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ESPN eliminating 150 production tech jobs in latest cuts

first_imgBRISTOL, Conn. – ESPN is eliminating 150 production and technical employees as the sports broadcasting giant continues to shift its focus to a more digital future.The company says the layoffs, which were announced Wednesday morning in a memo to employees, don’t include on-air talent and will have a minimal impact on the network’s signature SportsCenter news program.“The majority of the jobs eliminated are in studio production, digital content, and technology and they generally reflect decisions to do less in certain instances and re-direct resources,” ESPN president John Skipper wrote in memo. “We will continue to invest in ways which will best position us to serve the modern sports fan and support the success of our business.”The 38-year-old network has been squeezed by rising fees to broadcast live events. ESPN also has lost about 10 million subscribers during the past six years, based on estimates by Nielsen Media Research.The company says it will grow its business in several key areas, including the planned launch early next year of “ESPN+”, an app-based service that will allow viewers to purchase sporting events a la carte.ESPN is opening a new studio in New York, which will serve as home base for a new show featuring personalities Mike Greenberg, Michelle Beadle and Jalen Rose. Another new daily show will feature Bomani Jones and Pablo Torre, the network said.The company said it plans to streamline and merge its news-gathering operation across all formats and evolve the SportsCenter show. That includes a new 3- to 5-minute digital version that launched this month on Snapchat. It’s also working on the 2019 launch of the ACC Network.The sports broadcaster has about 8,000 employees worldwide. ESPN laid off 100 employees in April, including some on-air personalities. That followed about 300 job cuts in 2015.last_img read more

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Yes canned soup may be fueling North Koreas air force

first_imgPYONGYANG, North Korea – Is North Korea’s air force selling canned soup and taxi rides to upgrade its runways and airstrips?Amid the toughest sanctions ever against the North and its nuclear weapons program, there are some compelling reasons to believe the answer may well be yes. The story of how — and why — offers some insight into how North Korea’s economy functions under Kim Jong Un.There’s a fine line between North Korea’s military and its private sector. To augment the already huge share of the country’s limited national resources earmarked for defence, North Korean military units control everything from restaurants to farms to the flagship airline.Air Koryo is far more than just an airline.Over the past several years, it has also become one of the country’s most recognizable consumer brands.With only a dozen or so active-use aircraft operating on limited routes to China and the Russian Far East, it’s hard to imagine it’s ever been much of a money-maker for Pyongyang in the conventional, ticket-sales sort of way. But it is a symbol of national prestige and serves as a key lifeline to the outside world, transporting people and loads and loads of precious — and often not-very-closely-scrutinized — cargo.Air Koryo runs at least one gas station and car wash in Pyongyang, has its own fleet of taxis and operates several retail shops, including a boutique at the airport. At the relatively upscale Potonggang Department Store in central Pyongyang, whole aisles are devoted to Air Koryo brand products, from crates of liquor to row after row of Coke-like sodas and a half dozen varieties of canned goods, including pheasant soup and peaches.The airline’s moves mirror broader shifts in the North Korean economy, which is still socialist and technically centrally controlled, but under Kim has shifted rapidly toward capitalist-style entrepreneurialism.At the grassroots level, street vendors and small, bazaar-style markets are common. Higher up, state-run enterprises are adapting to become more productive and profitable — quite possibly because the regime, pinched by sanctions and shrinking trade possibilities, can’t afford to prop them up anymore.It’s not just Air Koryo: Naegohyang, a major producer of cigarettes including the luxury “7.27” brand reportedly favoured by Kim himself, has begun pushing its own line of sporting goods. They’re sold alongside Nike, Adidas and other pricey imports at its flagship stores near Pyongyang’s diplomatic quarter and in the exclusive Scientists’ Street district, a neighbourhood built to reward the country’s scientists and technicians.Air Koryo got a big boost with Kim’s decision to completely overhaul the Pyongyang Sunan International Airport, which opened a shiny new terminal in 2015. The next year, Air Koryo started its taxi service. The Air Koryo soft drink line was launched in 2016. A gas station and car wash followed in 2017.It’s impossible to say how profitable those initiatives have been. But the swelling variety of the goods and their ready availability in the capital and elsewhere, is undeniable.The appearance of a subsidiary company, Korea Hanggong Trading, at recent trade fairs suggests Air Koryo may be considering an export business, something of a stretch in the current political climate and sanctions aimed at cutting off the North’s ability to fund its nuclear program.Curtis Melvin, a researcher at the US-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University and editor of the North Korean Economy Watch blog, describes the airline as a “wholly owned subsidiary” of the air force, which is using its consumer goods business to help finance reconstruction of its own infrastructure, including runway renovations and new revetments at remote highway airfields.Selling Air Koryo-labelled products made by military factories can help the air force boost revenues outside of its official budget allocations, Melvin said.A new headquarters for Air Koryo has been built near the international airport, he noted.“For many years, North Korea has tried to turn its subsidy-dependent state-owned enterprises into profitable operations that pay ‘taxes,’” he said in an email to The Associated Press. “Maybe Air Koryo’s time has simply come.”Air Koryo’s connection to the military is not immediately obvious and is often overlooked.But according to a 2014 United Nations Panel of Experts’ report, the airline, all airports and airfields in North Korea are controlled by the Korean People’s Air Force through its Civil Aviation Bureau. The report added that the airline’s personnel are believed to be members of the air force and “all in-country maintenance is conducted by air force engineering staff.”That makes it a natural target for sanctions, another incentive for diversification.Though Washington-backed efforts to blacklist the airline entirely have failed, the U.S. Treasury Department in 2016 slapped sanctions on Air Koryo for doing a fly-over during a 2013 military parade and for transporting spare parts used in Scud-B missile systems, among other things.The listing does not ban Americans from flying on Air Koryo, but restricts them from doing other kinds of business with it.The U.N., meanwhile, has warned that “considering the control over and use by the air force of Air Koryo’s aircraft,” member states could be in violation of its arms embargo on the North should they engage with the airline in anything from financial transactions to technical training.___Eric Talmadge is the AP’s Pyongyang bureau chief. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram: @erictalmadgelast_img read more

