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Black chapter in history of democracy says Mayawati on Karnataka developments

first_imgLucknow: BSP president Mayawati on Wednesday said the manner in which the JD(S)-Congress government in Karnataka has been pulled down will go down in the history of democracy as a “black chapter”. Mayawati, who on Tuesday night expelled its lone party MLA in Karnataka hours after Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy lost the trust vote in the state assembly, said in a tweet, “The manner in which BJP kept all constitutional norms aside and used money and power to pull down Opposition-led government in Karnataka will be registered in the history of democracy as a black chapter.” Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ “Any amount of condemnation of such an act is not enough,” Mayawati said. On Tuesday, the Kumaraswamy government collapsed after losing the confidence motion, garnering 99 votes against 105 to the BJP. The coalition needed 103 votes to win the trust vote as 20 MLAs Congress-JDS (17), BSP (1), Independents (2) skipped proceedings, reducing the effective strength of the House to 205. Kumaraswamy later submitted his resignation to the Karnataka governor, capping an intense power struggle triggered by a raft of resignations by rebel MLAs. He has been asked by the governor to continues as caretaker CM until his successor takes over. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K Mayawati expelled her lone MLA in the state for skipping the trust vote. She said in a tweet that the absence of Bahujan Samaj Party legislator N Mahesh during the trust vote and he violating the directives of the party high command to support the Congress-JD(S) coalition amounts to indiscipline. “The party has taken in very seriously, and hence Mahesh has been expelled from the party with immediate effect,” she added.last_img read more

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Four entered bizmans home in Gzb stole valuables over 1 cr

first_imgGhaziabad: Ghaziabad police have arrested four persons including the driver of a businessman for committing theft of over worth Rs 1 crore including cash and jewellery in a locked house in Kavi Nagar area a few days back.Prashant Kumar, Additional Director General (ADG), Meerut zone, said it was the biggest recovery in a theft case in the past two years in Ghaziabad. On July 27, robbers struck at a businessman’s house named Ankush Bansal in Kavi Nagar when he and his family had gone to celebrate the birthday of his grand daughter at a restaurant. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderWhen the family returned after about four hours, the robbers were present inside the house, and hearing the footsteps, they fled away with cash and jewellery worth crore.The robbers also took away a licensed pistol from the house. Police said a duplicate key had been used to open the main door of the house. According to police, the accused have been identified as Bhagchandra (19), who worked as a driver of the victim, Manish, Prince and Mukesh, all natives to Ghaziabad. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”Following a tip-off from a reliable source, police arrested Bhagchandra and his three friends Manish and Prince from an isolated place near NH-24 on Wednesday night. During sustained interrogations, it was revealed that the car driver of the family had made a duplicate key of the house and gave to his accomplices to commit theft in the house. Their plan was to leave the lock on the main door intact after committing the theft,” said Kumar. “Arrested accused Manish told Police that in June when he came out from jail on bail, Prince told him that Bansal’s house is full of valuables including jewellery and cash. They make the plan and involved the driver of the house to commit crime. Driver had made a duplicate key of the house and handover to Prince a day before the theft. Driver also passed the information that all family members are going to celebrate the birthday party and this will be prefect time to commit robbery. The accused persons allegedly entered into the house by using the duplicate keys and commit robbery,” added Kumar. Police have recovered the pistol, and other items including diamond necklace and cash amount around Rs 50 lakh from the possession of the accused persons.last_img read more

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Pakistan bans all cultural exchanges with India

first_imgIslamabad: The Pakistan government has launched a national slogan “Say No to India” and decided to ban all cultural exchanges with New Delhi including all kinds of joint ventures in the entertainment industry of the two countries, the media reported on Friday. The slogan was launched by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on Thursday, Dawn News reported. “All kinds of Indian content have been stopped and Pemra (Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority) has been directed to step up its vigilance in this regard along with actions against the sale of Indian DTH instruments,” Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan said on Thursday evening. Also Read – Saudi Crown Prince ‘snubbed’ Pak PM, recalled jet from US Talking to media persons at a reception hosted by her, she said the move was in the wake of the Indian government’s decision to scrap Article 370 that gave special status to Jammu and Kashmir. The Special Assistant added the media that the National Security Council had decided to establish a group to check on any kind of Indian content. “The external communications will be dealt with by the ministry of information, Foreign Office and the Inter-Service Public Relations (ISPR) as per nature of information,” Awan said. Also Read – Record number of 35 candidates in fray for SL Presidential polls The government on Thursday announced that it has also banned the screening of Indian films in the country’s cinemas, reports Dawn news. “No Indian film will be screened in any Pakistani cinema. Drama, films and Indian content of this kind will be completely banned in Pakistan,” Awan had said in a tweet earlier in the day. This is not the first time that a ban on Indian content has been imposed. Earlier in February, the Pakistan Film Exhibitors Association had boycotted Indian films and announced that no Indian movie would be released in the country as a retaliation to Indian fighter jets bombing a Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) terror launch-pad in Balakot area in Khyber-Pakhtunhkwa province Pemra was also instructed by the government to act against advertisements that were made in India.last_img read more

