Campaign down to the wire

It’s the last weekend of the campaign before Monday’s election and the party leaders are cris-crossing the country making their final push.Conservative leader Stephen Harper is heading to Oakville this evening where he’ll be joined by Conservative candidates Effie Triantifilopoulos from Oakville North-Burlington and Terence Young from Oakville, two candidates who appear to need some support from their leader in these ridings.The platforms are out and the promises are made as the marathon Federal election campaign is in its final stretch. The leaders are spending the last few days trying to rally their supporters.In Halifax this morning, Justin Trudeau turned his attention to getting voters to the ballot box.“We are focused single mindedly right now on telling every single Canadian right across this country that they need to get out and vote. Every single vote counts in this election.”Trudeau is hitting 4 different provinces today alone with stops in Saint John, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg.Stephen Harper started the day in Quebec where he focused on the economy and took aim at Trudeau.“The Liberal party is running on a platform that would spend an additional $150 billion that would be financed by cutting benefits we actually have and raising taxes 14 and running deficits.”Before heading to Oakville with Conservative candidates Effie Triantifilopoulos from Oakville North Burlington and Terence Young from the Oakville riding.Young sparked some controversy at a recent all candidates debate where he said a Liberal government would mandate “legally protected brothels.” Harper will also make a controversial appearance at a rally tonight in Toronto that’s being supported by the Ford brothers. Tom Mulcair spent his day in British Columbia where he attacked the Liberals for the revelation that a member of Trudeau’s inner circle, offered lobbying advice on an energy project.“The Liberals are convinced that if they wait long enough the gang that brought you the sponsorship scandal is right back in the war room, right back on the campaign bus, right back in the campaign plane sitting right beside Justin Trudeau.”His final campaign stops include Toronto and Montreal.After a stop in Oakville. Harper is heading to Toronto for a big rally tonight with ex-Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug. Harper has been criticized by the Liberals and NDP for associating with the Ford brothers. He’s refused to mention Ford by name when asked about it by reporters.

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