to score,” Rolle said. “I just turned around and I was like, ‘wow, all I see is red.’” Not everything went smoothly for OSU, however. Special teams woes that plagued the Buckeyes in their Rose Bowl victory over Oregon popped up again in the first half. The Thundering Herd blocked a field goal attempt by freshman Drew Basil and returned it 61 yards for Marshall’s only score. “We just didn’t protect the gap on the field goal,” Tressel said. “We just flat out didn’t protect. That better get fixed in one week. As far as the kickoff coverage, we sure hope it does (improve).” Marshall’s Andre Booker also returned a kickoff 63 yards in the first quarter, but the Herd couldn’t take advantage of the field position. In last season’s opener, Navy nearly erased a 29-14 Buckeye lead in the fourth quarter. Rolle picked off a two-point conversion attempt that would have tied the game with two minutes left. In the fourth quarter Thursday, the game wasn’t in doubt. Second- and third-stringers saw time on the field, including backup quarterbacks Joe Bauserman and Kenny Guiton. “It was good that we got a number of guys in,” Tressel said. Marshall last defeated a ranked opponent on Sept. 20, 2003, when it knocked off No. 6 Kansas State 27-20. Its streak of eight consecutive losses against superior competition was never in jeopardy. “It’s going to be a more difficult world next week,” Tressel said. “We have a chance to evaluate ourselves and be ready for what we know is going to be a great challenge.” Next week’s meeting will be the first between the Buckeyes and Hurricanes since the national championship game on Jan. 3, 2003, that Ohio State won in double overtime, 31-24. “Now’s the time we have to get in that Miami mode,” Rolle said. “We know we’re going to play a fast, feisty, swagger team. You get the feeling like that team thinks they’re back on the map like they were in the early 2000s.” read more

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Blue Jackets drop home opener split weekend games

After splitting a pair of games in Sweden to open the season, the Columbus Blue Jackets returned to Nationwide Arena Friday night, dropping their home opener to the defending Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks, 5-2. The Jackets receiving overwhelming cheers from a sellout crowd of 18,305 as they stepped onto the ice during pre-game festivities, but those cheers soon turned to boos as Columbus was dominated in every facet of the game. “That was a big, fat egg laid by us tonight,” said first-year Jackets’ coach Scott Arniel. “All 20 players had a tough night tonight. Give Chicago credit, they jumped on top of every mistake we made.” Chicago winger Patrick Sharp made the most of the Jackets’ mistakes, leading his team with two goals and a franchise-record 13 shots on goal. Down two goals after one period of play because of a pair of Chicago goals just over a minute apart in the middle of the period, the Blue Jackets were out-shot 19-11 and generally outmanned in the first stanza. Looking to right the ship in the second, the Jackets came out quick, cutting the lead in half with an R.J. Umberger short-handed goal just 1:11 into the period. After garnering a power play just minutes later, momentum seemed to be shifting in Columbus’ favor. However, after a blind pass from center Antoine Vermette led to a Jackets’ turnover, Sharp netted a short-handed goal of his own to extend the Blackhawks’ lead to 3-1. “We were excited and fired up,” Umberger said. “They got a lead on us there and it looked like, at the start of the second period there, we were on the bench, we were hungry. When we got into it, it looked like we were going to make it a game and the short-handed goal was a little bit of a back breaker.” Two minutes later, Sharp was at it again. Following a Troy Brouwer shot being turned aside by Jackets’ goalie Steve Mason, Sharp put his rebound attempt into the back of the Columbus net to extend the Chicago lead to three. A chorus of boos filled the arena as the downtrodden Blue Jackets squad returned to the dressing room facing a large deficit. “I’ve been a fan before being in this position and I was watching the games before, so I know what the feeling is like,” Vermette said. “It’s a long season but the fact that it was tonight sucks.” Adding insult to injury, the Blackhawks pushed their lead to four with another goal just 15 seconds into the third period before the Jackets added a late Kristian Huselius goal to end the embarrassment at 5-2. “We should be a little bit embarrassed about the way things went here tonight,” said Blue Jackets’ defenseman Kris Russell. “We have a lot to prove as a team, especially the way we ended last year.” Looking to put their tough home opener behind them, Columbus headed to St. Paul, Minn. Saturday night for a Western Conference battle with the Minnesota Wild. Going behind early the previous night, the Jackets reversed the trend Saturday as they were able to draw first blood thanks to a Derek Dorsett rebound goal from the front of the crease. Led by solid play in net from Jackets’ goaltender Mathieu Garon, who stopped 21 of the 23 shots he faced, Columbus would not trail the rest of the night. Earning two goals to Columbus’ one in the second period, the Jackets and Wild emerged from their respective changing rooms for the third period knotted at 2-2. But after providing one of the few bright spots for the Jackets the previous night, forward R.J. Umberger mustered his second short-handed goal in as many games to regain the lead 3-2 halfway through the final period. Following a lengthy review, the play was ultimately confirmed a goal and eventually proved to be the game-winner. With the 3-2 victory, the Jackets pushed their record to 2-2 on the year. “It was more how we wanted to play,” Arniel said of Saturday night’s win. “Just our compete level, just how we do it as 20 guys. That’s what it takes, you learn from your mistakes. We put our nose to the grindstone.” The Jackets return home Wednesday night to take on the Anaheim Ducks at Nationwide Arena. read more

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Mirror images Wildcats Buckeyes have much in common