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Avalanche Canada receives 25 Million to Promote Avalanche Safety

first_imgREVELSTOKE, B.C. – Winter backcountry recreationists recently received some good news from Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau at his fall economic statement, presented in Ottawa on Wednesday, Nov 21, including a one-time endowment of $25 million to Avalanche Canada.“We are very grateful for this funding, and especially for the recognition that public avalanche safety is worthy of support,” said Gilles Valade, Executive Director of Avalanche Canada. “The federal government has made a significant commitment to this cause. We hope the provinces involved in avalanche safety are able to follow this lead.”With winter backcountry use in Canada continuing to grow and not being affected by the massive increase in usage, the average number of avalanche fatalities in Canada has declined and stabilized over the past 14 years. The programs and services Avalanche Canada provides is an invaluable “safety net” for winter tourism in mountainous regions. “Avalanche Canada has world-leading programs and we are pleased that we are now starting to be funded as world leaders,” adds Valade. “We are grateful to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government for leading the way. We look forward to working with the provinces to ensure this funding announcement is the beginning of long-term sustainability for public avalanche safety.”Avalanche Canada is non-profit and non-government; it was established in 2004 to be the national public avalanche safety organization. Avalanche Canada:Provides daily public avalanche forecasts for many of the mountainous regions of western Canada. In terms of area, this is the largest avalanche forecasting program in the world by far.Develops and coordinates public avalanche safety education.Delivers youth awareness and training seminars.Creates and delivers avalanche safety programs for specific user groups.Contributes to snow safety research.last_img read more

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Revised circular on duty free vehicle permits issued

The period of service completed by individual officers in the state sector will be taken into consideration for the issue of the vehicle permits. The Finance Ministry has issued a revised circular on duty free vehicle permits for Government employees.Under the revised circular a permit holder will be entitled to a 50 percent waiver on all taxes payable on an imported vehicle valued up to USD 30,000.

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GSP Plus likely by end of the year following Brussels talks

Sri Lanka’s apparel sector took a severe beating as a result of losing access to the EU GSP Plus trade concession.The new Government, which took office last year, began talks with the EU to regain GSP Plus and agreed to meet most of the conditions to obtain the facility. Sri Lanka lost access to the EU GSP Plus since 2009 over human rights related issues. The Government says Sri Lanka is expected to obtain the GSP Plus trade concession by the end of this year, following successful discussions held in Brussels.State Minister of National Policies and Economic Affairs Niroshan Perera said that several rounds of discussions were held with the European Union in an attempt to regain GSP Plus. He said that the final round of discussions held in Brussels between the EU and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe were successful. Sri Lanka reapplied for the EU GSP facility in June this year. (Colombo Gazette) read more

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Somalia UN mission chief welcomes Prime Ministers decision to convene ministers

In recent months, President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed and Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Gedi moved to Jowhar, 90 kilometres from the capital, citing a lack of security in Mogadishu, while Speaker Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and some Cabinet members and Parliamentarians stayed in Mogadishu.Mr. Gedi’s letter of invitation to Cabinet ministers of the Transitional Federal Government for consultations and a meeting followed months of international effort, led by the Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), François Lonsény Fall, to persuade the parties to hold a dialogue and resolve differences within the Transitional Federal Institutions.Expressing the hope that the Council of Ministers’ meeting would be followed by a full session of the Parliament, in accordance with the Transitional Federal Charter, Mr. Fall said: “I encourage the Prime Minister to pursue this initiative, which is in the spirit of fostering dialogue within the Transitional Federal Institutions.”Earlier this month six UN staff members were flown to Wajid in south-western Somalia and seven were relocated temporarily in Nairobi, Kenya, as tensions built around Jowhar. Mr. Fall said then that there could be no military solution to the divisions that have persisted in Somalia since the collapse of the central government in 1991. “The suffering of the population has continued at unacceptable cost to all Somalis for more than 14 years,” he said. read more

