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Keywords of love Shanghai index is not high conversion rate

new Adsense choose long tail keywords, how to better choose the high conversion rate of long tail keywords "key", this is the focus of this article. How to better choice, most of the new Adsense, first response selection index keyword, will choose love Shanghai index keywords, when you really do love Shanghai home, whether you really bring more efficiency, whether the site to bring profit? In Shanghai Longfeng food brother (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝 seborrheic alopecia) here a simple analysis. read more

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Liu Caiyun the site outside the chain you use what kind of strategy

in the sector, because the free blog right down, more and more people will give up free blog for the connection of resources. Some of the blog function is small, but when you have hundreds of thousands of blogs, they can become a powerful resource. We can love space, such as Shanghai bokee贵族宝贝 Blog, sina Blog, Blog Blog, Sohu NetEase and personal independence Blog, between the stations are one-way connected to form a closed chain, and all sites to host, to master SERP.

love love love Shanghai Shanghai know, Shanghai Post Bar and other related products for Taobao has been blocked off the connection state of using too much love Shanghai related products website will also take certain measures. So far, for micro-blog’s Web site is very good. If we take the URL of the website or Taobao customer connection on micro-blog, in Shanghai or Shanghai to love Post Bar love know left micro-blog address, to attract the spider to micro-blog, the current test, love Shanghai micro-blog speed are included in a few minutes, then it is for us the website is not a good links to read more

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How to analyze the web log

view the site log file


analysis of small web site log

also know the common HTTP status code:

loveSearch: 360Spider

website has been more normal circumstances, suddenly starting from that day began to decline or stop new collection included, this time can be observed change of search engine spiders crawl amount through the contrast analysis, if the log does not change significantly, it also can be the search engine of the database or display problems.


404 represents the capture this link is wrong read more

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Liu Jinge to cook in the process of Shanghai dragon lore

third may order and the order of the website when cooking is not too different, but the principle is the same. Why is the same principle? Because we have usually been the dish we give food a good name, so that good food will definitely love is good with people. The site may not be the same, we must first set the title, keywords, description of the website. We all know that for a website if a good title, the website ranking will also have a very important role.

Methods after

first pot before cooking, with what kind of fire and so on. This is like in our website prior to use what kind of domain name, where space. Whether we buy space or service, or to our own server. Because of this the choice of food taste color has certain effect. But for the website, we choose a good server of the website will have a good experience. The next step is to choose the cooking materials. That is the choice of what kind of program on the website. This is also very important. read more

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On 2014 Call Tracking call tracking four forecast

Call tracking is a nearly 1 billion dollar industry. Call tracking is mainly through online marketing activities and advertising, to keep track of what keywords are generated call. Most users are advertisers, agencies and publishers, they want to know can be a valuable market budget is spent on what. In short: they want to know what the market share will have a phone, which will not produce.

first, this may mean that marketers have rarely used phone tracking. Google may not be extended to dynamic digital insertion (DNI), which is the most online marketers use the method call tracking data. This is likely to be Google’s products will maintain a focus on mobile mobile phone. read more

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What is the network to make money so that he can earn 30 thousandWhat should our webmaster do to mak


I think, first of all, the goal should be clear, you want to do this station, you want to serve the crowd is what, you want to serve the target locked, you will know what you want to provide is what kind of service, this is the first point. The second point is to do this type of station, because now the search engine is very convenient, you must do this type of website to search how many of these people, he is how to do, what are the advantages, shortcomings, and then you to correct it. With these two points, other technical aspects and procedural aspects can be solved step by step. read more

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Mobile traffic to the next outlet where Love the night of Shanghai dry cargo full resolution

‘mobile friendly – site how to do? "

"mobile friendly search" — an important reference ranking

How should we cooperate with

April 15, 2016, Shanghai will share the love search and love the night of Shanghai successfully held in Xiamen. The meeting, Shanghai love said mobile search volume continues the trend of rapid growth in 2013 and 2014, and in 2015 the mobile search on export volume increased by 50%, the mobile site for Shanghai traffic surge from love. As can be seen from the direction of a mobile website is a prerequisite to get traffic from the love of Shanghai. read more

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Love Shanghai original spark program boot priority show original content and add original logo

in addition, search a name of the author through the love of Shanghai, the search results in the first appeared in a comprehensive display of encyclopedic information author’s name card, including the author introduction, personal pictures and other core content, the author of recent original articles.