Both have talented freshmen competing in their first NCAA Tournament. Both have grizzled veterans with March Madness experience. Both have coaches who have coached for a national championship. Ohio State’s and Kentucky’s jersey colors might be one of the few differences between the two teams when they square off in the Sweet 16 on Friday. “They’ve got great pieces … especially how they are playing (with) their size, their length, their athleticism,” OSU coach Thad Matta said of the Wildcats. “They’re a little bit like us — they can move the pieces around and play, in essence, a point guard and three wings and a big guy.” Kentucky coach John Calipari had similar things to say about the Buckeyes. “I’ve watched a ton of Ohio State tape. There are times I watch the tape and I go, ‘Oh my goodness,’” he told reporters Thursday, after his team’s open practice. “And, they are really talented. They play to their strengths. … They have got great strength; they have got size.” Both teams start three guards and two forwards and have a sixth man who averages at or near starter’s minutes. OSU freshman point guard Aaron Craft averages 29.4 minutes per game off the bench, while Kentucky freshman guard Doron Lamb averages 28.4 minutes from his seat on the pine. The Buckeyes and Wildcats also find offense from a number of players. Three Kentucky players have led the team in scoring over its past five games, while four OSU players have done so over the same stretch. Three Wildcats — Lamb, freshman forward Terrence Jones and freshman point guard Brandon Knight — have scored 30 or more points in a game this season. Knight, who scored his career-high 30 points in Kentucky’s third-round matchup against West Virginia, might be the most dangerous. “I think obviously Brandon Knight is a tremendous talent,” Matta said. “It looks like he has really grown into a tremendous basketball player. He can do a lot of different things out there.” Knight leads the Wildcats in per-game points, assists and turnovers, with 17.4, 4.2 and 3.1, respectively. The freshman has been inconsistent so far in the tournament, scoring just two points in Kentucky’s first game, against Princeton. Besides Knight, the Wildcats have senior forward Josh Harrellson to contend with OSU forward Jared Sullinger, Big Ten Freshman of the Year winner and Naismith Award finalist. The 6-foot-10, 275-pound Harrellson has averaged 15 points and nine rebounds per game in the tournament so far, slightly above Sullinger’s respective 14.5 and 8.5 averages. “Obviously he is a huge body,” Matta said. “I know he led the SEC in rebounds.” Rebounding has been a determining factor for the Wildcats, as they have been outrebounded in five of their eight losses this season. Kentucky averages 38 rebounds a game, four more than the Buckeyes. Because of the Wildcats’ fast-break style — they average 76 points per game — they often use their rebounding edge to run the floor. Matta said he thinks Kentucky’s offensive prowess might overshadow its defensive abilities. “I think that when you’ve got a high-powered offensive team, your defense always gets overlooked,” he said. “I really like their defense — their numbers are great, and they are playing really, really hard.” OSU guard David Lighty said he realizes there is not just one particular area of the Wildcats’ game that the Buckeyes can focus on. “To stop them, we have to try to take them out of their rhythm,” he said. “They like to get up and down and fast-break, and they have got the players to do it. With that athleticism and size, they probably like to disrupt things in the passing lane, so (we need to be) smart on the offensive end executing our game plan and just doing what the coaches tell us to do.” Friday’s coaching matchup might be the most intriguing of all. Though Matta has never coached against Kentucky in his career, he has matched up against Calipari. Matta’s Buckeyes defeated Calipari’s Memphis squad, 92-76, in the regional finals of the 2007 NCAA Tournament. Having known Calipari for many years, Matta said he has great respect for his Kentucky counterpart. “I admire the job that he’s done,” Matta said. “X’s and O’s-wise, obviously, he is one of the best, in my mind.” Despite not having played Kentucky, the Buckeyes have played teams this season that resemble the Wildcats. “As I’ve looked at it, it’s a combination of teams,” Matta said. “I think Florida, with their size and athleticism, is one team; and Florida State, with their athleticism, I think would be another.” OSU beat Florida and Florida State by an average of 16 points during the regular season. Kentucky went 2-1 against the Gators this year and did not play the Seminoles. Despite his team’s success against teams that mirror the Wildcats, Sullinger said the Buckeyes are looking forward, not back. “Basically,” he said, “we’ve just got to play hard and play smart and let our veterans run the show on Friday.” The Buckeyes and Wildcats are scheduled to tip off at 9:45 p.m. Friday at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J. read more

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Ohio State football simulating preparing for crowd noise in first road trip

Ohio State football’s Wednesday practice consisted of noise – lots and lots of noise. After all, the Buckeyes hit the road this Saturday in their first Big Ten and away contest of the season against No. 20 Michigan State. In anticipation of what will likely be raucous Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Mich., OSU coaches flooded the indoor practice field of the Woody Hayes Athletic Center with simulated crowd noise. Sophomore quarterback Braxton Miller said it was so loud he had trouble hearing during practice. “They put a whole bunch of stadium music on so it was loud,” Miller said. Miller wasn’t the only Buckeye affected. Redshirt senior wide receiver Jake Stoneburner said music and crowd noise was blaring inside all practice long. His ears, he said, were still ringing from the noise afterwards. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard a stadium that loud,” Stoneburner said. But for many OSU players like Miller and Stoneburner, it will be their first trip to Spartan Stadium as the Buckeyes’ last venture there ended in 45-7 victory in 2008. Buckeyes’ Big Ten opener Stoneburner said first-year coach Urban Meyer showed the team a highlight reel of things they did well after their game against UAB. “It was just our four scoring drives, just wanted to show how good our offense can be when we’re rolling downhill and everything’s clicking and he just wanted to make sure we started the Big Ten week on a good note, you know, not watching all the negatives, but watching all the positives,” he said. “You saw what he was saying, when our offense was clicking, it was almost scary how quickly we were able to go down and score and it made good sense why he wanted to do that.” Injury Update Meyer said a number of previously banged-up players would be seeing action on Saturday against the Spartans. Meyer said junior running back Carlos Hyde, who sprained his MCL in a Sept. 9 game against Central Florida, will see the field for the Buckeyes against MSU. Similarly, redshirt sophomore cornerback Bradley Roby, who sat out during last Saturday’s contest against the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a sore shoulder, will be lined up in his usual spot for OSU. There are some players, Meyer said, that are still questionable for the game against the Spartans. While defensive lineman Michael Bennett has been medically cleared and will make the trip with the team up to East Lansing, Meyer said the sophomore isn’t “up to speed” yet and isn’t sure if he’ll be used on Saturday. An appearance from junior safety C.J. Barnett, who didn’t suit up against UAB with an ankle sprain, is probable, Meyer said. All Grown Up Miller said while looking at film from last year, he noticed a distinct difference between himself then and now. “I looked at like a few clips from last year and I just looked at my body and I was like, 190 (pounds), I was skinny,” he said. “I’m just more developed into a quarterback.” Through four games, Miller, who is now listed as 220 pounds, is 60-98 for 754 yards and seven touchdowns in addition to rushing for 510 yards on 67 totes. In last season’s 10-7 loss against the Spartans, Miller struggled and was just 5 of 10 for 56 yards. “We had a couple of struggles, it was bad,” he said. “We got it together this year.” read more