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UN Disarmament Commission debates ways to prevent arms race in outer space

“At a time when global anxieties about nuclear weapons are higher than at any time since the Cold War, measures for disarmament and arms control are more vital than ever,” Thomas Markram, Deputy High Representative for Disarmament Affairs, told the opening of the 2018 session of the UN Disarmament Commission, held in New York.“Since September, there have been no fundamental changes in the interrelated trends that are eroding efficacy in arms control and negatively affecting international peace and security,” added Mr. Markram, as he delivered a speech on behalf of High Representative Izumi Nakamitsu.He stressed, however, that there have been some recent signs of progress that point to where the Commission can make a unique and constructive contribution.At a time when global anxieties about nuclear weapons are higher than at any time since the Cold War, measures for disarmament and arms control are more vital than ever.As for the reported commitment by the DPRK to denuclearization following the recent talks held in China, Mr. Markram said that “we hope these positive developments will be the start of a longer process of sincere dialogue leading to sustainable peace and denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula.”Positive developments also include the successful reduction of strategic nuclear forces by Russia and the US to the levels required by their New START Treaty.Looking to build on this momentum, the Commission has also included prevention of an arms race in outer space in its agenda for this session.“One specific collateral measure for disarmament on which this body should certainly be able to make a contribution is the goal of preserving outer space as a realm free of conflict,” Mr. Markram said, noting that several recent trends are impacting the security and sustainability of outer space activities.These include: the massive growth in the number and diversity of actors operating in outer space, including governments and the private sector; the proliferation of hazardous space debris; and increasing dependence on outer space in the civilian, government and military sectors.“As long as some continue to see outer space as a potential realm for war-fighting, we will face increasing risk of weaponization and conflict,” he said.However, there continues to be common ground among the major space-faring nations and other space actors on ways to make progress in a number of areas, including the implementation of transparency and confidence-building measures to mitigate misunderstandings and reduce risk, he noted.The Commission was created in 1978 as a subsidiary organ of the UN General Assembly, composed of all Member States, to consider various issues in the field of disarmament and make recommendations.Read more about today’s debate here. read more

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Sustainability scholarship recipients meet with community donors to share impact of their

Through a combination of community backing and word spreading across campus, wind is picking up in the sails of Brock’s sustainability programming.The University’s minor in sustainability, launched in fall 2017 and offered through Brock’s Environmental Research Centre (ESRC), will see its first cohort of students graduate in June.Two of the soon-to-be grads, as well as three graduate students in the Sustainability Science and Society program introduced by the ESRC in 2014, received scholarships for their studies through a $5,000 donation from Toromont Cat.Brock students who will soon graduate with a minor in sustainability were celebrated recently by the Environmental Sustainability Research Centre. Pictured is student Nolan Kelly, Faculty of Social Sciences Dean Ingrid Makus, ESRC Director Ryan Plummer, and students Mikayla Richards and Abbey Faris.Officials from the construction company were on campus last week to meet with students whose lives were impacted by their support.Providing funds for sustainability scholarships was a natural progression from the long-standing partnership Toromont has had with the University and its co-generation facility, said Lou Colangelo, the company’s General Manager.“We’ve been working with Brock for many years through its power plant and supporting students by giving them exposure to the industry,” he said.The company, he added, is pleased to provide financial support as well as mentorship opportunities that connect students with professionals who have decades of experience in the energy and sustainability field.“The industry is constantly evolving, so getting exposure to fresh thinking and to young minds that have not been focused on the path we’ve been looking at is also a huge benefit.”The financial boost allowed graduate student Meredith DeCock to begin pursing her sustainability studies at Brock last fall.“The scholarship enabled me to take on projects and an extra course in addition to focusing on my program requirements,” she said. “Providing me with the ability to focus on my full-time studies, the Toromont scholarship enriched my learning and research experience over the past year.”Other scholarship recipients included graduate students Brooke Kapeller and Leaya Amey, and undergraduate students Nolan Kelly and Kaitlyn James.ESRC Director Ryan Plummer said the partnership with Toromont “serves as a powerful illustration to students, faculty and staff of the innovation that can be achieved through meaningful collaboration.”The minor in environmental sustainability was created “to respond to pressing social and ecological challenges and opportunities in Niagara, nationally and globally,” he said. “Units across the University worked collaboratively with the ESRC to make this important program part of Brock’s curriculum. The enthusiastic response by students far exceeds our initial expectations. It is very rewarding to see our first cohort of students graduating with the minor and I am incredibly proud of them.”Brock has been collaborating with Toromont for more than 25 years to “provide reliable, cost-effective energy to our campus community,” said Scott Johnstone, Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management. “We’re now advancing this partnership with a new generation of high efficiency equipment. In addition, we are conducting research together to test new engine oils and additives to extend equipment life, all while making our plant more sustainable.” read more

