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Modis Sri Lanka visit was a grand success says Minister

“Modi’s visit was a grand success. The chemistry between our President, Prime Minister and Modi was excellent… The interesting thing is that Modi made a clear statement that projects should be fast tracked,” the minister said. “India is our brother,China is our friend. Our link with India is historical and geographical. Both are our friends. We don’t see the world divided between India and China,” he added.Modi wrapped up his Sri Lanka visit last week during which he took part in the International Vesak Day celebrations and addressed Indian-origin Tamils.Modi addressed Tamils of Indian origin in Dickoya town in the tea growing Central Province of Sri Lanka and inaugurated a Rs 150 crore super-speciality hospital built with India’s assistance. (Colombo Gazette) Calling both India and China “friends”, Amanugama said Sri Lanka does not see the world divided between the two countries.“Taking sides is not rational in Sri Lanka’s interest. No way we subscribe to the view that India and China have different interests,” he said. India and Sri Lanka are in talks to jointly operate oil tanks at the strategic Trincomalee port. At least 73 of the 99 storage tanks in Trincomalee are to be managed under a new equity arrangement between India and Sri Lanka. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Sri Lanka was a “grand success” and enabled both countries to finalise a number of projects, including the Trincomalee port project, a Minister said.Sri Lanka’s Minister on Special Assignments Sarath Amanugama, who was part of the official delegation headed by Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremeshinghe that took part in the ‘One Belt One Road’ initiative in Beijing, said talks were underway with India for its participation in free trade zones in Trincomalee, Hambantota as well as the Colombo port, the Press Trust of India reported. read more

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Campaign down to the wire

It’s the last weekend of the campaign before Monday’s election and the party leaders are cris-crossing the country making their final push.Conservative leader Stephen Harper is heading to Oakville this evening where he’ll be joined by Conservative candidates Effie Triantifilopoulos from Oakville North-Burlington and Terence Young from Oakville, two candidates who appear to need some support from their leader in these ridings.The platforms are out and the promises are made as the marathon Federal election campaign is in its final stretch. The leaders are spending the last few days trying to rally their supporters.In Halifax this morning, Justin Trudeau turned his attention to getting voters to the ballot box.“We are focused single mindedly right now on telling every single Canadian right across this country that they need to get out and vote. Every single vote counts in this election.”Trudeau is hitting 4 different provinces today alone with stops in Saint John, Thunder Bay, and Winnipeg.Stephen Harper started the day in Quebec where he focused on the economy and took aim at Trudeau.“The Liberal party is running on a platform that would spend an additional $150 billion that would be financed by cutting benefits we actually have and raising taxes 14 and running deficits.”Before heading to Oakville with Conservative candidates Effie Triantifilopoulos from Oakville North Burlington and Terence Young from the Oakville riding.Young sparked some controversy at a recent all candidates debate where he said a Liberal government would mandate “legally protected brothels.” Harper will also make a controversial appearance at a rally tonight in Toronto that’s being supported by the Ford brothers. Tom Mulcair spent his day in British Columbia where he attacked the Liberals for the revelation that a member of Trudeau’s inner circle, offered lobbying advice on an energy project.“The Liberals are convinced that if they wait long enough the gang that brought you the sponsorship scandal is right back in the war room, right back on the campaign bus, right back in the campaign plane sitting right beside Justin Trudeau.”His final campaign stops include Toronto and Montreal.After a stop in Oakville. Harper is heading to Toronto for a big rally tonight with ex-Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug. Harper has been criticized by the Liberals and NDP for associating with the Ford brothers. He’s refused to mention Ford by name when asked about it by reporters. read more

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UN agency very concerned for Palestinians travelling to IraqiJordanian border

“While we have deep understanding for the great difficulties faced by the Palestinians and many others inside Iraq, we believe that moving from a dangerous situation in Baghdad to an extremely precarious situation at the Iraqi-Jordanian border is exposing the group and the many children among them to further hardship,” said UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) spokesperson Jennifer Pagonis.The group was accompanied to the border by 2 international staff members from a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Iraq who facilitated their move, the UNHCR said.Ms. Pagonis told a news briefing in Geneva that the UNHCR was “very concerned” about the group of 89 Palestinians, including 42 children, two elderly and three people with medical problems, who had decided to move to the Iraqi-Jordanian border from Baghdad where they had found their situation becoming increasingly difficult.The UNHCR has consistently reminded Palestinian representatives in Baghdad of the Government of Jordan’s decision to close their borders to refugees. In May 2005, the camp in No Man’s Land between Iraq and Jordan, where so many people suffered trying to get access to Jordan, was closed. Some 200 Iranian Kurds remain on the Iraqi side of the No Man’s Land area but UNHCR has little means of providing help.“The NGO involved in moving the Palestinians to the border is well aware of this, yet still volunteered to escort the group from Iraq to the border. The group of 89 people have now been stuck in the harsh desert environment of No Man’s Land between Iraq and Jordan since Sunday 19 March,” Ms. Pagonis said.“We understand the group has little shelter and meagre food supplies. UNHCR’s ability to protect and assist these refugees is extremely limited, because of our limited access to the border area,” she added.UNHCR has been very concerned about the situation of some 34,000 Palestinians inside Iraq and has been advocating for an improvement of their situation. Around 23,000 of these Palestinians have been registered by the UNHCR in Baghdad.The Palestinian refugees came to Iraq in three main waves – in 1948, in 1967, and in 1991. They were provided with protection and assistance by the former regime and enjoyed a relatively high standard of treatment that some segments of the Iraqi population considered unfair. As a result, the Palestinians have in the past few years faced evictions, threats and harassment. read more