August 12th, Shanghai love spark plan has been quietly on the line, let the Shijiazhuang website construction company should attach great importance to the original article and on a new level. The original article was once again recognized Shanghai love weight. I believe that in the near future, the weight of the original content of the promotion in the engine will have all Chinese search reform to turn the world upside down. In Shanghai love search results, with a special logo on the sea through the search results, and the Internet show the original content in the forefront of the search engine, so as to help users now have easy access to the original content value, the website traffic into the original content page, in order to protect the network original content and copyright culture. read more

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Long tail keywords can not be ignored on how to optimize the long tail keywords

third, there must be enough original content

fourth, the chain optimization

no matter what time, the content is the most critical, is also suitable for the long tail keywords, and more important. Good content makes love Shanghai give higher scores, doing so will make love on the website of the Shanghai friendly degree is high, improve the site’s ranking.

first, find the "right" long tail keywords

in the optimization process of long tail keywords in the title, can be said to be very important, this is because it plays a key role of leader. A good title is the important factor to attract spiders, the webmaster should work hard in this area, the long tail word is generally more willing to use single "words", so the title should be coherent, accurate and brief. Here are the four important note: read more

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The search engine 3 times how to send external links

three, how to ensure the survival of the forum outside the chain

fell in love with the sea out of an article about the chain of judgment that forum signature is not transmit weight, many of my friends will give up, but I believe that the forum signature can still do, at least it can be used to guide the spider, the spider to visit more, your page will have more chance to be grab, only this personal point of view, if you do not agree to abandon the.

linksThe prevalence of

, resulting in forum management is very strict, if you can not dig a hyperlink, then only the second, send text, if the text also banned, then directly give up. For can send hyperlink to the forum, some can transfer the weight, some can not transfer the weight, after the release you need to view the source code, see the link the presence or absence of NF or URL encoding forwarding exists, if the label, then quickly changed places, in the form of two is not transmit weight. For more stringent review of the forum, but can send links, it requires the use of covert means to own links hidden, can through the administrator audit. In order to maintain the survival of the post, the best hair related plate. Plain text link is easier for the readers to study. A: there are a lot of forum moderators don’t understand the Shanghai dragon, so don’t want to be the moderator of cattle, only rely on their own to common sense, the title does not matter, as long as the true doctrine. Guizaijianchi. read more

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Do the nine station optimization method can also dominate the rankings

took over in August of a website, the target keywords is not so difficult, anti myopia pen, the top 3 pages are 1,2 sites use the home page, love Shanghai index is only about 100, Shanghai love search volume was more than 80000, a new product out, not many people know, before no contact business, I do not know what is this product, in 2 months time, keywords and website ranking smooth up first, but last week because the new chain growth quickly, the result seems to be a few days ago, Shanghai love to pull into the sandbox, miserable ah, not ranked, can only wait for recovery. read more

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According to the experience of the new on line optimization strategy

third, website link building strategy. The new station on the line, especially within half a month I do not recommend the site will put too much effort to link the construction, the author suggested that the site be search engine included home page and the content page, especially when the inside pages included more than 50 articles this time can be considered outside the chain strategy arrangement, but early outreach this we cannot relax, remind you of the chain quality here must be outside the chain of high quality stability as the basis, a friend may be soft soft foundation in A5 station or tui18 platform soft to be included after the submission, the quality of the chain is in doubt, Gesanchaiwu soft release, are in the early stage is very conducive to the growth and accumulation of the website weight, then, may be appropriate. read more

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360 see 360 index and love Shanghai search volume where the gap


the two almost no difference.

"used cars" in Shanghai love index of the 2014-04-27 to 2014-05-26 search index 32448

from the relatively accurate assessment of second-hand car no difference to the broad second-hand car is 275%, 360 and Shanghai love search gap is not so large, the 360 should be received just on the line, of too little, resulting in second-hand car gap so large.