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Palestinian authority backs Hamas truce demands as two children killed in Gaza

first_imgSmoke and fire from the explosion of an Israeli strike rise over Gaza City. Source: Hatem MoussaTHE DECISION MAKING body of Palestine has backed demands made by Hamas for a peace deal that would stop fighting in Gaza.The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO), led by Mahmoud Abbas, has endorsed the core conditions set out by Hamas, which include the lifting of the blockade on Gaza.The move could signal a solution in the fighting, which has left over 600 people, mostly civilians, dead. Abbas, who leads the moderate Fatah party, suggested a truce that would be followed by five days of negotiations.The decision by the PLO comes as the Egyptian government continues to attempt to find a solution to the fighting. Mourners pray in front of the bodies of seven members of the Kelani family, killed overnight by an Israeli strike in Gaza City. Source: AP/Press Association ImagesFightingMeanwhile, Israeli tank fire killed five people, including two children, in southern Gaza this morning, medics said.The deaths come on the 16th day of a campaign against militants in the besieged Palestinian territory.The shelling hit houses east of the city of Khan Yunis, emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra told AFP. Israeli soldiers carry the coffin of Staff Sgt. Moshe Melako, 20, during his funeral at the Mount Herzel military cemetery in Jerusalem. Source: Sebastian ScheinerLast night, Israeli fire hit a UN school sheltering the displaced for the second time in two days, said the United Nations’ Palestinian refugee agency, UNRWA.“UNRWA condemns in the strongest possible terms the shelling of one of its schools in the central area of Gaza,” it said in a statement, which came a day after Hamas rockets were found in another, disused school.AFP contributed reportingRead: World pushes for Israel-Palestine ceasefire as seven more killed in GazaRead: US and European airlines suspend flights from flying in or out of IsraelOpinion: In the name of ‘defence’ we are attacking civilians already under Israeli controllast_img read more

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Insomniac Naughty Dog not handling own IP for PSP 2 games

first_imgWhile Uncharted and Resistance are confirmed as getting a release on the newly announced PSP 2, Insomniac and Naughty Dog are not developing them internally. Instead, third-party developers have been entrusted with the IP.Uncharted development duties have fallen to Bend Studio. Fans of Naughty Dog’s game should not be worried, though. Bend has a rich history of games handling the Syphon Filter series that became so popular on previous generation consoles and the PSP.AdChoices广告As for Resistance, Insomniac has tasked Nihilistic Software with bringing it to the Sony handheld. Nihilistic’s projects include Vampire The Masquerade: Redemption, StarCraft: Ghost, Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects, Conan, and Zombie Apocalypse.In both cases, I really don’t think fans need worry. These are studios with a lot of experience, and they will want to push the IP forward as well as produce a solid gaming experience that is instantly familiar.Read more at Gamasutralast_img read more