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Football Ohio State vs UNLV – By the Numbers

Ohio State redshirt junior wide receiver Johnnie Dixon (1) scores in the first half on a 16-yard touchdown pass from quarterback J.T. Barrett. Ohio State won 54-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorThe No. 10 Ohio State football team (3-1, 1-0 Big Ten) took care of business Saturday, putting away UNLV (1-2) 54-21 in blowout fashion. Almost everything seemed to click for the Buckeyes in their victory. Here are a couple stats in Ohio State’s win that warrant a deeper look.41.6 – percentage of Barrett completions that went for touchdowns. Ohio State made it clear early it was going to try to fix the passing game against the Rebels. On the Buckeyes’ second offensive play of the day, quarterback J.T. Barrett found wide receiver Parris Campbell behind a bubble screen, and Campbell raced 69 yards to the end zone for a touchdown. The next drive, Ohio State again quickly turned to the pass, airing it out four straight times until Barrett found wide receiver Johnnie Dixon in the end zone for a touchdown. By the time Barrett was pulled from the game, he had completed 12-of-17 total passes, five of which were for touchdowns. Whether it be the result of prime field position coming off a turnover or moving down the field in chunks on the ground, the Buckeyes began drives beyond their own 40-yard line three times before Barrett subbed out. Nearly every time Barrett marched his team down the field, he completed passes into the end zone. For the first time all season, the Buckeyes went away from its offensive backbone: running the football. Instead, it seemingly went out with something to prove and scored all its touchdowns through the air.Barrett is unlikely to be quite this efficient moving forward, but demonstrating the ability to find his target in the red zone for touchdowns will be important for the Ohio State offense if it is going to prove it can do more than just have success running it against opponents.4 – successful deep ball passes by Ohio State (20-plus yards through the air). The biggest question mark during the offseason was whether Ohio State would be able to channel the deep ball in its offense. After the first three games, the answer seemed to be a resounding ‘No’ as Barrett either missed his targets or saw one of his receivers drop the pass on a majority of deep ball attempts. Against UNLV, Ohio State tried to force the deep ball a little more into the offense and managed to complete four — one from Barrett and three from redshirt freshman Dwayne Haskins.That last stat should be telling as to the direction the Buckeye offense will be heading in. Barrett completed only one 20-yard pass through the air to K.J. Hill, and the other two passes of more than 20 yards came on short passes that just turned into yards after the catch — a 69-yard touchdown pass on a bubble screen to Campbell and a 22-yard pass to Hill. Haskins was able to find his targets down field on a more consistent basis and proved that he has it in him to be a deep-passing quarterback. But as long as Barrett is the starter, the majority of plays that gain yards in bulk on passes will likely be ones that come from a run-pass option or on short passes to receivers that turn into yards after the catch.6 – wide receivers who caught a touchdown. Entering this game, Ohio State wide receivers had hauled in a total of five touchdowns over the team’s first three games. Before the UNLV game, H-back Campbell and wideouts Dixon, Binjimen Victor, Terry McLaurin and Austin Mack each had one touchdown reception apiece. Against the Rebels, each of those receivers — except Mack — brought down a touchdown, as did Hill and walk-on C.J. Saunders. This set an Ohio State record for most receivers with touchdowns in a single game at seven after tight end Rashod Berry caught a touchdown later in the game.With the game seemingly evolving into a blowout out of the gate and Ohio State beginning to turn to its second- and third-string players, a multitude of wideouts were sure to be involved in the passing game. Ohio State, which has listed six starting wide receivers each week, was able to spread the ball out between just about everyone on the roster, giving each player a chance to get in on the action. By the end of the game, not only did six wideouts record touchdowns, but 13 different receivers had caught passes. Giving all those players experience and having the chance to boost their confidence by getting them involved in the plays could be vital in providing depth to the team the rest of the season.“Let’s go do it against a team that’s equally matched,” Meyer said. “So that’s our challenge is Big Ten Conference officially starts and — but we also understand you’re seeing a bunch of receivers, six of them — seven different people caught touchdown passes and that’s pretty neat to see that happen.”27.2 – percent of the time OSU converted on third down. For all the success Ohio State had Saturday, it struggled to convert on third-down attempts. It wasn’t until the last drive of the second quarter that the Buckeyes managed to convert on a third-down play, and overall they were successful in only 3-of-11 tries. Ohio State managed to balance out its inefficiency on third down by converting on 3-of-4 fourth-down attempts, two of which were for touchdowns. Against a better team, Ohio State’s lackluster play on third downs could have stifled the overall offensive production and dimmed its chances of winning. 13 – tackles for loss by Ohio State. It’s not exactly breaking news to say Ohio State’s defensive line is potent. But against UNLV, the Buckeyes tore through the opposition’s offensive line with ease, sacking the quarterback four times, hitting him twice, tipping a pass for an interception and tackling opposing players 13 times for losses. Throughout the game, UNLV quarterback Armani Rogers felt pressure, and though he occasionally managed to escape and take off down the field, more often than not it seemed he had nowhere to go and simply took the lost yardage. The starters on the defensive line stifled both Rogers and the running game as long as they were out there, holding the opposition to just 54 rushing yards on 13 carries during the first half. The secondary still looked questionable at times because even though it allowed only 88 total passing yards, it gave up 55 penalty yards on three pass interference calls and a holding penalty. Coach Urban Meyer said he was displeased with the performance of the secondary again, particularly as it pertained to the penalties.“Very concerned, terrible. It’s awful,” Meyer said.Until the secondary begins to pick up its play against higher quality opponents, the line will be counted on to apply ample pressure on the offense to prevent opponents from settling in and having time to make big plays. read more