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Powwow planned to welcome students back Sept 5

The Student Justice Centre is hosting another powwow in Jubilee Court during O-Week. Dancers from last year’s event, inspired by drama student Adrienne Smoke, are shown here. Drums, regalia and dance will be part of the O-Week celebrations as the Student Justice Centre helps welcome students back to school with a powwow.The event, done in partnership with Brock’s Aboriginal Student Services and in collaboration with the Aboriginal Student Organization, is meant to show the cultural diversity at Brock and among North American Aboriginal Peoples. It also gives students the chance to experience something new, explained Brandon Vrysen, Student Justice Centre supervisor.“This event will present a shortened, more accessible version (of a powwow), with traditional aboriginal dancers and drummers participating in a demonstration of the songs and dances typically present at a powwow, (and) showcase the teachings and explain the significance of the various dances and song,s as well as the tribes from which they originate,” Vrysen said.The powwow happens Sept. 5 from noon to 3 p.m. in Jubilee Court.This is the second year the Student Justice Centre has hosted a powwow after Brock drama student and jingle dancer Adrienne Smoke first proposed the idea in 2012.“A powwow is a gathering to be thankful, celebrate culture and friendship,” Smoke said. “They are open to the public to promote cultural awareness. However, powwows are not just special events. They are a way of life for many.”The Student Justice Centre is looking for Aboriginal dancers to participate in the powwow. Those interested in participating in the dance or setting up a booth can contact Vrysen at read more

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Knicks Can Keep Jeremy Lin After Arbitrators Ruling

In a surprise ruling today, New York Knicks Jeremy Lin, who emerged as a valuable cog in their franchise last season, secured Bird and early Bird rights in a hearing between the NBA Players’ Association and the league.The decision was made by arbitrator Kenneth Dam, who affirmed that players claimed off waivers are able to retain their valuable Bird and early Bird rights when they become free agents. Other affected by the ruling are the Knicks’ Steve Novak, the Los Angeles Clippers’ Chauncy Bilups and the Portland Trail  Blazers’ J.J. Hickson.The NBA said it would appeal the ruling.All four players were waived this season and claimed by other teams. They will become free agents July 1.In addition, future players claimed off waivers will likewise benefit from Friday’s ruling.Lin and Novak wll enter the 2012-13 free agency period with early Bird rights, meaning that they can be re-signed for 175 percent of their salary the previous season or the NBA average salary, whichever is greater.Billups and Hickson will have Bird rights, meaning they can be re-signed up to the maximum salary.“Bird and early Bird rights are the lynchpin of our Soft Cap system, and we’re pleased that Professor Dam recognized that a player does not forfeit these important rights unless he makes an affirmative decision to sign with a new team as a free agent,” NBPA executive director Billy Hunter said in a statement released by the players’ union. “Players fought hard for a Collective Bargaining Agreement that allows maximum flexibility for free-agent players while also permitting teams to retain their core free agents, and today’s decision affirms both of these important principles.”The ruling is especially huge for the Knicks. They can now retain Lin, Novak and Landry Fields   at up to $5 million each and then sign an additional player at $3 million or less with their mid-level exception. The Knicks will likely be in the market for a seasoned veteran point guard. The ruling is one step toward creating enough space to go after a player such Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Andre Miller or Raymond Felton.The Knicks could also retain J.R. Smith if he accepts his player option of $2.5 million. He has until June 26 to decide if he wants to opt in or out. Beyond that, the Knicks will only have veteran’s minimum contracts of $1.4 million to spend to fill out the rest of their roster. read more

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Madeleine McCanns former nanny breaks silence to describe night threeyearold went missing