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Applied Intelligence

first_imgA remarkable transition that is happening on the quiet to push the world from the Information Age to the overpowering Age of Intelligence is felt but not consciously absorbed by leaders of business and industry including those responsible for Corporate Governance. They are aware that comprehensive information was needed today for successful decision-making in any sphere and that all enterprises, therefore, had to make an investment on gathering and analysing information that was either available in the open or accessed through channels created with some special effort. The open sources of information broadly include publications, online material, seminars and conferences, public contacts and even trade exhibitions. The advent of the Age of Information gave instant access to any information that was put in the public domain and therefore any competitive advantage a player could derive from it would be incumbent upon the latter’s ability to use competitive analysis to read into that open information some significance for the future that others had not noted. The analysis thus becomes an instrument of Intelligence generation. Also Read – A special kind of bondGiven the pace with which business is conducted, ‘time’ had acquired newfound importance as the new resource. It has become vital for decision-makers not only to have knowledge of what had happened in the past and how things stood in the present but also to have an idea of what could happen in the future and in what time frame. Information that throws light on what lies ahead is called Intelligence. All Intelligence is information but all information is not Intelligence. Intelligence is information with certain attributes – reliable, relevant to decision making and futuristic – and because it is for action, not just storage, it must ‘come in time’ for that action or decision since events could easily overtake a delayed action. And finally, because information of Intelligence value is something ‘exclusive’ in hands of the user, the latter had to handle it on a note of confidentiality till such time as action on it was completed. The competitive advantage of Intelligence would be lost otherwise. Also Read – Insider threat managementFrom all of this, it is clear that Intelligence is not something that is relevant only to the issues of national security – we live in times where in our business, professional and personal lives, success is dependent on being well-informed and being particularly attuned to accessing information that indicates risks and opportunities lying ahead. Intelligence orientation, therefore, is a must for organisations as well as individuals as the Age of Information is yielding to what should be called the Age of Intelligence. Intelligence agencies working for national security use covert techniques of tradecraft to collect information about the unseen enemy under legal authorisation. Other law-abiding players also had the right to know about competitive environ and rivals in business – but without resorting to ‘illegal’ methods. Intelligence has moved from the arena of national security to the world of global competition that was testing everybody at the professional or personal levels. Intelligence orientation helps to reach a new level of awareness or insight for achieving success – without giving a cause for creating enmity or ill will towards others. Ethical gathering of Intelligence is validated by Corporate Governance. Applied Intelligence is now a part of life – amongst two peak performers in the business today the only thing that would put one ahead of the other is the ability to read trends of the future. Right from one’s recruitment into an organisation to one’s rise to the leadership role where decisions will be taken on mergers and acquisition or investing in a new country after studying the external environ there, intelligence would have a key role to play for him or her. The organisation would like to take information-savvy people on board – those who can see the difference between a ‘decision’ and a ‘guess’, who are not credulous and who prefer authoritative opinion to gossip. Due diligence on competitors or potential targets of merger is an intelligence-based exercise. Even a mid-course correction in business is based on information of Intelligence value. Corporate Security rightly engages consultants of Intelligence background since risk assessment is a comprehensive process based on paradigms of the ‘threat scenario’ outside and the vulnerability of the enterprise to the same, internally. A successful enterprise has to be Intelligence oriented – this is the message of the Age of Intelligence that is upon us. In the Age of Information, technology made the processes ‘smart’ but now Artificial Intelligence is stepping in to make the technology itself ‘smart’ producing a multiplier effect on productivity. Being ‘smart’ means securing greater output per unit of resource – money, manpower and ‘time’. Artificial Intelligence helps to detect ‘fault lines’ in an existing technology for further improvement and crucially covers even the initial part of the turf of ‘action’ in response to the triggers generated by data analytics – depending on the programming provided for it. Robotics that entails this is now becoming a part of high-end operations in all spheres – marking the arrival of the Age of Intelligence. Age of Information mandated that ignorance was bliss no more and demanded that ’employees’ became ‘knowledge workers’ who used their brainpower and not merely a pair of hands. The Age of Intelligence goes further to expect ‘knowledge workers’ to become ‘Intelligence Innovators’ and carry the organisation to newer heights through solution finding – on their own or by using AI as a tool. An inevitable upshot of this in the sphere of national security is the advent of Information Warfare and Cyber Combat and the new thrust in the development of Defence Armament. This, however, does not detract from the positive side of the current transformation of Age of Information to the Age of Intelligence – of advancing the cause of development and human welfare. IANS (The author is a former Director of Intelligence Bureau. The views expressed are strictly personal)last_img read more

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SC grants 2 more weeks to CBI to complete probe