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Madeleine McCanns former nanny breaks silence to describe night threeyearold went missing

first_imgThe nanny also claimed it took local police 90 minutes to arrive – by which time the crime scene, the apartment from which Madeleine had vanished, had been contaminated and potentially vital evidence lost.She added she was astonished that Madeleine’s parents were ever considered suspects.“I know I didn’t step into that apartment but pretty much everybody else did. So, evidence gone, nothing. There was nobody there to say, ‘We need to lock this off now’,” she added.The former nanny said that when she was questioned by Metropolitan Police investigating the case, she discovered her five-page statement to Portuguese police had not been passed on to them in full, with key information missed out.  Madeleine McCann A child minder who had looked after Madeleine McCann has broken her silence about the night the three-year-old went missing 10 years ago.The former nanny said the image of Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, desperately trying to find their missing daughter still haunts her.Speaking for the first time about the child’s abduction, she recalled Mrs McCann crying and saying “they’ve taken her”.The witness also claimed the Praia da Luz resort in which the McCanns were staying was considered so unsafe for nannies at the time that staff were handed rape alarms and warned against going out alone.Describing the resort as radically different to other resorts owned by the Mark Warner travel firm, she added that a girl had been attacked in the area a year before Madeleine’s disappearance. Mark Warner, a global travel firm, quit Praia da Luz in 2015. Madeleine McCannCredit:PA “That’s the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can’t forget that,” she told the Daily Mirror.“We were told to start looking in bins in case her body was in there. It was at that point we realised this was serious.”The child minder said she and other staff at the Ocean Club resorted to searching through bins into the early hours of the morning in the hope of finding Madeleine.She said: “It’s probably very naive, but the best case scenario of a very horrible situation, is that she was procured and taken for a rich person who didn’t have children.“I can’t go anywhere else in my head.” Madeleine McCannCredit:EPA The nanny, who did not wish to be named but looked after Madeleine on a number of occasions, also criticised Portuguese police for their handling of the case, suggesting crucial opportunities to collect evidence were missed.Describing the night the three-year-old was snatched, she told of how she attempted to comfort Mrs McCann, who was in a “catatonic state”, while Mr McCann searched under cars in the area.  Show more Madeleine was mostly cared for by Catriona Baker, the nanny allocated to her, but other childminders would occasionally watch the toddler. The woman said she was a favourite among the carers, and remembered her “shy, very sweet” temperament.The abduction occurred in May 2007 when the three-year-old was sleeping in the family’s apartment with her siblings, twins Amelie and Sean.At the time, her parents were eating dinner with friends at a restaurant around 40 yards away, something the former nanny described as completely normal in the resort.   Madeleine McCann Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Singing teacher at Catholic boarding school had sex with student and encouraged

first_imgThe texts were extremely explicit and quite often [Mr Brown] would text her to switch to WhatsApp as it was saferPupil’s parent “Mr Brown referenced the ‘come down’ and also the great effect drugs could have during sex.”The panel also considered the contemporaneous text message Parent Z sent to Brown that December where she referred to his ‘coke’ use. Pupil A told the school: “Mr Brown emphasised the good aspects of drugs if taken in a controlled environment.”​ ​The girl has since left school.Parent Z said she looked through Pupil A’s laptop which contained a large volume of messages exchanged between Brown and her daughter​ dating back to February 2015.​She said: “Pupil A’s tone was one of trust … it seemed Mr Brown was praying on her vulnerabilities.”She explained: “The text messages quite quickly escalated into flirtatious chat and by the summer​ ​of 2015​ Mr Brown had sent naked images of himself in his bath to Pupil A.”Parent Z said “the texts were extremely explicit and quite often [Mr Brown] would text her to switch to WhatsApp as it was safer”.The panel considered the relationship between Brown and Pupil A arose as a result of their contact at the school and therefore could be categorised as a pupil/teacher relationship.Parent Z said “it was clear a physical relationship had begun as there were explicit references to Pupil A and Mr Brown having had sex within the text messages”.Pupil A said she started having sex with Brown at the start of July that year. Brown said it was not whilst she was a pupil at the school.Panel chair Mr Michael Lewis said: “The panel also noted prior to the sexual encounter, Mr Brown provided Pupil A with free singing lessons, a part-time job and then later, bought her an iPhone on which they could communicate. The school, where fees for boarders reach £32,000 a year, is renowned for its music department.A professional conduct panel of the National College for Teaching and Leadership in Coventry heard between June and December 2015 he sent the girl,  identified as Pupil A, messages encouraging her to take drugs, indicating he had taken them.He also sent her a picture message of himself in the bath, messages which were of a sexual nature, and had sex with her on one or more occasions.Self-employed Brown had been contracted to work at the school as a teacher from September 2012.The pupil’s mother, named at the hearing only as Parent Z, was shocked when she looked through Pupil A’s iPhone which contained messages exchanged with Brown. A singing teacher at a prestigious Roman Catholic boarding school had sex with a sixth former after giving her free lessons​ and sending her a picture of him in the bath.David Brown, 46, also encouraged the 18 year-old to take drugs after telling her how much they would boost their sexual relationship.The relationship was only discovered after the schoolgirl’s mother found messages on her iPhone – which Brown had given her – and on a laptop which discussed their sex sessions.Brown, who worked at Worth School in West Sussex, was banned from the classroom for life after admitting unacceptable professional conduct and conduct which may bring the profession into disrepute. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Parent Z said in a statement: “The messages again included open references to drug use and even offering to share them with Pupil A. “The panel considered the school’s note of their meeting with Pupil A, where she discussed the sexual encounter noting she was ‘very conscious of the end of term’.”They decided it was more probable it happened when she was still at school but in any event it arose from the relationship that developed whilst she was a pupil.Mr Lewis said: “The panel also considered that the provision of the free singing lessons and the paid part-time job, could be seen as an attempt to foster a relationship, which the panel regard as inappropriate.”He added: “The panel is satisfied that the conduct of Mr Brown, which involved sending inappropriate messages to a pupil which included encouraging her to take drugs and messages of a sexual nature, and engaging in sexual activity with the pupil, fell significantly short of the standards expected of the profession.”Brown was prohibited from teaching indefinitely which means he cannot teach in any school, sixth form college, relevant youth accommodation or children’s home in England.Decision maker Ms Jayne Millions, on behalf of education secretary Justine Greening, said the case was so serious Brown shall not be entitled to apply for restoration of his eligibility to teach.last_img read more