"assessment of second-hand car" in the 360 index of the 2014-04-27 to 2014-05-26 search index 1985 read more

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A5 still do marketing outsourcing With your cognitive diversity website ranking

, of course, is not to say that all businesses are suitable for the service, is the first: the protection of technology, such as: Shanghai Longfeng issues related to the general need someone to modify, and with the long-term website editor and extension personnel.

believe that this article people use the "United States", it is the most attractive "preferential", a piece of the original 80 movie tickets, 20-30 money can buy. The generation do not know? They still go to the cinema to buy full price tickets through the traditional way. What is the reason? Today, any service has a diversity of the same thing, because you do not change, there is always someone before you change the read more

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The enterprise website optimization strategy

if your neighbors do some "tiannurenyuan" and was in love with the sea K station, then, are all sites a chance to feel shy, with IP will be love Shanghai right down, I experienced such a thing, the website of Huambo automatic terminal machine network (贵族宝贝 www.wb881贵族宝贝/) is one of the typical, so deep.

4, formulate a reasonable development plan of

does not know the optimization of the enterprise stand is not more offbeat, general web site is not suitable for stack keywords, but the enterprise website seems not the same, we can confidently look at some of the top enterprises are at the bottom of the home station will be the site of the chain in the form of keywords to the home page, of course, one can, but it is not an exaggeration, the amount of read more

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Sharing experience Shanghai Dragon Book How to write optimization scheme

gifts 34 million 800 thousand and 703 assumes

1. search engines

1. column page and product page does not have its own title, home page and share a title, which is not conducive to Shanghai dragon and user experience;

business gifts 24 million 201 thousand and 804 assumes


website construction should follow the "convenience, speed, priority value" principle, title (title) is the only search engine optimization and user experience of the important point. In view of the above information, the company website need to modify the place are the following: read more

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Read the love of Shanghai on the search sort of a voting model

love Shanghai search research and Development Department official blog’s article "on the web search ranking in the voting model" do not know if you have not read carefully, if you have not read, suggest that you can seriously look at, personally feel that the viewpoint of this article for us Shanghai Longfeng workers, is a more reliable deep web page ranking the research direction about many difficulties on the election ballot, each election methods have their own shortcomings, the author combined with the method of these elections, said in a web search need to pay attention to the issue of voting principle in ranking. Some feeling below carefully talk to me after reading this article. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng optimization process the plug in chain integration Theme Directory

Disallow: /*/comment-page-*

recently included the amount of data you can see, since the beginning of August after the optimization of the amount collected by small amplitude changes before a variable rise greatly trend, and almost every day in the change.

Disallow: /wp-content/


for a while before I put the website completely made a Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the effect is good. Although the experience theme replaced several times, frequent changes to the site title, the server encountered a number of columns and so on storm attack. The Shanghai Dragon integrated optimization mainly includes: Shanghai dragon plug-in, directory consolidation, the construction of the chain, robots files and htaccess files, search, Links etc.. After the optimization, the website included quantity increased significantly, the search engine traffic is very fast recovery. This article is mainly about the way I was on the site for full optimization. Some of the techniques below Zhu Haitao design to have dispersed in other articles, here to do a summary. read more

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Shanghai dragon transformation does not mean to give up

…… My site is K, with 6.28 of that last test and reference about more than 10 medical K station of the recovery process, indistinct feeling out of something, the site was K and observation of new sites into the similar observation period is usually short just a few days, I have experienced the longest period it is about a month, but love.

content, estimated that everyone will not hesitate to say the original, I want you to walk into the original errors, the original is love Shanghai evaluation, and is not the original content is the best, in the eyes of your love Shanghai popular with users to content based on the correlation of the same ranking before what kind of content is not welcomed by the users? Love Shanghai say, we do not say, but the users themselves, namely UE, even if you are collecting station, even if you are a mirror, as long as you have the ability to gather, maintain viscosity, in other conditions under the condition of the same will ranking is better. (only theory, actual operation may not have the same conditions) read more

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The difference between love and Shanghai Google in Shanghai Longfeng aspects there are some differen

The acquisition of

now is not very obvious, Google fell in love with the sea love quality content. Google is more in quantity and quality of some unexpected links. So many times, some have the quality of external links to the site, not with the new site, and site title, even the words are not, indeed can rely on the quality of the external links for the keywords good ranking. But love Shanghai very much, not with the new website ranking is not stable, the title website or the content of the page is not part of the corresponding keyword, the keyword is unable to get good rankings, unless the external link is really strong. read more

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