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court Monday granted two more weeks to the CBI to complete investigation into a road accident in which the Unnao rape survivor and her lawyer were critically injured and two of her aunts killed.The apex court, which had earlier given two weeks to the CBI to complete the probe, extended the time while noting that the probe agency has done “quite an extensive investigation” so far in the case. While seeking four more weeks to complete the probe, CBI told the top court that statements of the rape survivor and her lawyer have not been recorded yet. A bench of Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose also directed the Uttar Pradesh government to pay Rs 5 lakh to the lawyer who is in a critical condition and undergoing treatment. The bench, however, took exception to some public statements made by the family members of the rape survivor in the media and said it might help the accused during the trial of the case.last_img read more

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Mumbai coach Samant wants to focus on regaining Ranji title

first_imgMumbai: Aware that 41-time champions Mumbai did not do well in the Ranji Trophy last season, reappointed coach Vinayak Samant has decided to focus on the longer format and rectify the past mistakes. In Samant’s first stint as the coach last season, Mumbai won the Vijay Hazare ODI tournament after several years, but failed to recreate the magic in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 tournament and Ranji Trophy. “I’m only focusing on what mistakes we did (last season) and we have to rectify them. We have to focus more on the Ranji Trophy, (and at the same time) on ODIs and T20s,” Samant told PTI on Wednesday. Also Read – Puducherry on top after 8-wkt win over Chandigarh”We did well in the ODI tournament and T20 tournament, but we were not able to do a good job in the Ranji Trophy (last season). So, my main focus (this time) is the Ranji Trophy,” he explained. Samant, 46, was given a second straight term after former Mumbai wicket-keeper Sulakshan Kulkarni refused to sign the contract offered to him. “We have to nurture talent for Mumbai and if the process is right, the outcome will be good,” Samant said. Young prodigy Prithvi Shaw, who made his India debut last year, has been suspended for eight months by the BCCI for anti-doping violation. After the suspension, Shaw would again be playing in the Samant-coached outfit if he is picked in the Mumbai squad for any of the tournaments. Asked what advice he would give Shaw, Samant said, “I will keep it simple. You have to be very disciplined and if you are not disciplined, it will go haywire. I will tell him (Shaw) to be disciplined.”last_img read more

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Elections watchdog says Tory golf shirt at child benefit event broke rules

first_imgOTTAWA – If he had to do it all over again, Pierre Poilievre would have worn a suit.Canada’s election watchdog said Friday that the former Conservative cabinet minister’s decision in 2015 to wear a party-branded shirt to announce an expansion of child benefit payments broke election financing rules.Poilievre wore the blue shirt with the large “C” at two announcements on the same day about an increase in the value of the now defunct universal child care benefit.At the time, Poilievre — the social development minister — said the payments were from “our Conservative government,” adding that “if the Liberals and NDP were to take office they would take the benefits away and raise taxes.”In a ruling published Friday, the commissioner of Canada elections says Poilievre’s choice of leisure wear coupled with his statements made the occasion more like a campaign event.This made the approximately $4,800 in spending related to the events, which the government picked up, “a de facto non-monetary contribution” to the Conservative party, and afoul of election rules that limit political donations to citizens or permanent residents.“The government of Canada is not eligible to make such contribution to the party,” the notice says.Poilievre had faced criticism for his shirt during the July 2015 announcement marking the arrival of 3.8 million payments valued at almost $3 billion to families with children age 17 and under. The payments were a result in an increase in the value of the benefit, and an increase in the number of children eligible.The Liberals and NDP at the time saw the announcement made in the dead of summer, and three months before election day 2015, as a ploy to buy votes.The commissioner notes that Poilievre talked in waxing terms about the expansion to the payments, referring to them as “the biggest single one-time pay out in history” and “Christmas in July” for Canadian parents.But it was the shirt that caught most people’s attention — even one of Poilievre’s staffers.The commissioner’s notice, known as a compliance agreement, says that one of Poilievre’s ministerial staff questioned his fashion choice shortly before the Halifax announcement. Poilievre confirmed that he wanted to wear that shirt.In the ruling, the commissioner notes Poilievre told him: “in retrospect, he would have worn a suit.”The text of the compliance agreement says that Poilievre’s intention was to link the child care benefit to the party, “and to provoke the media to cover (Conservative party) involvement in the funding.”The commissioner says that Poilievre’s words and clothing were designed to make a “positive association” between the party and the benefit to curry gain a partisan advantage in the ensuing election.In doing so, the commissioner said, Poilievre broke election financing rules and he’s ordered the now-opposition MP to post a link to the ruling on his website, his Facebook page and his Twitter account.Poilievre agreed to comply with the relevant provisions of federal election financing laws in the future.He has not responded to a request for comment.The notice was posted at the end of a week where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau toured the country to promote his government’s child benefit, which replaced the universal child care benefit and two tax measures. Speaking in Shelburne, N.S. on Friday, Trudeau wore a blue shirt.last_img read more