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Hands on with the LG GSlate

first_imgFor being an original member of the Open Handset Alliance, the organization Google helped assemble in order to have a small army to support Android, LG has been pretty quiet. Their first couple of Android devices were comparatively unsuccessful, in fact it seemed as though LG was only interested in serving the budget consumer. Then, seemingly overnight, LG dropped the O2X and the G2X. Those were mostly identical phones, but packed enough power to start rumors that LG would bring forth the next Nexus phone with Google. LG wasn’t satisfied with just making a good phone though, they also wanted to put their hat in the Tablet market as well. Now, as the first Honeycomb tablet on T-Mobile, the LG G-Slate is here.HardwareAdChoices广告The G-Slate’s 8.9-inch screen is noticeably smaller than the Galaxy Tab 10.1 or the Motorola Xoom, but only just. At first glance, the tablet just looks like it’s longer than the 10-inch devices, not that it has any less of a screen. In fact, the wide profile of the device makes it almost uncomfortable to hold with one hand in landscape.  Holding it in your hands, it’s a tad thicker and just a hair heavier than the Tab 10.1, but not enough to make it any less comfortable to use. The Front Facing Camera, seen typically in the center of Honeycomb tablets when holding it landscape, is actually place in the corner of the device to make it convenient to use in either portrait or landscape.The G-Slate’s NVIDIA powered Tegra 2 1GHz dual-core processor is essentially the industry standard at the moment, but I struggled to find any official documentation of RAM anywhere. Running ELIXIR on the tablet revealed 662 mb of RAM, however that is by no means a complete number. The 720×1280 resolution screen offered a comparable viewing experience to 10-inch tablets as well, the WXGA screen showed deep blacks and vibrant colors very nicely. Comparatively the viewing experience was above the Motorola Xoom in terms of color display, but the blacks were nto nearly as deep as the Galaxy Tab 10.1.The tablet comes with 32GB of storage on board, though no way to expand on that. The bottom of the device is home to a microUSB port and an HDMI port, with a separate power port on the side of the device. Unlike many other devices in its class, the G-Slate can, and will, charge via USB. The speakers on the left and right on the device produce a mid-range quality and volume sound in comparison to similar devices.  When put together, this is a really average tablet. It’s not the best at any particular thing, but it also does more things right then any of its competitors.3D?I can’t help but address what I consider to be the elephant in the room when discussing this device. The tablet has a pair of cameras on the back that, when you use the correct app, will record video in 3D. Not 3D like the movie theater RealD 3D, but old school Red/Blue 3D, and they even come with the glasses. Not the little paper ones like that tool from Back to the Future wore, but black plastic framed ones. Well, one, you only get one of them, so you’ll not be sharing the videos you record with the house by plugging the tablet into the TV unless you go get some more of the red/blue 3D glasses. Otherwise everything will look, well, just like they did in 1955.I’m a little sad to see that the 3D camcorder app is literally the only thing that uses the 3D capabilities, so no 3D video chats right now with this device. You can’t even take still shots with the app, only record video, but you can still share the video and upload to YouTube, where your 3D glasses will offer up a similarly gimmicky but amusing experience. While my initial thought was to point my finger discouragingly and exclaim GIMMICK!, I was surprised to find that nearly everyone I showed the tablet to was not only impressed but interested in using the feature. It turns out, any kind of 3D is fun, even if everything looks like…Battery LifeThe G-Slate’s 6400mAh battery will keep you going all day with battery to spare, unless you do something like have a Back to the Future marathon on the tablet. If you do that, you’ll not have much left after your 7 hours of “Great Scott!”, but you’ll definitely get through all three movies. On standby, or on wifi, this tablet will go for days without a charge. The G-Slate in Airplane mode with the Wifi on will get you well over 12 hours of constant use, with 15% battery remaining. In an attempt to drain the battery quickly, I left Google Music streaming on 3G and sat to a few hours of Galaxy on Fire 2, a free Tegra High Definition game, and after 4 hours of gameplay and music I had just about killed 40% of the battery. Clearly, this device will get most people through at least a full day of use.PerformanceUpon starting the device, I noticed first off that the tablet books much faster then the Motorola Xoom, just about as fast as the Galaxy Tab 10.1. As an Android 3.0 device, I found navigating through the OS to be just as smooth as on the Galaxy Tab 10.1. The touchscreen is very responsive, and the G-Slate responded to every command I gave it with speed. Being a Honeycomb tablet, apps that are not optimized for the screen size still did not look great, but apps that were optimized did not suffer because the tablet was not 10″.On T-Mobile’s 3G and 4G network, Google Talk video worked great, and the G-Slate’s 2MP front facing camera really shines. The tablet came with very few erroneous apps pre-loaded, with some of them just being simple reminders to install things like Adobe Flash. Speaking of which, Adobe Flash runs very nicely on this tablet, running everything from simple videos and effects to complex Flash games with no problems and no crashed. When trying to use something like, however, Flash did crash and was unable to use the site (though, in fairness, full computers have that problem all the time on that website).Final ThoughtsI think the G-Slate does a lot of things right that the other tablets haven’t quite figured out yet. You can charge the device via USB, it has a notification light, and there’s no proprietary connector aside from the power cord. The 3D addition is a little gimmicky, especially with auto-stereoscopic devices like the Evo View 4G on the way, but the single camera and the FFC still take great pictures. If T-Mobile’s 3G/4G networks work well in your area, the device will perform great like it did for me. I don’t feel like the fact that it’s not a 10-inch tablet takes away from the experience, and certainly gives you a noticeable bump in screen real estate compared to 7-inch devices.There’s not a WiFi-only version, so unless you’re looking to blow over $700 on a tablet with no Data Plan, you’re stuck paying that monthly for awhile. The G-Slate is very high on my list of personal favorites for Honeycomb tablets, simply because it’s got just about everything, doesn’t require a special cable, and will be even more impressive when it’s upgraded to 3.1.DeLorean3 3D Anaglyph 1000DeLorean3 3D Anaglyph 1000IMG_2377IMG_2407IMG_2383IMG_2384IMG_2378IMG_2379last_img read more

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The benefits of being a mermaid

first_imgSomething for the weekend…Over 1,000 people in the United States now work as professional mermaids or mermen on a full-time basis, according to a study by Fast Company.According to the report, vacancies for merpeople have blossomed in popularity thanks to an increase in under-the-sea themed restaurants and bars and celebrities such as Shia LeBeouf and Jessica Alba booking mermaid performances for parties. In fact, the position can pay up to as much as £160 ($250) an hour.Rachel Smith, head mermaid at Dive Bar in Sacramento, USA, explained the tougher elements of being a mermaid during an interview with Fast Company. She said: “It’s really hard, which is something I don’t think people fully understand, because we want it to look so effortless. Our legs are tied together, the fish are running into us, and it’s dark.“Our tails can weigh up to 35 pounds, but the saltwater makes us float, so we have another 5-10 pounds strapped between our legs.”The Employee Benefits team can’t help but wonder what benefits merpeople might be entitled to…last_img read more