first_imgThe nanny also claimed it took local police 90 minutes to arrive – by which time the crime scene, the apartment from which Madeleine had vanished, had been contaminated and potentially vital evidence lost.She added she was astonished that Madeleine’s parents were ever considered suspects.“I know I didn’t step into that apartment but pretty much everybody else did. So, evidence gone, nothing. There was nobody there to say, ‘We need to lock this off now’,” she added.The former nanny said that when she was questioned by Metropolitan Police investigating the case, she discovered her five-page statement to Portuguese police had not been passed on to them in full, with key information missed out.  Madeleine McCann A child minder who had looked after Madeleine McCann has broken her silence about the night the three-year-old went missing 10 years ago.The former nanny said the image of Madeleine’s parents, Gerry and Kate, desperately trying to find their missing daughter still haunts her.Speaking for the first time about the child’s abduction, she recalled Mrs McCann crying and saying “they’ve taken her”.The witness also claimed the Praia da Luz resort in which the McCanns were staying was considered so unsafe for nannies at the time that staff were handed rape alarms and warned against going out alone.Describing the resort as radically different to other resorts owned by the Mark Warner travel firm, she added that a girl had been attacked in the area a year before Madeleine’s disappearance. Mark Warner, a global travel firm, quit Praia da Luz in 2015. Madeleine McCannCredit:PA “That’s the one thing I really remember from him, looking under the cars. I can’t forget that,” she told the Daily Mirror.“We were told to start looking in bins in case her body was in there. It was at that point we realised this was serious.”The child minder said she and other staff at the Ocean Club resorted to searching through bins into the early hours of the morning in the hope of finding Madeleine.She said: “It’s probably very naive, but the best case scenario of a very horrible situation, is that she was procured and taken for a rich person who didn’t have children.“I can’t go anywhere else in my head.” Madeleine McCannCredit:EPA The nanny, who did not wish to be named but looked after Madeleine on a number of occasions, also criticised Portuguese police for their handling of the case, suggesting crucial opportunities to collect evidence were missed.Describing the night the three-year-old was snatched, she told of how she attempted to comfort Mrs McCann, who was in a “catatonic state”, while Mr McCann searched under cars in the area.  Show more Madeleine was mostly cared for by Catriona Baker, the nanny allocated to her, but other childminders would occasionally watch the toddler. The woman said she was a favourite among the carers, and remembered her “shy, very sweet” temperament.The abduction occurred in May 2007 when the three-year-old was sleeping in the family’s apartment with her siblings, twins Amelie and Sean.At the time, her parents were eating dinner with friends at a restaurant around 40 yards away, something the former nanny described as completely normal in the resort.   Madeleine McCann Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

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Arch Coal tests mine emergency response plan in Virginia

first_imgArch Coal, the US Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) and the Virginia Department of Mines Minerals and Energy conducted a mine emergency response drill (MERD) earlier this week at Pine Branch mine in Wise County, Virginia. The full-day rescue exercise involved more than 150 federal and state officials, miners, local law enforcement, emergency responders and other personnel. Employees from across Arch’s national network of mines practiced their assigned roles, from mapping specialists to media spokespersons. Arch and the Southern West Virginia Community and Technical College tested high-tech rescue and communication equipment, including hand-held, wireless devices. The devices allow for continuous mine condition updates — using a shared map — between underground rescue teams and the surface command centre.“Cumberland River was pleased to be the host site for Arch’s second voluntary drill of the year,” said Rick Johnson, general manager of Cumberland River Coal Company. “Arch’s vision is to operate the world’s safest coal mines. Our commitment to operating safely includes regularly refining our emergency plans and practicing the skills we hope to never use.”This marks Arch’s fourth all-hands safety exercise in recent years. Each drill features a unique scenario providing challenges and twists over the course of the day. Actors and special effects, including smoke machines, create an intensity that simulates an actual emergency.Arch’s Cumberland River Coal Company subsidiary operates the Pine Branch mine. Cumberland River employs approximately 375 people in Virginia and Kentucky, including its Pine Branch mine near Dunbar. Cumberland River’s 2010 lost-time incident rate of 1.04 per 200,000 employee-hours is one-third less than the national underground average of 3.72 incidents per 200,000 employee-hours. Cumberland River’s mine rescue team achieved a second place finish in the 2011 National Mine Rescue competition.last_img read more

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First gold pour in 2019 at Gubong mine in South Korea

first_imgAustralian gold producer, Southern Gold Ltd advises that its development partner in South Korea, LSE-listed Bluebird Merchant Ventures Ltd (BMV), has completed its initial report on the feasibility of re-opening the historic Gubong gold mine. This report is the required catalyst for the formation of a formal 50:50 joint venture between Southern Gold and BMV over the Gubong project. Over the coming months, Southern Gold will establish a Korean-based operating entity. BMV will be the operator of the joint venture.BMV is confident that the mooted re-opening of the old gold mine will facilitate substantial immediate mining development with access to initial low-cost ore that can be cost effectively and quickly processed after a small scalable trial plant has been established. BMV has indicated that the project could advance to production late in 2019 and look to then progressively expand production over the next five years.It is important to note that the BMV report has not been prepared in accordance with the JORC Code and this limits reporting further detail around the analysis of the report, particularly the quantitative elements.Southern Gold Managing Director, Simon Mitchell: “The report on the feasibility of re-opening Gubong is a substantive document and a lot of work has gone into its development. I appreciate the hard work undertaken here by the Bluebird team and I think this document will serve as a solid foundation for future work as we build our knowledge base in each area. While the report has not been completed to a JORC standard, it has been prepared by highly experienced technical personnel very familiar with the mine re-development scenario at Gubong.“From my perspective, the report confirms two key things, firstly, that the project can be developed very quickly and that, secondly, the low capital intensity of the re-development may be even lower than first targeted. The report provides confidence that the Gubong mine can be re-opened and recommissioned, with production late in 2019.”The mine closed in 1971 predominantly due to the low gold price at the time combined with the mine getting deeper, low capex investment in infrastructure and the intensive manual mining method. Gubong, as quoted in Korean Government reports, had a historical production of 430,000 oz of gold and 110,000 oz of silver over an intermittent production period from 1926-1971. Korean government group, KORES, has stipulated a significant residual ’Mining Resource’ but this cannot be validated under any code (JORC 2012) and as such has not been reported.The report highlights that a preconstruction phase is required that includes ongoing dewatering of lower levels of the mine, establishing a permanent entrance to the mine requiring key land acquisitions and a more extensive sampling and metallurgical program to refine process flow. This phase will also allow the completion of a full feasibility to prepare for the construction of the processing plant and commencement of mining. This preconstruction phase has been costed at $850,000 for the joint venture and has commenced.The report indicates following this establishment phase, mining would initially be based around 150 t/d using a range of mining methods from semi-manual to mechanized narrow vein equipment. Initial metallurgical results show high recoveries are attainable with low capital cost associated with the proposed leach method.The report on feasibility has indicated that the gold resource potential at Gubong is very high and that there are four main sources of readily accessible ore from broken stocks in stockpile, sweeping and vamping, small remnant pillars and unmined blocks of ore. As the mine was shut very quickly, there is a high likelihood that three to four months production capacity would have been available for haulage, drilled or prepared ore stopes would have been scheduled and development of ore blocks would have also been ongoing.A combination of mining methods is envisaged using mechanised flat back stoping where possible or mechanized room and pillar or breast stoping as the ore dictates.last_img read more