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Family of Liberal MP Arnold Chan invites public to Sept 23 funeral

first_imgOTTAWA – The funeral for Liberal MP Arnold Chan, who died of cancer last week, will be Saturday in Toronto.His family is inviting the public to attend the service at Bloor Street United Church at 11 a.m. Saturday.A visitation to be held in the chapel at the York Cemetery Thursday and Friday evening is also open to the public.Chan, 50, learned he had nasopharyngeal carcinoma not long after he won the Toronto-area seat of Scarborough-Agincourt in a 2014 byelection.The deputy government House leader began a difficult treatment regime of radiation and chemotherapy, but revealed in March 2016 that the cancer had returned.Chan had three sons, Nathaniel, Ethan and Theodore, with his wife, Jean Yip.last_img read more

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Winterized trailers soon to provide shelter to asylumseekers at Quebec border

first_imgMONTREAL – Winterized trailers will soon be replacing the tents providing temporary shelter to asylum-seekers who have crossed the Quebec-U.S. border, even as the number of irregular border crossings continues to drop.A spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale says a contract has been awarded to a private company to provide heated accommodation for up to 200 people near the Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle border station.Scott Bardsley says half of the trailers should be operational by mid-November, with the second group coming into service a month later.The trailers will replace a temporary tent camp that was set up this summer in response to the flood of asylum seekers walking across the border from the United States.The federal government says there have been about 50 people a day crossing the border irregularly at Lacolle in recent weeks, down from 200-250 a day at the height of summer.RCMP intercepted 1,720 people in Quebec in September, compared to 5,530 in July.The new trailers will include areas for sleeping, cooking and “related services,” according to an email from Bardsley.Many of the new arrivals are Haitian nationals, who are believed to be coming to Canada because the U.S. government announced it is thinking about lifting the temporary protected status given to Haitian nationals after the deadly 2010 earthquake.Bardsley did not say whether the federal government was anticipating a new flood of arrivals if the U.S. administration does not renew the temporary protected status, which is set to expire in January.“The number of asylum seekers in Canada fluctuates over time and can depend on many different factors,” he wrote in an email.“We won’t speculate on any possible future trends, but we continuously monitor conditions and developments in other countries to inform our planning.”He stressed that the Liberal government has undertaken numerous outreach efforts to clear up misinformation about Canada’s immigration system that was circulated online.Those efforts have included sending Creole and Spanish-speaking MPs to the United States to dispel the myth that it’s easy to come to Canada as a refugee.The Immigration and Refugee Board said in early October that about half the asylum claims heard so far from those who crossed the border since July have been accepted.last_img read more

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Small knives will be allowed on planes but baby powder banned Transport

first_imgOTTAWA – Under new regulation changes effective later this month, airline passengers will be able to carry some small knives on most flights, but baby powder will be banned.Transport Canada says knife blades up to six centimetres — about the size of a large paper clip — will be allowed on domestic and most international flights.Blades of any length will continue to be banned on U.S. flights while razor blades and box cutters of any size will remain prohibited on all flights.Another change will prohibit certain powders and granular material with a volume of 350 millilitres — the size of a soda can — or more.Prohibited materials include items such as bath salts, sea salt, baby powder, foot powder, cooking powder and sand. Baby formula, protein powder, tea and coffee will still be permitted in any quantity.Transport Canada says the adjustments — which are effective Nov. 27 — reflect changes in the security environment and are needed to harmonize with international standards.“These changes to screening procedures will bring Canada in line with international standards and our partner countries, while continuing to keep passengers safe,” Transport Minister Marc Garneau said in a release.last_img read more

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Saskatchewan takes federal carbon tax fight to Supreme Court of Canada

first_imgSASKATOON — The Saskatchewan government has filed notice that it is taking its challenge of the federal carbon tax to the Supreme Court of Canada.Justice Minister Don Morgan says the province will ask the high court to rule on whether the tax is constitutional and whether Ottawa has the jurisdiction to impose it.Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal ruled in a split decision earlier this month that the tax is constitutional.It also said that establishing minimum national standards for a price on greenhouse gas emissions falls under federal jurisdiction.Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe, who has said the tax hurts his province economically, promised there would be an appeal.Morgan said the province has two months to file a factum to the Supreme Court.“Our government will continue to stand up for Saskatchewan people against what we believe is an unconstitutional tax on their families, communities, and businesses,” Morgan said Friday in Saskatoon.He added that if the Liberals lose the federal election in October, there may be no federal tax left to fight. The Conservatives have promised to scrap the tax.“The Supreme Court could say it’s moot, it’s not worth hearing because the government has changed the law,” said Morgan. “Or they could say, ‘No, this is a matter of import. We want to create a precedent.’”A government spokesperson said in an email that the province does not have to ask for a leave to appeal in this case.The federal tax has been imposed on provinces that have not implemented their own carbon levies: Ontario, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba.Premier Jason Kenney’s government officially killed Alberta’s carbon tax on Thursday. Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Ottawa’s tax would be imposed on the province as soon as possible.Ontario and Manitoba are also fighting the federal tax in court and Alberta has said it will join the legal battle.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Canadian DDay film footage among the best known invasion images