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Generous stranger buys plane ticket for soldier to visit his family for

first_img(WSVN) – An Illinois soldier waited two days in the airport, hoping to board a last-minute flight home on Memorial Day weekend. Just when he had given up hope of getting the chance to see his family, he was gifted a ticket — by a complete stranger.According to Fox 2, 19-year-old Keaton Tilson, an Army mechanic stationed in Fort Hood, Texas, had yet to visit home since Christmas, but was granted permission last Thursday to head home to Granite City, Ill.Tilson went to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, bought a stand-by ticket, and waited for two days, hoping to get any last-minute seat on a flight. A gate agent reportedly told Tilson that it became more and more unlikely that he would snag a seat on a flight.“It looked good at first,” said Tilson’s mother, Jennifer, in an interview. “There were open seats. Then something happened, and he kept missing flights and missing flights.”A short time after Tilson called his mother to break the bad news, Josh Rainey, a total stranger, approached airline workers, asking if he could give the soldier his seat on a flight that was about to board. But the gate agent told him he could not switch tickets just before boarding.After calling his wife for advice, Rainey went back to the gate agent and bought the 19-year-old a $375 ticket instead.“We agreed both that it was the right thing to do to go back and buy the ticket,” Rainey told Fox 2. Before taking his seat on the flight, Tilson hugged and thanked the generous stranger.“That was worth every penny,” Rainey said.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Microsoft patches Internet Explorer to stop PC takeover attacks

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Microsoft noted that Clement Lecigne of Google’s Threat Analysis Group discovered the vulnerability, according to Ars Technica.The company didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.Internet Explorer was the world’s most popular browser until 2016, when Google Chrome swept past it. Its popularity has plummeted since then — it accounted for less than 3 percent of website usage in November, according to analytics firm StatCounter.Microsoft has shifted its browser focus to Edge, which is getting a Chromium-based refresh.Microsoft rebuilds Edge browser on Chrome tech: And Google gains that much more power over the web.CNET’s Holiday Gift Guide: The place to find the best tech gifts for 2018. 0 Post a comment 2:24 Heads up, Internet Explorer users. There’s a security vulnerability afoot. Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty Images Microsoft has urged people to update Internet Explorer after finding a major flaw.The browser’s memory corruption vulnerability lets attackers remotely execute code as if they were the computer’s user, essentially giving them control of the computer, Microsoft wrote in a Wednesday security notice.An attacker could set up a fake website designed to exploit the flaw and entice you to visit by emailing a link. The vulnerability is tied to how Microsoft’s scripting engine handles objects in Internet Explorer’s memory, a process the update modifies.The company said it’s being used in targeted attacks, but didn’t offer further details. If you have Windows Update enabled (as Microsoft suggests you do), the latest security updates should have downloaded to fix this issue automatically. How Chrome changed web browsers 10 years ago Share your voice Tags Security Internet Services Chrome Internet Explorer Google Microsoftlast_img read more

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Tesla revives unlimited free Supercharging yet again

first_img Comments Tesla Tesla Model 3: The one you’ve been waiting for 45 Photos More about 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range Review • 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range review: Familiar, yet oh so much better Tesla Model S Long Range pulls further ahead of the EV… Tesla Model S Long Range takes us back to the future Now playing: Watch this: BREAKING: All new Model S and Model X orders now come with ⚡ free ⚡ unlimited ⚡ Supercharging ⚡— Tesla (@Tesla) August 3, 2019 Share your voice Electric Cars SUVs Hatchbacks 2019 Tesla Model S Long Range review: Familiar, yet oh so much better 2019 Toyota RAV4 review: A lovable SUV, but rough around the edges Enlarge ImageTesla hasn’t said if free unlimited Supercharging will go away again, but if previous moves are any indication, it’s probably not sticking around forever. Tesla Many, many moons ago, Tesla offered free unlimited use of its Supercharger network as a perk for buying a car from the California-based automaker. Since then, this perk has disappeared for stretches of time, only to reappear for various reasons. It’s been off the menu for a while, but a tweet from Tesla shows that it’s back from the dead yet again.Tesla announced on Saturday that it has introduced free unlimited Supercharging yet again. This time, according to the automaker’s tweet, the perk is now offered alongside a new Model S or Model X order. Replies to the tweet show the usual mix of excitement and sadness, with the latter emotion coming from buyers who placed an order before the perk was reintroduced. 4 8:35 Tags Tesla More From Roadshow While some posit that Tesla brought back free unlimited Supercharging to boost lagging sales of the aging Model S and Model X, that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Model S and X deliveries were actually up in the second quarter by almost half, and both vehicles were recently given an under-the-skin upgrade that included a boost in maximum range. The cars are now capable of hooking up to Tesla’s V2 Superchargers, too, which can provide 200 kW of charging power.According to Electrek, which saw a copy of the memo Tesla sent to its sales staff, the revived perk exists for the length of vehicle ownership and is not transferable to a second owner. It’s unclear when the benefit, which Elon Musk once referred to as “unsustainable,” will once again disappear into the ether.Tesla reintroduced unlimited free Supercharging in mid-2017 with the caveat that a purchase required another owner’s referral code. Earlier this year, Tesla revived its then-defunct referral program by including 1,000 miles of free Supercharging. Two months after that, Tesla said that free unlimited Supercharging would again be offered, but only for people buying new Model S or X vehicles from Tesla’s inventory built before the range-extending update. Will it go away again? Probably, but Tesla’s not saying when.last_img read more