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Balkan Regional league from 10th of September

The saga around the Balkan Regional League continues. The latest meeting between the newly-formed SEHA (South-Eastern Handball Association) concluded that the Regional League should start from the 10th of September, even though the sponsor that was ready to give money is now gone, and a new one is not yet found. The SEHA President, Sandi Sola, however informed, that 12 clubs will play in it, 3 from B&H, and two from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia and Montenegro, while Tatran Presov will be Slovakia’s representative.The draw for the new league is likely to take place in Belgrade in June, and bodies concerning the new league have been formed, and Dragan Nachevski will be league commissioner. Also interested for this project are the Hungarians, and we won’t be surprised if we see Hungarian teams competing too. ← Previous Story Sanja Damnjanovic in Podravka Next Story → Your opinion: F.C Barcelona beats HSV Hamburg for EHF CL title! read more

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Giving a voice to the voiceless

first_imgFor a woman who has modelled herself on characters such as James Bond and Atticus Finch, it’s hard not to be impressed by international barrister and academic, Magda Karagiannakis.Keynote speaker at HACCI’s annual International Women’s Day event this week, Ms Karagiannakis had the crowd laughing and smiling, all while tackling big issues like genocide and war crimes. Ms Karagiannakis’ resume reads like a lawyer’s dream. She prosecuted and convicted Radislav Krstic, the Major General during the Srebrenica genocide, and the case became the first to pass through the International Court of Justice with a conviction. She’s swapped sides and defended war criminal and former President of Liberia Charles Taylor and acted as a senior legal advisor to the UN inquiry over political assassinations in Lebanon. In between her teaching roles at La Trobe University, she travels between The Hague and New York advising, prosecuting and defending the names we see in the media.Judging by the crowd filled with successful Greek businesswomen, many lawyers themselves, HACCI’s event was a great way to understand how to succeed as a woman in a male dominated workforce. For Ms Karagiannakis, she defined her success as coming from networking, becoming the best academically and from demanding respect. “It’s not enough to be excellent at what you do and wait for others to recognise that excellence,” she said. “You will never be invited to the table like that.“You have to ask for it, and that means putting yourself forward.”Despite being extremely book-smart herself – she was one of the few graduates to achieve a perfect score of 100 for her thesis – her opportunities didn’t come from good marks. Rather, it was her uprooting her life from Melbourne and taking a post in The Hague that made a job into a career. She explained how her networking with professors and lawyers in The Hague opened up opportunities she had only dreamed about holding. The high profile cases she took on were in fact jobs she had been told about by friends in high places. Her confidence and charm opened doors, while her knowledge and assertiveness won cases. She describes the best thing for female businesswomen in the world is to be respected.“It’s important for female professionals to be liked, but it’s even more important to be respected,” she says.“My advice to the female students is do not try to be one of the boys. “We must be excellent at what we do so that we give others no choice but to consider us for the best positions.”At the audience Q&A session, a great question posed to the Greek Australian lawyer showed her advice in practice. Asked how Greek men view powerful women, Ms Karagiannakis answered with humour. “Charm and humour go a long way to defuse resentment,” she said. “When all else fails tell a joke.”The International Women’s Day event complements HACCI’s networking initiative that gives Greek Australians the chance to mingle with like minded people and give a chance for students to become acquainted with future job prospects. Melbourne’s new Consul General of Greece, Christina Simantirakis, also took the time to address the audience about the problems women face today and touched on the illegal trafficking trade that destroys the lives of women and their families. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