first_imgKeith Doucette, The Canadian Press HALIFAX — Some of the most vivid film footage of the D-Day landings 75-years ago was shot by a Canadian military film unit using technology obtained from U.S. allies.Unlike the American and British beaches, the Canadian landings at Juno Beach were shot from inside the landing craft providing a visceral “first person” perspective, according to Dan Conlin, a historian and curator at the Canadian Museum of Immigration in Halifax.Conlin said much of the footage, like that provided to The Canadian Press by the Juno Beach Centre in Normandy, was shot from magnetized cameras attached in the belly of the landing craft that would run automatically when activated by the boat’s coxswain.“It really gives it this amazing point-of-view quality,” said Conlin. “I mean, you feel like you are in the assault craft with those guys waiting agonizingly for the shore to get closer and for those doors to be open.”The cameras were obtained from the Americans by a Canadian Army unit that became renowned for its film and still photo work during the Normandy campaign. Conlin wrote a 2015 book on the unit titled “War Through the Lens: The Canadian Army Film and Photo Unit 1941 to 1945.”He said the majority of the surviving and most well-known footage from the landing craft is of New Brunswick’s North Shore Regiment, which was part of the first wave of the Canadian assault on D-Day.That includes perhaps the most famous film sequence shot in Normandy — that of a Canadian soldier anxiously looking behind him as he is patted reassuringly on the back by a comrade from the regiment’s No. 3 Platoon, A Company.It’s a moment that was recently commemorated on a silver dollar struck by the Royal Canadian Mint.“That one sequence is the classic one,” said Conlin. “It’s a wonderfully human moment as the guy turns around, and his buddy pats him on the shoulder with the wedding ring on the finger.”It’s a shot that quickly went around the world, Conlin said, because the film unit had set up a retrieval process that ensured their rolls got to London by June 7.“Most of it (Normandy footage) was pretty dull and very little footage managed to get out of the American beaches, and then this Canadian stuff started appearing on the screen and everybody was just amazed. So that’s what created this really iconic moment,” he said.Conlin said a significant quantity of the original film didn’t survive Juno Beach because of water damage, or in at least once case, because the landing craft was blown up.He said another significant setback came in the 1960s when all of the original film footage was destroyed in a fire at the National Film Board offices in Beaconsfield, Que.“Bits and pieces of it have been known for years, but it’s only recently that people have taken the scraps from many newsreels … and spliced it together,” Conlin said.Benjamin Moogk, a Toronto-based amateur historian who has been studying the Canadian film footage for years, said the sequences on the Juno Centre video are from three of the original rolls of film shot during the Canadian landings.He said the first two sections of film depict the first wave of the assault, while the third is from a succeeding support wave, because it shows field medics, who weren’t part of the initial assault.“The cameras with these three rolls were all within 300 metres of each other on the same stretch of beach for the North Shore Regiment,” said Moogk. “The house in the opening two minutes … still exists and the people who live in the area know about this because the film footage is used so often.”Moogk said the Canadian footage was seen in theatres around the world for “two days straight” soon after making it to London on June 7 — well ahead of other Allied forces film, which didn’t start appearing in significant quantities in theatres until around June 16.“It’s interesting that the first thing people see of D-Day around the world are the Canadians, although they are not always identified as such,” Moogk said.Conlin said there is surviving footage shot by the U.S. Coast Guard of Omaha Beach, but it’s shot from a distance.“None of it has the first-person power of the Canadian landing craft images,” he said. “That was kind of the triumph of that bit of filmmaking.”last_img read more

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Seattle NHL teams crackdown on ticket brokers bad for consumers says reseller

first_imgSEATTLE (NEWS 1130) – Seattle’s soon-to-be NHL team won’t hit the ice for another two years, but the club is already cracking down on so-called ticket brokers.The idea, according to the team’s president, Tod Lieweke, is to keep tickets in the hands of fans and prevent them from being resold“We want to make sure tickets are in the hands of true fans, and to secure the distribution of tickets and prevent fraud,” he says. “NHL Seattle is committed to ensuring that the dedicated hockey fans have the opportunity to purchase tickets.”The team is calling all known brokers among the 32,000 people who have paid a hefty deposit to reserve a season ticket, scratching them off the waitlist and giving them refunds.Vancouver ticket reseller Kingsley Bailey does not like it. He claims any time a team dictates policy in a monopolistic, way it’s never good for the consumer.“Sports organizations are manipulating the marketplace and this is just another one of those ways to manipulate the market place,” he says.Bailey adds if Seattle’s hockey team isn’t as successful down the road, you may see the club change its tune, and try to attract ticket buyers.“I don’t really see any pros to that because I see a lot of cons,” he says. “When the team suffers, they will be begging for fans to come back and do whatever they can.Lieweke says they don’t want anyone camping out with the aim to simply resell.With files from Sonia Aslamlast_img read more