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Trees trap pollution in congested city streets plant hedges instead study finds

first_imgDoing their bit: the greater the surface are of foliage the betterCredit:SWNS Hedges, rather than trees, should be planted alongside many of the most congested city centre roads in order to soak up pollution, a new study concludes.An investigation by an international team of scientists found that in narrow streets with high buildings, an abundance of trees traps toxic fumes at road level.The new data turns on its head decades of received wisdom that trees necessarily improve the air quality of polluted roads. Instead, the research team say hedges should be installed on the edge of pavements,  as they are closer to the level of most exhaust pipes and can absorb damaging particles before they disperse into the air.Published in the journal Atmospheric Environment, the study found that, overall, trees play a vital role in battling pollution in towns, but that they can make the problem worse in so-called “street canyons” such as London’s Northumberland Avenue or Euston Road.Professor Prashant Kumar, who led the research at Surrey University, said: “The emissions from vehicles start to dilute very quickly as you move away from the road, so any hedge that acts as a barrier slowing down the airflow and catching pollutants on the leaves is going to offer people in homes better protection.”The research was published on the same day as a report from the World Health Organization which found that deaths in the UK attributable to air pollution are worse than comparable European countries such as France and Spain. Any hedge that acts as a barrier slowing down the airflow and catching pollutants on the leaves is going to offer people better protectionProfessor Prashant Kumar, Surrey University A previous study in Guildford found that planting hedges along a busy main road cut toxic fumes by around a third.center_img Doing their bit: the greater the surface are of foliage the better Professor Kumar said scientists were currently investigating which species of hedge plant made the best pollution absorbent, but that in principal authorities should plant hedges with the greatest leaf surface area.Despite their potential to improve air quality in the most polluted parts of towns, hedges are more commonly found in the suburbs, rather than city centres,” he said.The study showed that the higher foliage provided by trees is often the most efficient way of reducing fumes in broad streets which provide room for clean air to sink to street level.“In US cities, despite the tall buildings, the trees to a really good job because the roads are wide enough,” said Professor Kumar.“But in Britain we need to start thinking about planning for hedges to harness their full potential in cities like London.”Financially straightened councils around the UK are beginning to charge households for collecting green waste, raising fears that people will increasingly remove their hedges to avoid the fee Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Off duty doctors are staying sober on Saturday nights to be ready

first_imgA top consultant has told of how off-duty doctors are not going out drinking and having fun on Saturday nights as they are primed to act in the event of a major terrorist attack.The consultant who was in charge of A&E at the Royal London hospital when victims were brought in on Saturday, Malik Ramadan, has spoken about how doctors in London are on high alert, expecting a terrorist attack at any time.He told BBC Radio 4 Today: “People at the moment are ready, the major trauma system in London has been preparing itself for some time yes, so doctors like myself who might have been going to Borough after a night in work [are not]”.Dr Ramadan spoke of how volunteers as well as on-call doctors came in, and they were fully staffed by the time patients arrived at the hospital . Despite this, the medical teams were fully-staffed by on-call and off-duty doctors supplementing the doctors who were already at work. He said: “We had a lot of people who were completely sober and ready to help. There is a high risk and they need to keep themselves ready.”We have a major incident plan that involves people who are volunteers coming in”.In the revealing interview, he spoke of how doctors are primed for a terror attack. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. “Part of the way we plan for these events is we dont get told specifics, we get told something really bad has happened and we plan for something really bad.”We clear beds and stock up on supplies. We call in on-call consultants and on-call teams and message people to see who can come in and help.The response time for doctors coming in to help was swift. He said: “By the time patients arrived we had fully-staffed resucitation areas and that was within 20-30 minutes.” However, what the doctors had to deal with was shocking. The consultant elaborated: “The people who had been stabbed were stabbed with a clear intent to kill and peoplw who were hit with a van were badly injured”.Even though doctors in London are used to seeing severe and crime related injuries, what they saw on Saturday night was shocking.He said: “London has a trauma system, we are used to receiving people who are badly injured but to receive 12 people who were shocked and startled to the point they couldn’t speak…they were patient with us as we did things to them that were probably clearly painful, but there were people who were just sitting on trollies not speaking.” He said: “The first responders who took patients to speakers were people on call expecting to operate that evening.”By the time the 4th person goes to theatre it’s people who have come in on an entirely voluntary basis”.last_img read more