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Twitter napprécie pas la recherche sociale de Google

first_imgTwitter n’apprécie pas la “recherche sociale” de GoogleGoogle, dans la modification de son algorithme, a mis en avant, dans le cas d’une recherche sur les réseaux sociaux, ses deux produits phares: Google + et Picasa. Une démarche qui déplait fortement à Twitter.Google a profité de la mise à jour de son algorithme de recherche pour faire la promotion de ses plateformes communautaires. Une requête sur un domaine renvoyant aux réseaux sociaux renverra comme réponse en priorité des liens pointant sur Google + et Picasa, le service de photos de la marque, si l’utilisateur en fait la demande. Une fonction personnalisante appelée “Plus your life”.À lire aussiLa réaction hilarante de gorilles sous une averse fait le buzz sur Facebook (Vidéo)Une décision que n’apprécie pas Twitter, le célèbre site de micro-blogging. La société a vivement réagi sur ce qu’elle considère comme un abus de position dominante. “Nous pensons que tout ceci est mauvais pour les gens, les éditeurs, les organisations et les utilisateurs de Twitter.” Google n’a pas manqué de répliquer, via la page de son réseau sociale par ce message lapidaire: “…ils ont choisi de ne pas renouveler leur contrat avec nous l’été dernier, et depuis, nous avons observé des instructions rel=nofollow.” Un commentaire qui fait suite à la décision de Twitter de ne plus accepter d’afficher en direct les tweets sur la page de recherche.Google, comme le rappelle PC INpact, travaille depuis des mois à mettre en avant toute sa galaxie de services. Lors d’une recherche de vidéos, YouTube est systématiquement en haut de page. Même chose sur la nouvelle barre de menu du site, qui place Google + avant même l’onglet de recherche et Chrome ou la fonction Shopping sont également bien placées.Le 12 janvier 2012 à 17:15 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

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Harry Kane hails massive Spurs win

first_imgTottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has praised the team’s effort as they thrashed Manchester United 3-0 on Monday night.Harry Kane opened the scoring from a Kevin Trippier corner, as rose highest near the penalty spot to plant a brilliant header into the top right corner to give Tottenham the lead five minutes into the second half.Lucas Moura then scored a brace to put the game to bed.“It’s massive, just what we needed,” Harry Kane told the Spurs official website.“We wanted to put a statement out there. We knew it was going to be tough and it was, especially in the first half, it was a battle out there.“We said at half-time we needed to step it up a gear and that’s what we did. In these games, the first goal is so important – getting that breakthrough – we got it and punished them after that with two great goals from Lucas.Long overdue result like that at Old Trafford. Loved that. Big win. Happy bank holiday. ? #COYS #THFC #PremierLeague Ronaldo, Nemanja Vidic, Manchester UnitedVidic: “Ronaldo is the most professional footballer I’ve seen” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Nemanja Vidic opened up on how a 21-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo’s professionalism left him stunned at Manchester United.— Harry Kane (@HKane) August 27, 2018“We need to kill teams off, especially away from home. After the goal we had the high press, we were playing it quicker, moving in behind and punished them when we needed to. We took our chances and coming here to Old Trafford and winning 3-0 is a big, big result.Harry Kane spoke about his goal. He said: “Those headers always feel nice when you head it back across and see it looping back to the far post. It was a great ball in and happy to put it away.“It’s great for us, great for the fans, great for the Club. The fans will travel home happy and that’s what it’s all about. As a Club, we want to stay at the top of the league and the only way to do that is by coming to places like this and getting results, so today is a huge statement.”last_img read more

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Downtown redevelopment efforts progress still face variety of challenges

first_imgA rock-climbing gym and a refurbished historic movie theater are coming to Vancouver’s Main Street, projects that are generating enthusiasm from downtown boosters.The sector also has recently gained two new grocery options, said Lee Rafferty, executive director of Vancouver’s Downtown Association. Despite the new arrivals, downtown toy store owner Mary Sisson said her shop hasn’t seen enough traffic to justify staying open just three blocks from Main Street. The Kazoodles store on West Eighth Street is slated to close in mid-February. The disparity illustrates a downtown core that’s in flux, said Bob Bernhardt, a broker and co-owner of downtown commercial real estate firm Coldwell Banker Commercial Jenkins Bernhardt Associates. Bernhardt said retailers and restaurants are still vulnerable to an economic downturn that has rocked the foundation of many Clark County businesses. However, he has seen more interest from businesses looking to lease or buy downtown buildings. “People are starting to put their toe in the water,” Bernhardt said, after a recent meeting held by the downtown group.The Vancouver Food Cooperative, an online market, and Neighbor’s Market, an Uptown Village storefront stocked with local foods, could attract more residents to the city’s central core, Rafferty said.“They (residents) won’t move in without a place to buy groceries,” she said. On the other side of the age-old “chicken-and-egg” dilemma, Rafferty said retailers and larger grocery chains aren’t likely to commit to downtown without enough residents there to keep them in business.last_img read more

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Marooned manatees rescued in Florida beach

first_imgCLEARWATER, Fla. (WSVN) – Rescuers and sunbathers came to the rescue of three manatees after they were stranded on Clearwater Beach.The helpless sea cows were stuck on shore, Wednesday afternoon, but beachgoers and firefighters worked together to give them a helpful nudge, pushing the massive marine mammals back into the water.All three eventually swam out to sea.Wildlife experts said the group likely came to shore because it’s mating season.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