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NDP removes MP as candidate who was in discussions with another party

first_imgOTTAWA — The New Democrats have removed Quebec MP Pierre Nantel as an NDP candidate following what the party is calling “confirmed reports” that he is in discussions to run for a different party.Nantel has been a New Democrat MP for the riding of Longueuil—Saint-Hubert since 2011 and had already been nominated as the NDP candidate in the riding for the Oct. 21 federal election.Melissa Bruno, national director of the federal NDP, issued a brief statement today saying Nantel is now out as an New Democratic candidate.She says the party will start the process of nominating a new candidate in the riding.Radio personality and former Quebec legislator Bernard Drainville, citing anonymous sources, tweeted today that Nantel is in discussions to possibly run for the Green party in the upcoming federal election. The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Timbit treat for bear nets man in British Columbia 2000 fine

first_imgVICTORIA — Feeding a Timbit and hot dogs to a bear has resulted in a $2,000 fine in British Columbia.The province’s conservation officer service says the man was also ordered to keep a distance of at least 50 metres from bears for six months by a provincial court judge on Aug. 22.The service says in a tweet the man, whose name was not released, pleaded guilty to a charge of unlawfully feeding bears.The man posted a photo on social media of himself feeding the Tim Hortons treat to the bear from a vehicle on the side of the Alaska Highway.Last October, the service says the bear appeared to be a young grizzly.At the time, the service said a woman was also charged but it made no mention of that case in its tweet.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

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Stars Help Out At LA Mission End Of Summer Block Party

first_imgA recent survey indicated that school supply prices jumped more than 7 percent this year, significantly outpacing the rate of inflation.This means it is even more difficult for poor families – especially those in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles, to prepare their children for school this year. According to the study, school supplies will cost $577 for elementary students, up 5.3% from last year. The cost rises to $763 for middle school students up 5.3% from last year and $1,223 for high school students, up 9.5% from 2012.But the Los Angeles Mission and generous donors have helped bridge the gap. Nearly a thousand children received backpacks full of school supplies, shoes and other assistance in the Mission’s annual End of Summer Block Party Saturday.“No third-grader plans or desires to grow up to be homeless,” said Herb Smith, president of the Los Angeles Mission. “But sometimes the odds seem stacked against them, especially the kids we see here on Skid Row. This is just one way the Mission reaches out to help – and perhaps prevent homelessness in the future.”About one thousand backpacks full of schools supplies were handed out to grateful kids Saturday. The day was the result of a combined effort by nonprofits, businesses and people who just want to help. For the second year, Soles4Souls partnered with BOBS from SKECHERS to provide more than a thousand pairs of shoes.Among the stars who took part were Alison Holker (So You Think You Can Dance), Charles Baker (Breaking Bad), Jason Wahler (The Hills), Aldis Hodge (Leverage), Edwin Hodge (Red Dawn), G Hanneluis (Dog with a Blog), Carolyn Hennesy (True Blood), Jamie Gray Hyder (True Blood), Octavius Johnson (Ray Donovan), Maitland Ward (Boy Meets Girl), Bruno Amato (The Internship), Thomas Kasp (Pictures on the Wall), Brandon Molale (Gangster Squad), Sharna Burgess (Dancing with the Stars), Lisa Long (The Runaways), Caroline Rich (In the Key of Eli), Brandon Tyler Russell (Smitty), Tyler Champagne (The Client List), Breille Barbusca (Defining Mel), Tara-Nicole Azarian (Standing Up), Jaden Betts (The Client List), Austin Anderson (Victorious), Amber Barbell (Love Triangle), and more.“We are excited to once again partner with the Los Angeles Mission and are thankful for their dedication to improving the lives of those in the LA area,” said Soles4Souls Chief Executive Officer Buddy Teaster. “This distribution will enable children to attend school this fall, and we know that getting an education is critical in the fight against poverty.”“SKECHERS is proud to partner with the Los Angeles Mission for the second consecutive year and provide BOBS shoes for thousands of children in need,” said SKECHERS president Michael Greenberg. “As a Los Angeles-based company, SKECHERS is committed to giving back in our own backyard, in addition to donating over 5 million pairs of shoes in the U.S. and around the world through the BOBS charitable program. The End of Summer Block Party brings the community together for a wonderful celebration and we’re happy to contribute BOBS footwear so children can leave this event with a big smile on their face, plus a new pair of shoes to start the school year.”For more than a decade the Block Party has been a way for kids to play, have fun, win prizes and forget about their circumstances – if for only a day. The Los Angeles Mission has been serving the homeless and poor in the Skid Row area for more than 75 years. What started as a soup kitchen in the Great Depression in 1936 continues to serve the needy in the great recession of 2013.U.S. Bank provided substantial financial support for the event.“We are thrilled to once again support Los Angeles Mission and the End of Summer Block Party with a donation of $25,000 for the event, as we have each year since 2009,” said Sean Foley, president of U.S. Bank in Southern California. “This is a day our employees look forward to and we are thrilled to have 40 members of our volunteer team on hand to help families celebrate the end of summer and wish them well in their school year.”Children from age 4 to 17 got a backpack. Nearly 1,000 backpacks and the school supplies that are so important at this time of year were distributed. Supplies, including pencils, notebooks, crayons, erasers, folders and arts & craft items were donated. The Great Commission Church International donated the backpacks and most of the items students needed. Additional back-to-school items were provided by Jackson-Hewitt. Briefly Cares donated 1,000 pairs of underwear, City Dental made more than 1,000 toothbrushes available and Landsberg/Amcor provided utensils and supplies for the meal.Celebrity volunteers always come to Los Angeles Mission events. They worked to make sure everyone had a good time, and helped In-N-Out Burger, King Taco and Michael Levine Trading Company serve a picnic to the Block party participants and their families. Snow cones were provided by volunteers from marketing firm Russ Reid.Several hundred volunteers from all over the area gave their time – with tens of thousands of hours given by thousands of volunteers each year to the Mission.The famous “Nickel” – the name that Fifth Street had had since the Mission was founded in the 1930’s – was closed by 6:00 AM. Vehicular traffic was re-routed around the street between Wall and San Pedro so that setup could start early Saturday morning. There were inflated bounce houses, slides, craft tents and food service areas set up. Families started lining up early so they could have plenty of time for food and fun before getting their school materials and backpacks.Representatives from the Los Angeles Christian Health Centers and volunteer nursing students from all over the area provided health screenings including height and weight, body mass index calculation and nutrition information.last_img read more