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Speculation grows Meghan Markles wedding dress could be a racy Israelidesigned outfit

first_imgModel showing off Inbal Dror's Fall 2017 collection, New York Bridal Week Commentators described her as a “left field choice” for Miss Markel. As a review of her Fall 2017 collection in Vogue put it: “Dror is not known for dressing blushingly demure brides.”Miss Dror, a graduate of the Shenkar Fashion Art Academy in Tel Aviv, has previously designed outfits for international superstar Beyoncé – who wore a bridal gown from the designer’s Fall 2016 collection to present an award at the Grammys in 2016, and a bodysuit on stage during the Formation World Tour – and Naomi Watts.After college she worked in Milan for four years with Italian designer Roberto Cavalli before opening own bridal label back home in Israel in 2010. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. There has already been speculation that Miss Markel will incorporate the Lily of the Valley into her outfit, a flower which featured in Diana’s own wedding bouquet.But Miss Dror is also famed for her risque creations, with plunging necklines, figure-hugging mermaid hems and sleeveless bodices a trademark feature. A spokeswoman for Dror told The Telegraph she was asked last week by a representative of the royal family to submit a sketch for a wedding dress for Miss Markel. Diana, Princess of Wales and her husband, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales pictured by Patrick Lichfield at Buckingham Palace on the day of their wedding in July 1981. Credit:Lord Lichfield/Getty Creative Model showing off Inbal Dror’s Fall 2017 collection, New York Bridal WeekCredit:H. Walker/WWD/REX/Shutterstockcenter_img “She was asked to do a sketch last week by the royal family. Unfortunately it’s a secret and I can’t give more details about it,” she said, adding that the sketches seen so far may not be the final drafts that Miss Dror actually submitted to the palace.”It is important to say that these are just preliminary sketches and weren’t distributed by her. She has no idea how they made it to the world media.” From Queen Victoria to Catherine Middleton royal brides have made a point of wearing wedding dresses designed by the best British designers of the day.But it looks as if Meghan Markle may be about to break with tradition, this time by selecting an outfit crafted by a foreign designer.The Israeli designer Inbal Dror has been asked to submit designs for the dress to be worn by the American actress when she marries Prince Harry on May 19 next year.Preliminary sketches submitted by Miss Dror have already emerged, and if they are anything to go by, Miss Markel’s bridal gown is likely to be a marriage of tradition and modernity.The 41 year-old is known for the long trains on her dresses – and if she incorporates one into the actresses’ outfit it will no doubt be interpreted as recalling the long train worn by Harry’s mother Diana, when she married Prince Charles at St Paul’s Cathedral in July 1981. Diana, Princess of Wales and her husband, Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales pictured by Patrick Lichfield at Buckingham Palace on the day of their wedding in July 1981.  Victoria asked that the plain, cream-coloured satin gown be made from fabric woven in Spitalfields, east London – where the area’s weavers were suffering in the face of cheap foreign imports – and trimmed with a deep flounce and trimmings of lace hand-made in Honiton and Beer, in Devon, to demonstrate her support for British industry.Queen Elizabeth chose a design by Norman Hartnell and Diana’s dress was made with ivory silk taffeta and lace by Elizabeth Emanuel and was valued at the time at £9,000.A spokesman for Kensington Palace said: “We appreciate there’s a lot of interest in this but we’re not saying anything on this subject at the moment.“There will be plenty of detail to come over the coming weeks which we will release in good time. Until then people will have to be patient.” The tradition of picking a named designer for a royal wedding dress was established by Queen Victoria in 1840, when she chose a lace was designed by William Dyce, head of the then Government School of Design, later known as the Royal College of Art, and mounted on a white satin dress made by Mary Bettans.last_img read more

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Man who downloaded child porn pleads for leniency because he was stabbed

first_img“He was stabbed during the attack and has undergone surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital.”Adam showed tremendous bravery to protect friends during the attack.”This fund is a small gesture of support to help Adam and his family at this difficult time.”Thank you in advance for your generous contribution. It is greatly appreciated.”Along with the many donations to Harris are comments which call him a ‘legend’ and a ‘hero’ – and an anonymous donation to Harris of £1,175.The court heard that Harris moved back to Northumberland to live with his mother after the attack, the attack affected his ability to work and he is prescribed anti-depressants. “You’re dealing with a defendant who has been through the most traumatic experience and I think one would have to step back and say this is someone, having gone through what he’s been through – irrespective of the crime – who requires a pre-sentence report.” A man being taken to hospital following the Westminster terror attack Harris was charged by police some five months before the London Bridge attack on June 3, in which eight people were killed and 48 injured.Killers Khuram Shazad Butt, Rachid Redouane and Youssef Zaghba were all shot dead by police.Harris features on a JustGiving page on July 6, which has raised over £7,000, it reads: “Adam Harris was severely injured in the London terrorist attacks on June 3. “They are plainly offences – even though you have got no previous sexual offences on your record – which could nonetheless lead to a sentence of imprisonment and it may very well be that the sentencing judge will send you to prison.”You must not think that because I have adjourned this case for the production of a pre-sentence report, that because I am doing that whoever comes to sentence your case is inhibited from sending you into immediate custody.”I bear in mind how you were yourself the victim of serious assault and are undergoing treatment for that and I bear in mind that you’re 38 – I am going to adjourn.”Harris, of Ashington, Northumberland, admitted three counts of making indecent images of children.He will return for sentence at Blackfriars Crown Court on February 2. You’re dealing with a defendant who has been through the most traumatic experienceNeil Fitzgibbon, defendants lawyercenter_img A prolific child porn viewer who downloaded more than 1,000 images has pleaded for leniency because he was stabbed in the London Bridge terror attack. Adam Harris, 38, was caught with the images along with more than 100 videos of children on his phone and computer.Prosecutor Patricia Deighan, told Blackfriars Crown Court that the images “include moving images and they include very young children – a boy of eleven or twelve, a girl nine or ten and an indecent image of an infant.”In total the police recovered 225 category ‘A’ images, 345 category ‘B’ images and 719 of category C images which were downloaded sometime before 24 January.Neil Fitzgibbon, defending, said: “This gentleman, born in 1979, has limited convictions but he was involved in the London Bridge terrorist attack and was stabbed twice in one of the bars where the waitress was stabbed in the back and he is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. The judge, Mr Recorder Julian Malins told him: “You have been sent here for sentence by Highbury Magistrates’ on three very serious offences and, particularly the category A and category B type images. Adam Harris was stabbed during the Westminster terror attackCredit:AP Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Mylee Billingham murder Father posted Facebook photo of girl 8 eating pizza