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Borough mayors race too close to call

first_imgTuesday’s unofficial Matanuska Susitna Borough election results held few surprises, although at least one race is too close to call at this time.  As of 10:30 pm Tuesday, results posted on the Borough’s website indicate that incumbent Borough mayor Larry DeVilbiss and challenger Vern Halter are separated by about 65 votes , although more than 16 hundred absentee and over 200 questioned ballots will no doubt determine the outcome of the Borough mayor’s race.DeVilbiss, said Tuesday night, that he was not going to lose any sleep over it.“Well, I’m tired and I plan to go home and get a good night’s sleep. We won’t know this one for a couple of week’s probably.” Halter, who is finishing his second term on the Borough Assembly and eyeing the Borough mayor’s post, could not be reached for comment.While campaigning, Halter gained strong financial support from labor unions, although DeVilbiss was endorsed by the Valley’s state legislative delegation. Halter raised more than 54 thousand dollars for his campaign, about two times the amount DeVilbiss had in his campaign chest.The Borough’s canvass board meets Wednesday to start counting absentee and questioned ballots. The deadline to receive absentee ballots is Friday.Voter turnout was light in the Valley, with 13 point 3 percent at the polls.. Of the 64, 571 registered voters in the Borough, 8,646 cast ballots.Mat Su voters also decided on three Borough Assembly seats on Tuesday.In the District 6 race, Barbara Doty bested challenger Bob Doyle with 597 votes compared with Doyle’s 466. Doyle Holmes won the District 7 Assembly seat over Randall Kowalke, and in District 3, George McKee beat challenger Maria Serrano.Mat Su voters resoundingly turned down a ballot proposition that would have moved the Borough election day back a month to November. But a proposition to restrict school board candidates to election by district gained overwhelming voter approval.Election results remain unofficial until certification on October 20.The cities of Palmer, Wasilla and Houston held elections of their own on Tuesday.  Unofficial results show that In Palmer, city voters selected two new City Council seats out of five candidates on Tuesday. Pete LaFrance took over 38 percent of the votes cast, but Kenni Linden and Richard Best are tied with 17. 1 percent of the vote each.Thirty – seven questioned Palmer ballots remain to be counted when the city canvass board meets on Friday. What is certain is that Palmer voters overwhelmingly supported a city ban on marijuana retail businesses, cultivation or manufacturing facilities with 54.5 percent of the total votes cast in favor of Palmer Proposition One. The ban does not include industrial hemp.Houston voters decided on two city council seats. Lance Wilson ran unopposed for Seat D, while Chris Johnson bested nearest challenger Dawnita Brunswick for Seat C with 37 percent of the vote. Houston’s Proposition one, which is a duplicate of the Palmer anti marijuana ordinance, failed to gain city voter approval, with 131 No votes and 110 ballots in favor of the pot ban. Houston voters also turned down city Proposition 2, which would have set a one percent increase on sales taxes starting January 1, 2016.Houston’s canvass board meets on Friday.In Wasilla, city voters elected two city council seats. Dave Wilson ran unopposed for Seat A. Seat B was won by Tim Burney with 304 votes over challenger Alvah Buswell the third’s count of 176 votes.Wasilla voters also turned down city proposition one, which would have kept city sales tax at 3 percent after money for a new city library is raised.  It seems Wasilla voters want the sales tax reduced to 2 percent after the libarary money is raised.Matanuska Susitna Borough voters also approved a ballot proposition limiting Borough school board candidates by district.  Mat Su Borough voters have voted to support Borough proposition one, which would restrict school board members to a single Borough Assembly district. At present, school board candidates are elected at large. The proposition would have school board candidates elected by districts coinciding with Assembly districts.Unofficial election results show that Borough voters approved proposition one with 5587 votes, opposed to 2668 votes against the measure.Tuesday’s election results show that Deborah Retherford and Sarah Welton won seats A and B. Both those candidates ran unopposed. School Board seat E was won by Kelsey Trimmer, with 3559 votes over challenger Wade Long’s 3272 votes.Election results remain unofficial until certification on October 20th.last_img read more

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IndiaPakistan crisis What we know so far