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Residents fume over garbage burning

first_imgAttapur: Heaps of garbage that included tree trunks and other plastic waste were burnt near Eshwar Theatre in Attapur which caused a lot of inconvenience to the nearby residents. The garbage was burnt by the GHMC workers around 9 AM. The complete side of the road is now filled with garbage. Speaking to The Hans India here on Friday, the locals said that when they talked to the GHMC workers not to burn the garbage and collect the garbage by GHMC vans, they said that they have no idea about when the vans would come to collect the garbage.last_img read more

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Jigarthandas Hindi remake to have an ensemble cast

first_imgThe Tamil film Jigarthanda, which was a hit at the box office, is now being remade in Telugu. The film will be titled Valmiki.While Varun Tej is reprising the role played by Bobby Simha, Atharva Murali is stepping into Siddharth’s shoes for the Telugu version. Pooja Hegde is playing the leading lady in this Harish Shankar directorial. The film was directed by none other than Karthik Subbaraj in Tamil.  Tamannaah to wed US-based doctor, say reports.PR HandoutThe film is reportedly going to get a Hindi remake too. Reports claim that the film will be produced by Ajay Devgn and Tamannaah Bhatia is going to play the leading lady. Sanjay Dutt is going to step into the shoes of Bobby Simha, while Karthik Aryan will be reprising the role played by Siddharth. Kartik Aaryan will not participate in a charity eventSUJIT JAISWAL/AFP/Getty ImagesJigarthanda is Karthik Subbaraj’s second film, which is a masterpiece and one of the most critically acclaimed films. This film went on to bag two National Awards for Best Supporting Actor and best editing. Jigarthanda introduced a new genre called Musical Gangster in films and has made it a trend.An official confirmation on Hindi remake is awaited.last_img read more

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Logitech goes thin and low for latest gaming keyboards

first_img Thermo Fisher, Genome Canada Ink C$6M Collaboration on Cancer NGS Assays Comparison of KRAS Liquid Biopsy Kits Confirms Differences at Low Mutant Allele Fraction Powered by Molika Ashford, 360Dx, 2019 The G915 LightSpeed is a wireless mechanical gaming keyboard, and the G815 LightSync is a wired version. The G915 offers a wireless report rate of 1 ms and up to 135 days of 8-hours-per-day continuous gaming before the batteries need some attention. The G815 comes with a USB cable for connection to a computer’s USB 2.0 passthrough port for power.Both keyboards are just 22-mm (0.86-in) high, feature five programmable G keys for custom macro sequences and commands, there’s storage space for up to five profiles, and LightSync RGB lighting technology caters for colorful personalization using Logitech software.The G915 is priced at US$249.99, while the G815 comes in at $199.99.Source: Logitech staff reporter, 360Dx, 2019 Logitech’s gaming arm has introduced two new gaming keyboards today, both debut the company’s new low-profile Romer GL Switches that are half the height of standard mechanical key switches and 25 percent faster.Those switches are available in three options – GL Linear, GL Tactile and CL Clicky – designed to suit individual playing preferences. The Linear flavor is reported to offer a smooth keystroke, the tactile provides a gentle bump for those who prefer to feel the stroke, while the Clicky adds sound and tactile feedback. Molika Ashford, 360Dx, 2019 I consent to the use of Google Analytics and related cookies across the TrendMD network (widget, website, blog). Learn more Yes No Prescient Medicine Acquires AutoGenomics 360Dx, 2019 Luminex Receives FDA Clearance for C. Diff Assay 360Dx, 2019 Memorial Sloan Kettering Nears Approval for Liquid Biopsy Test; Describes Validation at AACR We recommend Liquid Biopsy Early Detection Firm Thrive Launches With $100 Million Series A Financing Google Analytics settings The G915 makes use of Logitech’s LightSpeed wireless technology, while the G815 is a wired versionLogitech G 360Dx, 2017 Privacy policylast_img read more