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Prince Charles Steps Up To Serve

first_imgThe Prince of Wales stood side-by-side with the three main political party leaders as he helped launch a campaign to bolster youth volunteering yesterday.The Prince of Wales stands for a photograph with guests and political party leaders (left to right) Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour Leader Ed Miliband during the Step Up to Serve launchCredit/Copyright: Step Up to Serve at Buckingham Palace, The Prince, Prime Minister David Cameron, Liberal leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg, and Labour leader Ed Miliband called on more youngsters aged 10 to 20 to get involved so participation levels are doubled to more than 50 per cent by 2020.His Royal Highness described it as “a huge but exciting challenge”, but admitted “that it may look as though we have bitten off more than we can chew”.He told nearly 200 invited guests and supporters including business leaders, education and community workers – plus Barry and Margaret Mizen, the parents of murdered schoolboy Jimmy Mizen – that youth organisations can help transform lives.This must be a “giant, unique and collaborative effort”, according to The Prince, and it will provide “many more structured, constructive and challenging and adventurous opportunities for young people”.The Mizens met The Prince the year after their 16-year-old son Jimmy was killed in Lee, south-east London, in 2008.Jimmy died in his brother’s arms after Jake Fahri hurled a glass dish at him in a bakery following a trivial row. A shard cut his throat and he bled to death.Since Fahri’s conviction in 2009, Mr and Mrs Mizen have been campaigning to end the violence in London through the Jimmy Mizen Foundation.“I think that what today is about is not giving up on our young people,” Mrs Mizen said. “There is no politics in this. It is about our young people.”Mr Mizen said: “We have always said since the early days after Jimmy’s death that the changes that we need to certain areas of our society will only come when we all take responsibility for our own actions.“There is a part for everybody to play and for everybody to be part of improving society.”It is hoped that 1.7 million more young people aged 10 to 20 will be spurred on to make social action – defined as “practical action in the service of others” – a habit for life.This target would add almost 90 million hours of voluntary work per year, worth almost £700 million to the UK economy. In Canada an estimated 58 per cent of young people participate, over half of them giving more than four hours each per month.It is hoped that a life-long culture of volunteering will be created through the campaign.Businesses, education institutions, faith groups, youth organisations and voluntary groups across the UK are all backing the campaign.Step Up to Serve calls for people across the UK to sign-up and volunteer at the website They can also pledge a personal #iwill commitment and share it on read more