first_imgAn Indian army artillery vehicle drives on a highway near Jammu. Photo: ReutersA string of violent escalations have pushed India and Pakistan to the brink of conflict, sparking global alarm and calls for restraint between the nuclear-armed neighbours.Here is an explanation of the events so far, and the possible next steps:- What triggered the crisis? -On February 14, 40 paramilitaries were killed in a suicide bomb attack in the Indian-administered part of Kashmir, igniting outrage. It was the deadliest militant attack there in three decades, and was claimed by Pakistan-based group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM).Kashmir has been a major flashpoint since the end of British rule in the subcontinent in 1947. A ceasefire line divides it between India and Pakistan, but both claim the Himalayan region in its entirety.Kashmir has seen hostilities during three India-Pakistan wars, as well as a limited conflict in 1999.India has 500,000 troops stationed in the region to counter an armed insurgency by separatists seeking either independence or a merger with Pakistan.- How did India react? -Prime Minister Narendra Modi threatened a “jaw-breaking” response after the bombing. New Delhi demanded action from Islamabad, which it accuses of using militant groups as proxies to fuel unrest in Kashmir and carry out terror attacks in India.On February 26, Indian warplanes crossed the Kashmir ceasefire line into Pakistani airspace, dropping bombs on what New Delhi described as a large JeM camp where militants were preparing to stage more attacks in India.Islamabad confirmed the incursion and the dropping of payloads in undisputed Pakistani territory, a few kilometres outside the part of Kashmir it controls.But it said New Delhi’s claim of killing scores of militants was “self-serving, reckless and fictitious”.- What was Pakistan’s response? -An infuriated Islamabad vowed retaliation after the raid, India’s first use of air power on Pakistani soil since the two fought a war in 1971 — when neither had nuclear weapons.On February 27, Pakistani jets flew across the Kashmir ceasefire line in what Islamabad described as a show of strength, hitting open spaces after locking on to military targets.But there was a dramatic escalation when the Pakistani planes were chased by Indian fighters. In the ensuing fight, both sides claimed to have shot down each other’s warplanes.Pakistan said it downed two Indian jets, and detained one of their pilots. New Delhi confirmed the loss of one of its planes, and said a Pakistani jet was shot down — which Islamabad denied. India has demanded the “immediate and safe return” of the pilot.As tensions reached a level not seen in years, Pakistan closed its airspace completely.- What happens next? -The crisis has sparked alarm across the world, with major powers urging the two nuclear-armed rivals to act with restraint.Both sides have sought to play down the threat of war — Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj have said they do not want to escalate further.A lot rests on how India reacts to the Pakistani retaliation and the capture of its pilot, analysts said.”If India were to… retaliate again, that could really take things to another level,” Michael Kugelman of the Wilson Center told Bloomberg TV.But the fact that Pakistan has one of its pilots “may limit its options and may make it a bit more cautious”.And given limited communication between the two, “there is increased scope for misunderstanding and miscalculation”, wrote Rahul Roy-Chaudhury of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.While there is international pressure to avoid a plunge into full-blown war, there may be pressure within India to not let Pakistan have the last word.”India is led by a government that’s very conservative, and has been very tough on Pakistan. There’s an election coming up in a few weeks in India… I find it hard to believe that India would be ready to de-escalate,” Roy-Chaudhury said.”I don’t know if we’ve seen the last of these fireworks on the sub-continent, unfortunately.”last_img read more

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Party Politics National Edition Ep 21 New Direction In Afghanistan

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: 00:00 /17:44 Xcenter_img Listen Carolyn Kaster, APPresident Donald Trump speaks at Fort Myer in Arlington Va., Monday, Aug. 21, 2017, during a Presidential Address to the Nation about a strategy he believes will best position the U.S. to eventually declare victory in Afghanistan.On this episode of Party Politics, co-hosts Jay Aiyer and Brandon Rottinghaus talk about these tumultuous topics in the week’s political news:Trump Chief Strategist Steve Bannon is out: Is that good, bad, or ugly?Mar-a-Lago fundraisers are cancelled / Kennedy Center Honors will happen with no TrumpDNC and RNC fundraisingTrump in the Valley of the Sun: Sen. Jeff Flake and Sheriff Joe ArpaioThen the profs talk about Afghanistan. Will there be new direction in US involvement there, or more of the same? By the way, don’t forget to listen to our weekly Texas-centered episodes, too!Party Politics is produced by Dacia Clay, Edel Howlin and Laura Lucas. Our audio engineer is Todd Hulslander. This article is part of the Party Politics podcast Sharelast_img read more

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Comedy Podcast Network Forever Dog Launches 11 New Shows EXCLUSIVE