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first_img News | Cardiovascular Ultrasound | August 07, 2019 Contrast Use in First Transthoracic Echocardiogram for Heart Failure Reduces Repeat Testing Heart failure is the fourth most common cause for all admission to U.S. hospitals, and it is the most common reason for… read more News | Mammography | August 14, 2019 Imago Systems Announces Collaboration With Mayo Clinic for Breast Imaging Image visualization company Imago Systems announced it has signed a know-how license with Mayo Clinic. The multi-year… read more News | Artificial Intelligence | August 13, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Could Yield More Accurate Breast Cancer Diagnoses University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) researchers have developed an artificial intelligence (AI) system that… read more News | December 04, 2008 Study Shows Visipaque Associated with Lower Incidence of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy, Cardiovascular Events Related Content News | Colonoscopy Systems | August 06, 2019 Rise in Early Onset Colorectal Cancer Not Aligned With Screening Trends A new study finds that trends in colonoscopy rates did not fully align with the increase in colorectal cancer (CRC) in… read more News | Pediatric Imaging | August 14, 2019 Ultrasound Guidance Improves First-attempt Success in IV Access in Children August 14, 2019 – Children’s veins read more News | CT Angiography (CTA) | August 06, 2019 Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment When used with a common heart scan, machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), does better than… read more Images of regions of interest (colored lines) in the white matter skeleton representation. Data from left and right anterior thalamic radiation (ATR) were averaged. Image courtesy of C. Bouziane et al. News | Brachytherapy Systems | August 14, 2019 Efficacy of Isoray’s Cesium Blu Showcased in Recent Studies August 14, 2019 — Isoray announced a trio of studies recently reported at scientific meetings and published in medica read more December 4, 2008 – A first-ever 208-person study comparing the renal safety, occurrence of cardiovascular adverse events and diagnostic image quality of GE Healthcare’s isosmolar contrast media (CM) iodixanol (Visipaque) and the low-osmolar CM iopromide in select patients concluded iodixanol is associated with lower incidence of contrast-induced neuropathy (CIN) and cardiovascular events (CV) than iopromide, when used in patients with chronic kidney disease. The study is published in December’s Catheterization and Cardiovascular Interventions, a scientific journal that covers current hot topics in interventional imaging. The prospective, randomized, double-blind, single-center study was authored by Bin Nie, M.D. and colleagues from Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Beijing, People’s Republic of China. The authors’ objective for the study was to compare the renal safety as well as cardiovascular effects and diagnostic image quality of iso-osmolar iodixanol vs. low-osmolar iopromide in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) undergoing coronary interventions. “Given the increase in patients with CKD and also with heart disease we wanted to investigate if there was a difference in renal and cardiovascular complications between the isosmolar contrast medium iodixanol and the low osmolar contrast medium iopromide.” said Dr. Bin Nie. “These results may have an important influence in clinical decision making regarding the selection of the appropriate contrast media for the appropriate patient.” The conclusion of the study indicates that isosmolar CM iodixanol appears to be associated with a significantly lower incidence of CIN and composite CV compared with the low-osmolar CM iopromide in patients with CKD undergoing coronary angiography with or without PCI. The authors indicated that there was no difference in image quality between the two contrast media, in spite of iopromide’s higher iodine content. Prof. Yu-jie Zhou, the correspondence author noted that in the paper that their results are of interest in light of the 2007 AHA/ACC guidelines for the management of patients with Unstable-Angina/Non-ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction (UA/NSTEMI) and the AHA/ACC/SCAI 2007 Update of the Guidelines for PCI. These guidelines recommend the use of isosmolar contrast in patients with CKD who undergo coronary arteriography.The authors noted however, that their study did not match with another recent study, likely due to different standards for measuring Serum Creatinine levels (SCr) post-dose. They wrote “For a given study population, non-standardized measurement of post-procedure SCr at one random time point may not accurately reflect the true incidence of CIN, as different CM may exert their maximal effect on the kidney at different time points after administration in different individuals. The critical role of standardized timing in post-procedure SCr measurement is illustrated by our findings that on day two after CM administration peak SCr levels were observed in 90 and 82 percent of patients who received iodixanol and iopromide, respectively, whereas on day three the corresponding peak SCr increases occurred in 10 and 18 percent of patients.”For more information: FacebookTwitterLinkedInPrint分享 News | Neuro Imaging | August 16, 2019 ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children A drug used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) appears to affect development of the brain’s… read more Technology | Contrast Media | August 05, 2019 Bracco Receives FDA Approval for Varibar Thin Liquid for Oral Suspension Bracco Diagnostics Inc. announced U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for Varibar Thin Liquid (barium… read more Image courtesy of Imago Systems News | Radiation Therapy | August 15, 2019 First Patient Enrolled in World’s Largest Brain Cancer Clinical Trial Henry Ford Cancer Institute is first-in-the-world to enroll a glioblastoma patient in the GBM AGILE Trial (Adaptive… read more last_img read more

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Pollard to be freed US analyst spied for Israel

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