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william To Take TRANS4M To Europe

first_imgMidem 2014 will host the first-ever meeting in Europe of TRANS4M, a collaborative community improvement initiative founded by musician, entrepreneur and philanthropist, who will deliver a keynote introduction to the event on Saturday February 1, 2014.This special TRANS4M panel at MIDEM will explore how the dynamic of direct artist-fan connections places the entertainment industry in an advantageous position to drive positive social change. The panel will focus on the TRANS4M movement and its mission to help technology innovators, brands and music makers work together more closely to TRANS4M society for the better.Midem will host this first-ever European TRANS4M panel event curated by, “Entertainment as a TRANS4Mation Driver,” to help foster positive social change and innovation with the support of the international music ecosystem gathered in Cannes. As President of the Foundation, will deliver a live introduction about the TRANS4M movement and mission from his studio in Hollywood.“Midem is the ideal event to introduce TRANS4M to the global music industry as it brings together the brightest minds and most important decision-makers. Leaders in the music business are in a unique position to drive positive change within the industry and beyond among music fans around the globe,” commented the curated TRANS4M panel in Cannes will be Ken Hertz, Senior Partner of media law firm Hertz Lichtenstein & Young LLP, who is also Co-Founder and Founding Principal of global branding and licensing agency, memBrain llc.TRANS4M is a high-level meeting of minds to promote social change and is sponsored by the’s Foundation. Last year the TRANS4M conference hosted in Los Angeles, featured keynote speaker President Bill Clinton and a special address by NASA Astronaut Leland Melvin about the Space Endeavor.Organised by Reed MIDEM, Midem takes place in Cannes from February 1-4.Find out more here.Source:PR Newswirelast_img read more

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Kristen Johnston To Host StarStudded Lupus LA Orange Ball

first_imgKristen Johnston will host the 14th Annual Lupus LA Orange Ball next week.The Orange Ball is Lupus LA’s largest annual fundraiser and is a special evening devoted to honoring individuals who work to improve the lives of those living with lupus through medical research, advocacy, and increasing awareness. Lupus LA’s Orange Ball, chaired by Debbi and Roger Cowan, will honor Phill Lewis with the prestigious Loop Award, Lannette and Scott Turicchi with the Daniel J. Wallace Founder’s Award and EMD Serono with the Medical Visionary Award.Orange Ball guests will enjoy an unforgettable performance by The Voice’s Judith Hill, live auction that includes high-end items and once-in-a-lifetime experiences including the Walking Dead season 5 premiere and after party, as well as dinner and cocktails.Among the stars expected to attend are Toni Braxton (Grammy Award-winning musician), Stacey Dash (Clueless), Billy Gardell (Mike & Molly), Reno Wilson (Mike & Molly), Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Kellie Martin (ER), Jon Voight (Ray Donovan), Scott Michael Campbell (The Wedding Pact), Angie Everhart (The Wedding Pact), Sandra Taylor (The Wedding Pact), Ahmed Ahmed (Sullivan & Sons), Scott Grimes (American Dad), Dorothy Wang (Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills), Josh Altman (Million Dollar Listing), Heather Bilyeu (Million Dollar Listing), Shanna Moakler (Pacific Blue), Colin Ferguson (Eureka), Titus Makin Jr. (Star Crossed), Vanessa Branch (500 Miles North) and Katie Cleary (Deal or No Deal) and more.Lupus LA Ambassadors include Sharon Stone (Casino), Paula Abdul (Grammy-winning singer), Toni Braxton (Grammy-winning singer), Terri Seymour (Extra), Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Station), Melissa Joan Hart (Melissa & Joey), Gilles Marini (Switched at Birth), Kellie Martin (ER) and Meredith Monroe (Criminal Minds).A disease with no cure, lupus affects 1.5 Million people in the US, which is more than cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis combined. Ninety percent of lupus patients are women. The Orange Ball raises funds for Lupus LA, which promotes lupus research, awareness, education and serves the needs of people with lupus and their families in Southern California. In the past 14 years, the Orange Ball has raised over $4 Million for the cause. To learn how you can “Get Into The Loop” or purchase tickets please visit or call 310.657.LOOP.WHEN: Thursday, May 8, 2014WHERE: Beverly Wilshire Hotel9500 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CAlast_img read more

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John Varvatos To Be Honored By Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation

first_imgThe Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation will host its 18th Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction, honoring men’s fashion designer John Varvatos on Thursday, November 12th, 2015, at Cipriani Wall Street.Known affectionately by New Yorkers as “The Waxman,” this yearly fête is considered to be among the top fundraising events in New York City, attended by more than 1,200 corporate executives, board members, and their guests. In recent years, “The Waxman” has raised millions of dollars to support the Foundation’s research efforts to produce a cure for cancer. Past celebrity performers have included Ziggy Marley, Train, Peter Frampton, Gregg Allman, Kid Rock, Steely Dan, Glenn Frey, Joe Walsh, Sheryl Crow and Counting Crows.This year, the event will feature a special performance from legendary American singer-songwriter, John Fogerty. The evening will be hosted by Chris Wragge, co-anchor of CBS 2 News This Morning, as master of ceremony. The evening’s much-anticipated live and silent auctions will offer guests the opportunity to bid on an exciting selection of exclusive items.last_img read more

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