first_imgA 54-year-old man was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition. Police said he would be questioned “in due course” over the incident in Valley View, a residential street on the edge of the town.A post-mortem examination is set to take place on Monday to determine the cause of death.On Sunday, the home was being searched by forensics experts in the cordoned off, one-storey home, which is believed to belong to the local authority. Mylee Billingham eating pizza in bed in a picture believed to have been taken just hours before her deathCredit:Facebook A police forensics officer outside the property in Brownhills, near WalsallCredit:Matthew Cooper /PA Mylee Billingham Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Police were called to a the address at 9.15 pm on SaturdayCredit:Laura Dale/Caters News A father arrested for the murder of his eight-year-old daughter posted a photo of her eating pizza on Facebook just minutes before she was allegedly stabbed to death.Bill Billingham, 54, was arrested over the death of his daughter Mylee Billingham after being found at the property with a stab wound to his stomach.Police were called just 15 minutes after the photo of her was uploaded online, with the caption: “Pitza on bed lv moo x.” The girl’s mother is said to have told a neighbour in the aftermath: “He stabbed my little girl”.Mylee died in hospital after she was discovered badly wounded at an address in Brownhills, near Walsall, on Saturday night.Neighbour Graham Greatrex, 74, told how he helped comfort the woman after Mylee was discovered badly injured on Saturday night.The schoolgirl later died in hospital. The girl’s father, Bill Billingham, has been arrested after being found at the property with a stab wound to his stomach. Mylee Billingham Mylee BillinghamCredit:Facebook Police tape in front of house A police forensics officer outside the property in Brownhills, near Walsallcenter_img Mylee Billingham has died after she was found stabbed at the address in WalsallCredit:Facebook Other neighbours said they were also stunned at news that a child had died. Detective Inspector Jim Colclough, from WMP’s homicide unit, said: “We are treating this as a domestic incident and are not looking for anyone else in connection with the child’s death.”Our family liaison team are supporting the family of the little girl, who are naturally devastated by her death. Our thoughts remain with them.” It was one of a row of terraced bungalows in the street.Mr Greatrex said that a man had lived there for the past six months after the previous occupier, a woman, had died.But he said he did not know the current occupant.He added: “It was a bit of a shock. You can’t imagine it happening on our doorstep, especially when it’s a little girl.”Video: Neighbours speak of shock at girl’s death Bob Weir, who lives two doors away from the bungalow where the stabbing happened, said he had initially thought the incident was drug-related.Mr Weir, 72, added that a middle-aged man lived at the now sealed-off property, apparently on his own.The pensioner told reporters: “I didn’t hear until this morning what it was and I was absolutely shocked – I didn’t know the bloke who lived there and he hadn’t lived there long, maybe six months, if that.”There were police cars both sides of the road, ambulances … all sorts. I thought it was something to do with drugs.”I didn’t know there were any kids in there. I thought he just lived on his own. I never saw a girl or a woman there.” Mr Greatrex, who lives a few doors from the crime scene, said he went to help the mother.He said: “I just offered her a warm drink because it was a bitterly cold night.”She just said, ‘He’s stabbed my little girl’. She was in shock and she couldn’t say anything else.” Another neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “I only knew the guy to say hello to and I think he was married and was living there on his own.”I didn’t hear anything before the police got here. It’s really sad. This is not the sort of area where you hear of anybody being stabbed.” Mylee Billingham West Midlands Police (WMP) said they were called to a “domestic incident” shortly after 9.15pm.last_img read more

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Schools dominated by single race or religion must teach British values under

first_img Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid  She told ministers to ensure their departments work together to ensure an “ambitious” strategy which would deliver “the step change that is needed”, said her spokesman.Last year, a Bradford superhead said that legislation is needed to stop one ethnicity taking over schools. Sir Nick Weller, the executive principal at Dixons Academies which runs a chain of schools in the west Yorkshire city, said that introducing a new law is the “only answer” to prevent children being segregated along ethnic lines. He said that it is “unhealthy” for a city like Bradford to have two communities living “separate lives” and for the children to be educated at different schools.The Conservative manifesto in last year’s general election promised a strategy to tackle racial and religious divisions within the UK’s communities. The manifesto described Britain as “one of the world’s most successful multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious societies” which had benefited from “cultural and economic enrichment” as a result.But it added: “The enjoyment and pride we take in our diversity should not cause us to ignore the fact that in too many parts of our country, we have communities that are divided, often along racial or religious lines.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.  Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Sajid Javid Credit: REUTERScenter_img Mrs May told Cabinet that Mr Javid had led work across Government to produce a strategy which cuts across departments from the economy to education and housing. Schools that are dominated by pupils from a single cultural, racial or religious background must teach “pluralistic” British values, under a new Government strategy.  Prime Minister Theresa May told ministers at the weekly Cabinet meeting that the Integrated Communities Strategy would deliver a “step change” in the effort to ensure that all communities engage in British society.It comes after the Government promised to come up with a plan to tackle “racially divided” communities, as one of their manifesto pledges. The strategy, drawn up by Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, also includes measures to improve opportunities for people from immigrant communities to learn English and to encourage women to enter the workplace.Under the plans, which will be unveiled later this month, schools with pupils from a single cultural, racial or religious background will be required to ensure they are taught “pluralistic” British values. Mrs May’s official spokesman said that the strategy was designed to “help people in more isolated communities to engage with the wider world”.”It will help women in particular into the workplace, teach more people to speak English and work with schools to make sure that those with intakes from one predominant racial, cultural or religious background teach their students about pluralistic British values and help them to get to know people with different ways of life,” said the PM’s spokesman.last_img read more

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Footballers playacting hampered official FIFA study into concussion during World Cup report