first_imgForever Dog is barking up a batch of new content.The comedy podcast network, which recently announced a TV and streaming development partnership with National Lampoon, is launching 11 new shows to add to its lineup of over 30 podcasts.Each series is helmed by a different comedic talent, with hosts including Jamie Lee, who recently starred in HBO’s “Crashing,” Sabrina Jalees, who is starring in the upcoming CBS multi-cam “Carol’s Second Act,” and James Adomian, who has lent his voice to “BoJack Horseman.”Forever Dog was founded by Brett Boham, Joe Cilio and Alex Ramsey in 2016, and the company is looking to expand into TV with adaptations of its podcasts in collaboration with National Lampoon. The new shows will debut in June and July and be available across all the major podcasting platforms. Take a look at the descriptions and premiere dates for all the forthcoming additions to the Forever Dog library below: “Sloppy Seconds” – June 14Hosted by rapper/comedian Big Dipper and drag star Meatball, “Sloppy Seconds” features interviews with artists and performers, frank sexual conversations, a quick moment each week to enjoy a new food item, and lots of screaming and yelling.“It’s a Mess” – June 27Broadway actress and drag superstar Miss Peppermint (runner-up on Season 9 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”) teams up with legendary rapper/songwriter Cazwell for an advice show that helps listeners navigate any and every topic under the sun.“Iconography” – July 3In each episode of “Iconography,” comedian Ayo Edebiri and writer/cultural commentator Olivia Craighead take listeners on a deep dive into the sorted past and career of one of Hollywood’s most beloved celebrities.“The Goodie Goodie” – July 17Award-winning comedian and actress Sabrina Jalees welcomes a new guest every week for a discussion on happiness, healthiness and how these states of being can be achieved.“Scary Stories to Tell on the Pod” – July 22Hosted by SNL writer and comedian Anna Drezen, along with writer/comedian Andrew Farmer, “Scary Stories to Tell on the Pod” will launch two new episodes every week – one that reviews a specific entry from Alvin Schwartz’s classic children’s horror book series “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark,” and another that explores all things creepy, from hauntings to urban legends.The following shows all launched on the platform this spring:“The Underculture”Actor, comedian and impressionist James Adomian, along with a revolving door of friends and fellow artists, perform a surreal vision of our times. Each episode, Adomian presents never-before-heard interviews and conversations with society’s biggest heroes and hucksters – Chris Matthews interviews Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders sits down with Mikhail Gorbachev, Sebastian Gorka speaks with the long-deceased Ayn Rand, and much more. Popular on Variety “Dark Tank”Dark Tank is a podcast where white people try their best. In each episode, comedian Yedoye Travis asks a melanin deficient guest to undo the mistakes of the past by pitching solutions to pressing minority issues – to a panel of people of color.“What Makes U Sing?”Larry Owens hosts this comedy podcast that invites actors, comedians and musicians to talk about the music that shaped their lives… and then has them spontaneously burst into song, with live in-studio accompaniment.“Couldn’t Help But Wonder”Comedians and best friends Jamie Lee and Rose Surnow analyze every single episode of HBO’s “Sex and the City,” starting with the series premiere – using the iconic show as a jumping off point to overshare about their own wild lives.“My Brother’s Sneaker”Sneakerheads and real-life brothers Isaiah and Yassir Lester delve deep into the shoe game, bringing you sneaker news, sneaker reviews, sneaker history and more.“Let’s Go, Atsuko! (A Woke Japanese Game Show)”Comedian Atsuko Okatsuka hosts this wild underground game show that rewards contestants for being the most “woke.” ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15last_img read more

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Revised Met forecast sparks drought fears

first_imgWhile releasing the second stage long range forecast of monsoon, Union Minister for Earth Sciences Harsh Vardhan said that the rain will be 88 per cent instead of 93 per cent of earlier forecast.In its current update, IMD says there is about 90 per cent probability of El Niño conditions prevailing during the south-west monsoon season. El Niño conditions are likely to strengthen further and reach moderate strength during the monsoon season. Also Read – Need to understand why law graduate’s natural choice is not legal profession: CJI “For 2015, the IMD’s prediction of an overall 93 per cent probability of a weak monsoon is a worrying cause for all of us. The onset has been delayed by a week already and there is no certainty on when the monsoon will arrive,” Vardhan said, while dedicating the country’s high performance computing (HPC) facility – Bhaskara.However, talking to Millennium Post, Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh said: “There is nothing to panic about it. The government is ready to tackle the drought-like situation if it happens due to deficient rain.” Also Read – Health remains key challenge in India’s development: Kovind“Given the fact that about 60 per cent of the country’s cultivable land is rain-fed and low rain will directly hit the farm sector. The monsoon is considered below normal when the rainfall range is 90-96 per cent of LPA and is considered deficient if it falls below 90,” an India Meteorological Department (IMD) official said.In its earlier forecast released in April, IMD had said that monsoon rain is likely to be 93 per cent of LPA. The main reason for the subdued forecast is fear of the onset of El Niño weather phenomenon – the warming of the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which triggers atmospheric changes that influence the progress of monsoon rains over India.last_img read more

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Dead puppies KMC writes to NRS chief Entally police to conduct impartial

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has taken a serious note of the incident where a garbage bag containing 16 dead puppies was found inside the campus of NRS hospital and written to the hospital superintendent and Entally police station to conduct an impartial probe into the matter and take strong steps against those who would be found guilty in the offence.”We have written to the superintendent of the hospital mentioning if somebody associated with the hospital is found involved in the matter then they should not be spared,” said Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh, who oversees the Health wing of the KMC. Also Read – 3 injured, flight, train services hit as rains lash BengalGhosh on Monday sent two teams to the hospital to take measures in sterilising or vaccinating stray dogs as per need to prevent rabies and also control the birth of animals. As per laws of animal conservation, the KMC cannot take away dogs to other places but they can sterilise or register anti-rabies vaccine to the animals. “We usually do not enter into institutions of health or other sectors on our own for vaccination of animals. But whenever they seek help from us, our team reaches there and after vaccination or sterilization, we drop them at the same place,” an official of the KMC’s health wing said. Also Read – Speeding Jaguar crashes into Mercedes car in Kolkata, 2 pedestrians killedThe KMC has sterilised about 7,800 dogs and registered anti-rabies vaccine to 25,000 animals by holding two camps each in every ward till January 6. “Our fresh programme in this regard will start from March,” Ghosh said. According to him, the steps taken have helped in preventing proliferation of the population and lessened the cases of rabies. The entire event has been conducted with the funds provided by the state Animal Husbandry department.last_img read more

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