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Footballers’ feigning injury hampered an official FIFA study into concussion during last summer’s World Cup, a new report has found.Researchers who reviewed every head injury incident during games in Russia found new concussion protocols were “ineffective” in almost two thirds of matches at the tournament.New rules allowed referees to stop a game for three minutes while players with signs of concussion received treatment from a physiotherapist. They also allowed a second medic to view replays and assist with decision making.But the study pointed out that “gamesmanship” was a limitation to the work. The study, published in the journal Jama Neurology, said video observation was “insufficient” to diagnose a concussion as “some players may have been feigning injury”.Overall, the rate of teams failing to follow guidelines after head clashes was marginally higher than the previous World Cup in 2014, when concussion was a major controversy.In the 2014 final, Germany midfielder Christoph Kramer collapsed 14 minutes after being involved in a collision, saying afterwards: “I don’t know anything from the first half.”The furore prompted Fifa to change its head-injury protocols in time for this summer’s tournament, but ignored calls for rugby-style concussion time-outs. Germany's Christoph Kramer leaves the pitch after being injured during their 2014 World Cup final against Argentina  The report, by the New York Hospital for Special Surgery, found that in 20 per cent of potential concussion incidents in Russia, players were only assessed by a teammate or not looked at at all. Co-author Dr Ajay Premkumar, from the New York Hospital for Special Surgery, said: “During the 2018 World Cup, Fifa’s own concussion protocol was not followed in at least 63.3% of head collision events that resulted in two or more signs of concussion, a rate slightly higher than but similar to that of the 2014 World Cup. “When evaluation did occur, the average length of on-field assessment was less than one minute and not standardised. It appears that Fifa’s concussion policy changes did not lead to enhanced concussion management on the field, and its absence has thus rendered these policy changes ineffective.”He added: “Furthermore, health care personnel cannot reliably distinguish a concussion from gamesmanship without evaluating the player. Thus, all players should be evaluated when exhibiting signs of concussion.”One a player has been looked at by physios, they can only continue with their permission.Four trained reviewers identified head collisions through review of video footage of all 64 games of the tournament for the study.A total of 95 players suffered 115 head clashes across 111 incidents during the tournament. Some 90 players showed two or more signs of concussion, but only 33 of those were evaluated by a physiotherapist, the research found. Germany’s Christoph Kramer leaves the pitch after being injured during their 2014 World Cup final against Argentina Credit:David Gray/Reuters Of the rest, 39 were evaluated by the referee and 18 were checked over by another player or not at all.Symptoms outlined by Fifa included disorientation, clutching of the head, a loss of balance and more than five seconds on the ground after contact.Others include a blank or vacant look, visible facial injury, loss of consciousness or unresponsiveness, motor incoordination and impact seizure.Dr Premkumar said: “Concussion assessment and management in international football continues to have significant room for improvement.” read more

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Cervical cancer screening letter blunder saw nearly 50000 women miss results and

Dr Richard Vautrey, BMA GP committee chairman said: “This is an incredibly serious situation, and it is frankly appalling that patients may now be at risk because of this gross error on the part of Capita.”Some women will now be left extremely anxious because they have not received important correspondence, particularly letters about abnormal smear test results that need urgent follow up. This has been caused solely by Capita’s incompetence.”We know that, because of the nature of this procedure, many patients are already reluctant to attend these appointments, and therefore reminder letters are crucial to provide encouragement and reinforce the importance of having a cervical smear test done.”Incidents like this, therefore, will hardly inspire confidence in the system and risk even fewer women getting checked.”He said the outsourcing of the responsibilities had risked lives.  “Since it took responsibility for GP back room functions three years ago, Capita‘s running of these services has been nothing short of shambolic and after repeated warnings from the BMA and government, this is now clear evidence that its failings have put patient safety – and possibly lives – at risk. “It is ultimately NHS England that bears overall responsibility and it must now take this service back in-house.  In a statement, the company said: “We have investigated the precise circumstances around this incident, and it is clear that the correct process for uploading, organising and checking datafiles was not properly followed. When the problem was discovered, it was not immediately escalated to senior leadership, or NHS England, by the individuals responsible. Capita is investigating the managerial handling of the matter and taking appropriate disciplinary action. Additionally, a senior executive responsible for this contract has already left Capita.”An independent audit of the operational systems and processes has now been ordered.  Almost 50,000 women have not been sent NHS letters about cervical cancer screening – including those containing their results, an investigation has found. The British Medical Association (BMA) said “appalling” failures by the company to which the task was outsourced have risked lives. The BMA has written to the chief executive of NHS England expressing “extreme concern”after being made aware that more than 47,000 women were not sent information regarding cervical cancer screening after a system error. The majority of the correspondence is understood to relate to appointment invitations or reminder letters, but they included more than 4,500 test results. These included around 180 letters warning women that their results were abnormal.Health officials said around half of these patients have so far been contacted, and found not to have come to harm. The errors were made between January and June of this year. This incident is the latest in a series of failings by Capita, the organisation contracted to provide GP back office services.In a letter to Simon Stevens, the BMA has urged NHS England to strip Capita of the contract and take support services for GPs back in-house. Health officials have now written to all women affected and informed their GP practices.  “As the body which commissioned Capita to take on this work, despite clear warning signs that it was not up to the job, NHS England must shoulder the blame for this dreadful situation; you cannot outsource responsibility,” he said.   Around 4.5 million invitations for breast screening are sent out every year to women aged 25 to 64.Those aged 25 to 49 are offered screening every three years, with the older age groups invited every five years.The news comes just months after it emerged 450,000 women had not been invited for breast cancer screening after mistakes went undetected for years. It is thought up to 75 women may have died as a result.An NHS England spokesman said: “Capita has alerted NHS England to an administrative failure in its processing of cervical screening, which means some women have not received invitation, reminder and result letters when they should have.“Every woman’s case is being reviewed, but there is no current evidence that this incident has led to harm to the women involved, and our priority now is to ensure that anyone affected by this incident is contacted, and knows how to get checked if they are due a cervical screen.” Capita said the risk to women from the incident is low, with no current evidence of harm, but apologised to the NHS and the patients involved.  Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

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